Head down, thumbs up

When you’re tunneling away, you lose track a bit. It’s nice to stop and lean on your shovel for a minute and see what’s happening about you.

So what’s next? The agenda is not set, and this I like. There’s a daft adventure in the planning. And recently I’ve got a couple of thumbs-up instead of a middle finger. Some issues resolved and others to consider. Questions answered by questions. Options added or removed to make choices harder.

I’ll keep tunneling in the meantime.

4 thoughts on “Head down, thumbs up”

  1. So,whats this daft adventure all about then? got some mad things in the planning myself in the coming year.Hoping to push my limits a little bit and see if my mind and body are up for a challenge.havnt done anything really mad since the circuit of wales bike ride.

  2. We’ll see, I’m looking for something a bit different :o)

    It is good to stretch yourself. The WHW showed me that I can find the extra oomph when I need it. I’m glad I left so late on the Friday, it worked out so much better from being a challenge and me learning from it.

    I’m looking forward to a wee ordinary trip again as well. Next week, me and the mountains with no agenda.

  3. Most of my hill time is without agenda.Quite often I go out with the intention of maybe doing a 5 mile circuit or thereabouts which more often than not turns into about 15 miles.Sometimes its hard to prise myself away from the wilderness and the joy and freedom it brings(notice I refrain from mentioning the pain and heartache!)
    Anyway, bit of excitement around south wales at the mo.Turns out that a golden eagle has been spotted in the hills,it was on the local news yesterday.Looks like it escaped from captivity as the photos of it clearly showed jesses on its legs.So tomorrows jaunt in the beacons may turn into an eagle spotting session…the countryside is never dull eh?

  4. Take the camera, just in case :o)

    I’ve had my Munros book out seeing what looks nice for a camp, my last night on a Munro was February. Like you I’ll have a wander and stop “somewhere”.

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