Hands off the Kilpatricks you bastards.

A big thanks to Alan Sloman for the heads-up on the MC0fS (oh please change the name to Mountaineering Scotland) response to the latest threat to the Kilpatrick Hills which is here.

I hate wind turbines as general policy as you may know, but they can be a good thing if done well, Whitelees Windfarm being a great example as it’s brought people into the hills and created jobs. But filling every available tract of moorland with the bloody things is a shite idea unless you want Scotland to look like a pincushion from space. That’s seen from space, not a pincushion from space.
The Kilpatrick Hills have always been under threat from turbines and other ludicrous ideas like the hotel thing a few years back, they just move the location around to try and find the weakest point of entry. The Kilpatricks are special, a little oasis without track or road, a wild spot living right under the urban radar that improves our environment and our quality of life, turbines there would be criminal.
Besides, where do you go next? Every decision to allow planning for these bloody things raises the bar of possibility and that makes the next one easier to get away with. How would the Campsies look with a ridgeline bristling with windmills? They nearly dammed Glen Nevis for a hydro scheme remember.

I shall oppose this with extreme prejudice and whatever muscle I can bring to bear.

7 thoughts on “Hands off the Kilpatricks you bastards.”

  1. The onslaught of these bloody things seems almost relentless…

    When will the powers that be stop and actually start caring about our wee country instead of thinking about their inflated bank balances and where the next back hander is coming from?

  2. I’d suggest a visit to your local council’s website and having a look for current planning applications relating to turbines. Ours (Fife) is full of them.

  3. This makes me feel sick, especially as I’ve only relatively recently discovered the place.Time to give something back methinks.

  4. We’ve gone team-handed locally, every community group is solid against it and are spitting teeth, The Park’s not happy either.
    We’ll see.

  5. I read somewhere that when these things generate too much electricity the grid can’t use it all so it gets binned, some how?? Don’t know if that’s right but surely if it is the case storing this wasted energy would be a better solution?

    It would probably throw up another conservation issue to site a set-up like that. Del mentioned that these things will probably be moved off shore not in to the hills.

    I’m going to look into the wasted energy statement, probably I’m talking shit and have picked it up wrong. Normally the case!

  6. There is/was a scheme where the owners of the turbines get money back when they’re not producing electricity to help them out aftre their investment. FFS. Using that equation every single person in the UK should be paid by the government when they’re not earning using something they’ve invested in, which given that you start training to be a productive member of society at school aged 5 means we could all be raking in the cash for doing F/A.

    Another good one is the Kinlochleven hydro scheme, they down rated their electric output as they got more cash back from the government for doing so. Renewables? Eco Power? All bollocks, spend the money on one big, well run and maintained nuke station.

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