For such a daft wee village, Bowling has had an interesting history. The harbour used to be a bay, where the rich of Glasgow had cottages for the weekend. The harbour was a bustle of industry until the 60s with neighbouring shipyards as well as being a loading and unloading docks and railyard and of course the western end of the Forth and Clyde canal. It had a famous distillery, the Littlemill. Whose quality spirit filled many a grand names blended wares as well as it’s own lowland single malt.

It was also where many caught their holiday steamers, indeed the harbour was wall to wall steamers (including the Waverly) in the winter as it was a good safe berth.

It’s a bit rubbish now right enough. Small village, new builds leading to it being a partial dormitory facility. Plus, it’s raining.


That second one is Bowling bay, Dumbuck and Dumbarton Rock. Some imagination at work there, even back then.

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