6 thoughts on “Haircut”

  1. Did you keep a bit of it? We’ve got a little Silver pot with some of our lads first haircut in, pure blonde compared to his now fair/light brown. Amazing how much it’s changed.

  2. Aye, it’s in a wee envelope just now. I wanted to stick a bit in my wallet, but I don’t want to lose it. We’ll put it somewhere safe.
    Her new hair is growing in lighter as well.

    It seems like she’s growing so fast.

  3. My first born leaves High School in 3 weeks and I still remember the trauma (mine not hers) of her first haircut.

    The Boy? He can now look me straight in the eye. They grow up very fast indeed.

  4. You’re no’ wrang. We had our first proper phone call today. She was all talkative when she heard my voice.

    All emotional I was.

  5. Kids do grow very quick.
    It sounds like a cliche, but make the most of it.
    My two boys should still be the babies that I held in my arms, in what seemingly seems a couple of minutes ago. Ones just started infant school, the other junior school. We sit on the settee and hide behind cushions, watching Dr who together. We go camping and they both want to go up mountains with dad :)

    If I blink, I’m scared that they’ll be driving off in their cars, and getting married.

    Now is the best of times.

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