Hardly worth getting back up

I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Three nights without two consecutive hours of sleep to rub together kicked my legs out from under me.
I opened out the tents in the garage, unpacked my sleeping bag and had a cuppa. I went into the bedroom with the intention of getting my lounge about while not expecting visitors gear, but as I walked round the bed I went involuntarily sideways, and I swear to you I was out cold before I hit the duvet.
Some hours and a shower later, I’ve downloaded my photies, I’m having another cuppa and I’m going to bed.

25 thoughts on “Hardly worth getting back up”

  1. Ach Martin, as tired as I was, the sky was blue and we just had to go. We really struggled on the ascent, and it was a very cold and windy night, but it was worth it.
    That photie above must be from about 1800 or so, high on the West face of Beinn Ime, a lovely evening. This morning though? More later.

    Bobinson, you might still have been driving home at that point? The joy of being half an hour closer to the mountains, half an hour more of sitting down.

    I am burst.

  2. Feeling better yet?

    I spent yesterday on Ben Dubhchraig and Ben Oss, started off in low cloud which lifted ten minutes before I got to the top, Magic! It stayed clear the rest of the day and Ben Lui looked magnificent with the snow on its ridge’s and gullies.

    Gear wise I gave the Salomons another go and I’m starting to like them a lot now??

    Bad news is Ive bent my Laser comp pole! My pitch was pretty exposed approx NN 304 257 and the wind got up last night, the highest I recorded was about 55mph gusts and anywhere between 30 and 40mph normally. I’ve had the Comp in 70mph gusts before and it survived….just! What happened was all the shaking and shoogling overnight made the knots on my pole sleeve/cover come loose and then the wind slammed into the side bending the pole whislt the guy held just an empty pole cover.

    Was good fun though! off to sort through photies now!

  3. I knew it was your feet that were wrong :o)

    Nice spot, at the Beinn Dubhcraig lochan? Unlucky with the tent, is the pole trashed or just kinked?
    I really noticed a difference in the comp with everything being new and tight, and funny enough the pole cover was one of the things that I had to sort after the doing it got a few weeks back.

    Photies yes, give us a shout when they’re see-able.

  4. Its not totaly trashed but there’s a severe bend in 2 sections, I’ve laid it flat on the living room floor and there’s maybe a 40 deg bend in it. Nothing’s split or kinked but I dunno if I’d trust it in a real blow any more.

    It makes a big difference to the stability without the pole hood guys working. I reckon it’d have been fine if the pole hood hadnt come loose. Terra nova want 35 quid for a new pole, I think I’l pay it for the peace of mind.

    The photies are looking good, I’ll need to get an account somewhere insead of using the OM gallery.

  5. Aye, Just above the Beinn Dubhchraig lochan. Its a nice spot to watch the sun drop behind Ben Oss and Ben Lui.

    The Salomons arent perfect but as they’re soft trail runners they’re a bit more forgiving. They’re the best I’ve got yet, very similar feel to my old Hedgehogs but the lack of a liner makes em first choice so far. I’ll keep an eye on em over the next few trips.

  6. Ah, BBF, at least if you pay once to replace the pole, you’ll have lots of spare sections ready for when/if it takes another battering – you shouldn’t need to shell out again for a long, long time! :)

  7. BBF – as someone who has had several issues with TN poles that they claimed were fine I definitely recommend buying another. This probably explains my reluctance to buy a Laser Comp ;-)

    Anyway, glad everyone had a ‘good’ weekend. For me the highlight was simply wearing trail runners and not big boots.

  8. BBF, aye get an online photioe doodah. I use Flickr for my favourites and Photobucket for all the shrunk down shots that go into posts.

    Spares are good, and having the extra sections is a good point.

    Wearing traul runners and not big boots. That’s the stuff I like to hear :o)

  9. Great photos BBF.

    They brought back ‘happy’ memories of a winter epic in the central gully of Ben Lui. Soft snow + blizzard + eye lashes frozen together = Elvis legs at the top. It’s just nice to now know what the view looks like!

  10. Aye, it was a great day out.

    I’m glad I’ve got the online photie doodah now. I was getting fed up editing the life out of my photie’s for the OM gallery. Its also kind of serving as a sort of inspiration for me to keep getting out there and not be lazy this year.

    I’m looking forward to imminent planned adventures very much now, I’m well excited about this year on the hills!

  11. Tent pole has arrived already and its a nice metallic blue colour instead of boring old black!!

  12. Aye, BBF the blue one is nice, if only it was exposed it would ceratinly add something to the general tonal ensemble.

    Right, weather and trip. This will be a dilemma, we can do the trip in any weather, but I have to get photies and be able to write a detailed route description because of the mag thing, so I need to do it in decent-ish weather, and very soon.
    We shall keep in comms, whatever happens we’ll be oot.

    Is that a plan?

  13. My wee tent….now filmed in glorious technicolor!

    Its a enough of a plan for me, couldnt you just say that the bad weather is to make your photies more dramatic??

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