Hear Here

It turns out a six year old’s ears are tiny. That might sound obvious, but it didn’t become something worth thinking about until I had to fit Holly with ear plugs for the Sabbath gig tomorrow night.
Furry ear muffs might look amusing but will give her sweaty lugs and have the sound deflection qualities of an open window. I just know she’ll throw old school ear defenders on the floor so I’m looking at some home made ear plugs using a pipe-cleaner head brace and ear pieces made from a mix of Play-Doh and asbestos.
Maybe not.
But I’m kinda looking for something that The Girl will wear so she won’t get her hearing damage that gives you the constant background radio tuning into a station it never finds that me and most of my contemporaries have.
Arco in the morning. I wonder if they have something in pink?

4 thoughts on “Hear Here”

  1. The plugs on a band are what you need as they don’t need to be inserted to work. Failing that I know ARCO do pink Uvex plugs as we use them at work!
    Hope you all enjoy the gig.

  2. Arco have managed to supply us with all sorts of things we thought were out of the question, I’m sure they’ll be able to sort something out for you! Hope the gig is rocking!

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