Happy Meal Fail

Parents and perhaps those fond of smaller portions will be well acquainted with McDonalds’ Happy Meals and their fun toy accompaniment.
Currently they are hammering home their Olympics sponsorship (as the official restaurant of folk watching the games at home on the telly when nothing else is on) with little mascots in every box, each one of the little fellas participating in one sport or another.

The wee sailing boat one was pretty good it has to be said, but the latest one really caught my eye. As you can see above the wee man is taking a lunge at his opponent during his fencing qualifier.
Below shows us two things, first that under that mask he’s got a helluva big nose, not unlike “The Man” in the old Pink Panther cartoons. Secondly, as he boldy strides away from the match arms swinging we can see that he won the match as he’s really excited about reaching the next round.

6 thoughts on “Happy Meal Fail”

  1. Daughter does fencing at Uni, so seen loads of it , but nothing like that. Might have to try and eat a few HMs to get her one.

  2. did not realisee there was an ET team in the olympics. as the pointed scull and what looks like some sort of tail clearly suggest that it’s not human. Also unusual to see a left handed fencer regardless of species ;)

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