Outdoorsmagic has let the cat out of the bag today regarding the new range, so I can stop biting my tongue.

I’ll be testing the new Haglöfs range of lightweight kit from the LIM (Less Is More) range and elsewhere. I’ve looked over most of their range and it’s another step forward for them. The designers seem to have produced what they wanted to, aiming for performance & function, low weight, and I have to say stunning good looks.

It’ll be an interesting return to Gore Tex fabrics after a couple of years only using eVent, I hope I’m surprised, nay shocked and stunned.

Once the full range of kit from everybody has arrived I’ll do a run down of it and then regular updates. It’ll be interesting to monitor it’s progress more closely than I normally would.

3 thoughts on “Haglöfs”

  1. That’s a good point. a lot of the trekking pants and tops might get reasonable in a few weeks?
    What I’ve discovered is that Haglofs sell almost everything thay make before the end of the season, that’s why you rarely see it cheap.
    With the restyling for next season though, you never know?

  2. Haglofs are looking pretty lean going into the Spring so there will only be what the shops have left over. Climatic range of pants and shirts is the main change as ptc says.

    They pretty much build to order rather than waste fabrics and manufacturing time on things that the shops haven’t ordered.

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