Half an inch too short

Let’s face it, if anyone I know is going to spontaneously create a rainbow from their fingertips, it’s going to be Linda.

It didn’t start as a wee trip to the lochside, I was in fact just down the road starting to fit a replacemnt pump in a church. Due to Brexit screwing me, my suppliers and the manufacturers over so that Tories can wallow in baths of cash while misty eyed over the dreams of empire, the pump was difficult to get and after paying nearly £1K up front for it, I was very keen indeed to see if I could get the thing hooked up, Saturday or not.

It had gone well, it will fit and it will work, but a pipework alteration would be necessary on the 2″ header and I’d have to get to that on Monday at the workshop then fit it, refill the system, test it and bill the bastard.
Linda had come along for morale support and as we were kinda there anyway, a wee trip to the Bonnie Banks seemed in order.

Good grief it was windy. I had work pants on, but hill gear on my top half and I was still feeling it. the wind cut through us like 5G through your unconscious mind to make you invest in cryptocurrencies and NFT’s. I hate conspiracy theorists, but it does give me a rare chance to be meta. Ha, see what I did there.

Sorry, it was the cold.

But crivvens, it was lovely.

In the woods there was welcome shelter but the sunstreaked flanks of Ben Lomond and even Conic Hill glowed through the bare black limbs of the tree around Luss’s Glebe.

The water was deep dark blue with white horse racing to the shore, the clouds caught an evening glow and out feet were staying alarmingly dry on the well worn but today deserted path.
We had only one pair of gloves, but holding hands solved that, and that’s also something you should never grow out of.

Cuppas were had, ducks were marveled and strangers were photographed. Sorry, but you were just so well positioned.

All this and The Stranglers at the O2 Acedemy last night where they played a stunner of a nearly two hour show. Give me snow, someone pay me and have it all I tell. All.

By all obviously I’m including a girlfriend who can make rainbows.

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