Hardware Headache

The new camera is taking a while to get my head around. Everything I take is out of focus, which is my job description, not the camera’s. May is full of stuff and I really hope I can get this thing to do what i want it to before I put in the miles and stick pegs in the ground with no decent photies to show for it.

Back to the manual it is. Page 113…

2 thoughts on “Hardware Headache”

  1. What camera did you buy?

    I had an lx3 n lx5

    Now a tz100. The menu on this model gives constant brain farts

    1. I got a second hand LX15 mainly to try and keep going with the familiarity, but jeezo the amount of scope for screwing up every shot.
      I got a printout book of the manual and got an idiots guide on my kindle too, I am trying…

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