Heaven and Hell

It’s not Black Sabbath, but it’s probably the closest we’ll get to a new Sabbath album. Although, it is Sabbath from a certain point of view, being the post Ozzy and Bill Ward era Sabs lineup that recorded Mob Rules, Live Evil and later on Dehumanizer. The politics and family trees of modern music must be the most complex of threads to follow.
I saw Heaven and Hell the night before Holly was born, the only reason I made it to the gig was because the staff threw me out of the hospital even though Joycee was in early labour. But the SECC where they were playing is almost across the road from the maternity wards and I spent the whole night with my phone in my hand just in case.
However, Holly waited until Alice Cooper was warming up for his gig at the same venue the next night before she showed, she so nearly had Alice as a middle name for that. I still have the tickets somewhere, and I’ve learned never to book anything months in advance from that.

Anyway, for a bunch of older gentlemen they seem to making some half decent noises if that new track is anything to go by. It’s nice when your childhood heroes don’t become embarassing.
The cover’s rubbish though, and adolescent horror fantasy that belongs on a low budget 80’s thrash album, they should have stuck to the classics like the late 70’s Sabs man trying to catch the Rubik’s Cube while throwing off his hippy greatcoat as seen below.

14 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell”

  1. RJD isn’t a patch on Gillan or Ozzy. The tracks on the website are okay, still Sabbath – kinda held up by the guitars, but dont have that real Sabbath vocal power.

  2. I loved the Sabbath album with Gillan on it, the boy has a fine set of lungs.
    But aye, Ozzy will always be where it’s at :o)


  3. Yeah, Gillan – loud! I didn’t initially like Born Again, but now it’s one of my fav’s. I use Stonehenge and Disturbing the Priest to test amps/speakers! On eleven of course :-)

    So different from Vol4. I’d dig out ‘Master of Reality’ first tho: http://www.black-sabbath.com/discog/masterofreality.html
    Years ago Solitude was played a lot but thank dog I got out of the black hole I was in then.

    Now, where did I put that ipod!

  4. Disturbing the priest and Zero the Hero are two of my favourite Sabbath tracks, they were never as heavy before or since I think.

    Master of Reality, I spent a fair amount a few years back on the first vinyl pressing with the black Vertigo label, the envelope sleeve and poster all intact. See, it’s not just the outdoors that brings out the geek in me :o)

    One day I shall speak of the trouble I had tracking down Alice Cooper’s Schools Out album with the paper pants still inside it…

  5. Paper pants! boggle! Never liked Alice. I was mainly into Sabbath, Motorhead, Scorpians and really obscure bands like Hellion – http://www.myspace.com/officialhellionsite
    Interesting to note that Dio helped her out, not that it came to much. Shame really. I have a horrible feeling I got rid of my old vinyls a few years ago in a fit of tidyness, including the Hellion EP. Blimey playing those tracks takes me back… not sure that’s a good thing mind! :-S
    Only been to one gig, and that was the Bomber tour at Hammersmith. Utterly incredible.

  6. Ah, Rock Goddess – they were anything but obscure for any self respecting male rock fan in the early 80’s – saw them support Def Leppard and co-headline at the mighty Glasgow Apollo with Y&T (who are still going, and back here in Oct at the ABC).

    Don’t get me started on 80’s girl metal – Girlschool, Lee Aaron, Warlock, Vixen, Lita Ford, Cheetah – happy days !

  7. Ah well the boys I knew were into the big bands of the time, Rush, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Maiden/etc. We, me and a friend, were just glad to find any women in rock/metal.

  8. Crivvens, so many familiar names there.

    Cheetah, that was them with the duct tape round their knees wasn’t?

    I must also admit to having Warlock and Girschool on my ipod right now.

  9. Metal can never be too heavy, there some places that lighweight need not tread :o)

    Lita Ford was married to Tony Iommi at one point.
    Hoe’s that for useless information.

  10. Beth, I did also see the big bands as well – and like you and a friend, me and the boys were also “just glad to find any women in rock/metal.”

    Nancy Wilson (Heart) still rocks !

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