Harvey British Mountain Map: Schiehallion, Ben Lawers & Glen Lyon

An unexpected envelope of neatly folded joy fell on the doormat this morning, Harvey Map’s new British Mountain Map: Schiehallion, Ben Lawers & Glen Lyon.

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating, I think the British Mountain Maps are the best maps you can get for our hills. Schiehallion, Ben Lawers & Glen Lyon is no exception and makes the OS equivalents look like prehistoric cave paintings once again.
The accessible usability of the map, it’s tangible relationship to the terrain that for me is always personified in the fact that all the lochs and lochans are the right shapes rather than an approximation, it all endears these maps to me. But they are a tool, an accurate tool at that, not just a pretty face. The detail is the thing and that applies to both sides, the mapping and the extensive information on the reverse. Here’s we’ve got the regular navigation, climbing, safety and geological info along with a piece about the Schiehallion Experiment where the mass of the earth was calculated and contour lines were invented to help with the task. A map you can read in the tent. Nice.

But. The Bridge of Orchy hills are on the map but not mentioned on the front cover which is a shame as folk heading for Beinn Dorain might miss out on considering the map as an option due the perception that the Orchy hills are kinda west and Schiehallion is kinda east despite their actual geographical proximity. A perception aided by various online weather forecasters who arbitrarily split the country at Loch Tay.

Brilliant bit of kit and the map I’ll be packing when I’m anywhere with it’s edges.

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