Happy Birthday

Holly is one today. And it came around so fast.
The last year has been one of extreme joy, extreme worry, learning and frequently enjoying emotions of all colours that I never knew existed. Watching Joyce transform into a superhero-mum was a revelation too.

Watching Holly taking her first steps, making her first words, wave her first byebye, reading her books together, playing peekaboo with her favourite blanket aren’t just the highlights from the last year, but from my life.
It’s still just the best thing ever.

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday to Holly :))

    And continued congratulations to you and Joyce.

    All those memories so far, just imagine what’ll be to come – have you started researching lightweight papooses yet? :))

  2. Happy Birthday to Holly.

    It’s very true, mine (Grace) was 4 last weekend and is still sweetness itself. Christmas will be more Grace-centric this year I think.

    (It’s mine too this weekend! Big Four-Oh!!)


  3. Happy Birthday to the little ‘un!

    Only thing, shurely those toys could do with a bit of shaving off weight-wise, couldn’t they… Did Berghaus make ’em?

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to Holly – and Matt C will confirm that I actually remembered it was her birthday without prompting!! Nice photie – she’s pretty (presumably she takes after her mum rather than her dad ;-) )

  5. It’s true – Kate said “It’s Holly’s birthday today, isn’t it?”… and 10 minutes later this blog entry appeared! :)

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to you Holly.

    My daughter has just turned three and all I can say is that it is the best thing ever and it keeps getting better. In addition, having a son who is only four months old I can also add that if you were considering expanding the clan it is a little easier the second time around, although you still worry in equal measure!

    Just one other thought. Are you off to buy a large frame tent etc. for those family trips away or does that go too far against the lightweight ethic?

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