Haglöfs Winter 2011/12 Preview

Lost in a wilderness of colour, it can only be the Haglöfs showroom. No longer a shed, but the same faces and huge array of kit as usual.
There’s a bunch of new stuff as well as updates, some personal highlights are the new merino base layers, the new Paclite killing (I’m not supposed to say that) Gore-Tex Active Shell cut into an frighteningly light and racy jacket and a new ultralight insulation range.

So, here we go, I’ve got pretty much the whole Winter 2011/12 range below. There’s a mix of his and hers, remember Haglöfs usually make equivalents of every single model, but there are exceptions, like the new wummins specific technical shell that the guys are going to want…

The base layers have some new colours. The Cool models above have the nice two-tone green and the ubiquitous black. I like the Dryskin fabric they use here, very soft.
The Regular weight models are below, zoned in the super sweaty areas to let the nasty out.

Above is joy hanging from hooks, the new merino baselayers. There’s long sleeve crew and zip necks, longjons and ¾ leggings, all in three colours of 153g mulesing-free Aussie merino.
I’ve tried in it on, long body and arms, nice high collar in the zip-necks and the fabric feels great against the skin. It’s an interesting weight of fabric they’ve gone for, and that with the long cut it puts into a little niche of it’s own. Ah man, look at the leggings, you can dress up like a superhero. It looks like good kit, looking forward to testing it.

Below is the Warm range, a nice change from the scratchy winter weight stuff they used to make. It’s a mix fabric, mainly polyester and merino, but not just blended yarn, the fabric is zoned within itself, and whatever they’ve done it’s given it a frictionless inner surface. You can see a microgrid pattern in there, but touching it is like touching the surface of the contents of an open tin of paint, it’s that smooth. It should feel great against the skin.

They’ve sexed up the Stem tops (above), thumbloops and pocketed full-zip jacket. It’s cut from own-brand Dryskin fabric, and having used it it feels like a Powerstretch variant.
Powerstretch features below in the return of the Bungy collection. The girls get the yellow and the hooded vest of course, but it’s good to see this back in the range.

See my hands in my pockets above? They’ve fixed the terrible tiny pockets on the Juniper as well as bring it out in some block colours. Aye, that’s more like it.
The tops are there as is the vest, it’s a cracking fabric they use for these.

Gus assured me that the above was the colour mix of justice from the new gear, I’m thinking about it.
The jacket is an Isogon, also in a hood version, and there’s a bit of lifestyle crossover here, a technical feeling cut with a texture-faced fabric like we see on the Arc’teryx Covert kit. I foreseethis being popular.

The woolly madness above is the Thule Hood, made from a steam-ironed black sheep. I love it, it’s a real oddball, but if feels great on.
The Zones below stay in the range, and of course that lovely ice blue doesn’t come in a blokes large.

Softshell charges on, the various Lizards above have tweaks, check out the new cuff below, very comfy and very snug.

The Lizard jacket and Boiga Hood have some new colourways. All the softshells above are in FlexAble, own-brand but awesome fabric. I like when top-end doesn’t automatically mean branded fabrics.
The Glasgow swing tag for the Reptile is below. Say it out loud and you’ll sound like me…

The Pelamis above has 100weight microfleece lining its Gore Windstopper, warm and alpine there I think.
The Fangs below are kinda the classic Sharkfin’s descendant, much more supple though, very wearable with a cracking hood. There’s mix of fabrics there, balancing weight, warmth and movement.

The Eryx above is in plain Windstopper, same general specs as the Fang, but you can layer up as you please here. Lighter too.

There’s a huge range of softshell pants as always, some colour too which is nice. I was looking for the details that I suspected were being phased out, but I was pleased to see double poppers on every waist band. There’s weights and level of insulation to cover all bases(and arses).

I’ll edit in the name of these pants above when the workbook appears, but zoned fabrics, side pockets, crampon patches and ankles that cinch in? Winter fast and light pants, yes please.

Below  and above are the Proof collection. Proof is Haglöfs own waterproof fabric, it comes in three and two layer is made of recyclable polyester, and having used it, the performance is good. The MVTR rate looks low compared to other membrane’s, but the 3-layer has a hydrophilic inner scrim that sucks moisture in and the drop liner in two-layer I’ve tested kept me dry. The features and even some prices for the Proof gear are up there with the Gore-Tex and eVent kit, so Haglöfs think it’s good enough to look other fabrics straight in the eye.
The two layer models have all this extra storage (see above), it’s so bloody handy when you use it, it causes me all sorts of dilemmas because I love a plain jacket in the hills.

Lets face face it, I was always going to pull on the orange outfit. The Crag is below, cut from Gore-Tex PerformanceShell, it’s a four-pocket general-purpose hideaway hood affair and it  gets the same styling as the top end kit. I admire their optimism in showing it to UK store buyers, Oh wait, there’s black…

That’s the Riot above, the update for the Heli which half of Western Europe was wearing at one time. 2-layer performance Shell again, cheery looking and practical. It’s always annoying when bulky or relatively heavy kit feels good when you pull it on you know.

Above and below are the Zenith jacket and pants in 3-layer Proof. The jacket’s a Spitz-a-like and is very nice, but the pants are a stand-alone and really impress.
Pockets on waterproof pants are something I’ve always liked, and here with the leg zips, soft, lightly stretchy fabric, crampon patches, wide, belted waist, we’ve got an all-day winter pant if you stick longjons underneath.

Now here’s a talking point. Gore-Tex Active Shell, Gore Tex the way it’s meant to be? Light, thin, a new laminate with no PU coating and the best breathability you can get from Gore. Gore are controlling the use of this fabric, the designs are scrutinised down to how many square centimeters of doubled fabric there are, that means pockets for example.
All the top brands are going to be wading in with something, and there’s already bitching as they sneak a look at each others designs, it’s be tears and snotters before they get to the shops, but we’ll be the winners because of that I hope. And, the fabric has to be made into a proper sports piece, no Active Shell dog walking  jackets will be made.

Haglöfs have the Endo (above and below, pant too), and the jacket feels very good indeed. The fabric is very light to wear, and the features and both minimal and well thought out. The hood is protective and fully adjustable, there’s a big stretch pocket, the cuffs have softshell palms so you can keep the rain out of your sleeve by covering your knuckles but still grip your handlebars and the front zip on the sample is some kind of wacky affair that I’ve never seen before that’s beyond description (seriously, it’s nothing like a regular zip), and probably won’t be on the ones in the shops.

I like this, and I like the fact that Gore’s got off the couch and are doing something even if eVent’s giving up the chase.

The Electron above is a Paclite/ProShell mix, and the Nebula Below is a Euro version of the Ozone I’ve got on test. It’s the same ProShell fabric, but adds an extra napoleon pocket.

Above is the wummins-only Spinx. It’s a bit like a four-pocket Spitz and it comes in the same ProShell stretch fabrics as the top-end Ratio. Nice.
Below is the Topp, essentially a Ratio to suit the worst UK conditions. One photie down, shell pants to suit any mood and almost any jacket. the black versions come in various leg lengths, something that Haglöfs they’re going to be expanding on further, pants for every shape and size?

Couliours and matching pants above. It’s like a mix and match of 1970’s track suits.

That’s the Utval directly below, Proof waterproof shell and a Primaloft Eco 100g fill. The shelled insulation has done well for Haglöfs, so they’re expanding it to new models and more colours on this winters models. Below we’ve got the Nevluk, then the Pirtuk in new colours and then the Nevluk pants.

The long-standing Barrier Performac shelled Thermolite insulation collection has had a little makeover. The excellent Hood has some new colours, the Jacket now has the same articulated sleeves as the Hood, and the vest ses the biggest changes with new quilted panels down the sides and what feels like smaller pockets.
The Barrier Pants below have a rather nice resolution to the waist adjustment with a good range of adjustment for wearing over baselayers or all your kit.

This is the new ultralight synthetic kit, the Barrier Pro jackets and hoods. It’s low profile, think Montane Prism, and a neater fit for on-the-move winter use. I absolutely love it, but it’s going to be pricey so there’s a chance there won’t be enough store orders to get it into the production. This will be a travesty.

The new down kit returns next winter, and the Bivvy Jacket gets new colours and a vest (I’m wearing it a bit further up).
I got misty eyed when I saw the Belay & Borea lineup below. I don’t care what Haglöfs call it, it’s the ice blue, cobalt, tomato and orange from the ’98 Karrimor Alpiniste series. My favourite gear of all time. I am pleased.

The Intense series goes green again, not quite budgie green, but it’s looking more familiar again. The Halo gets a face-lift, the new rear below should keep back-tyre splash out of your baselayers a bit better this time.

It had been a long day, but the new hats are a joy, beanies of every kind from merino to bobbled to shelled and insulated ones, with balaclavas and peaked mountain caps in there too. I wear a few of the beanies and l like them, neither skull-cap tight nor ridiculous smurf hat as is popular right now.

We looked at Haglöfs sleeping bags, something I know little of, only having tested a budget synthetic monster for Trail a while back. The blue Goga is a down monster with models rated down to -44°C extreme, the Green Zensor is the synthetic equivalent, the ratings are almost as good but of course the weight takes a jump up.
Hopefully we’ll see a Goga in over the winter.

 And to end, we have a Haglöfs “buff”. It feels like the same fabric as the Cool baselayers and matches that magic wee explorer guitar there.

That was a lot of kit, almost all of what I saw (some is secret for now), gloves and shoes see no real changes and it’s the all-new merino, lightweight insulation and that Endo jacket that had me grinning the most. I hope we see it all in the shops.
I’ll tell you though, there’s a lot of purple in there, you gotta like that.

68 thoughts on “Haglöfs Winter 2011/12 Preview”

  1. hI Pete

    you were in your element there weren’t you?

    i’m always massively tempted by haglofs but end up put off by the price and availability. i don’t think i’ve yet seen any in a shop near to me to try on, which doesn’t help. the colours (some of them – green softshell strides???) are great and the fit always looks great; i’m done with wearing sacks. i also had a very bad experience with a haglofs proof jacket (sweated out and soaked up rain after just a few outings) so i would stick with eVent for waterproofs.

    i’m with you on the merino and the prism-a-like though. add to that a sneaky regard for the bewildering array of softshells, the barrier and down jackets and ‘maybe’ the strides – but in black. i’ll also end up getting a corker one day for office use, i can see that.

    did they have to drag you out of there at the end? ;)


    1. It’s always a fun day, and I like to see the range of kit like that, most brands are so much more than the one or two items that get reviewd in the magazines and the limited range in thge local shops. I still think we should all be able to order in advance from the trade workbooks, how many store buyuers are going to have the same favourites from above and stock them next winter…
      Leaving was easy, it was dinner time :o)

  2. Fascinating to see how many ways there to do something as ‘simple’ as a thumb loop styles. I think I’ve got 5 different styles on various things and none of them look especially like the ones above :)

    Certainly nice to get the different weights of base layer back.

    1. Aye, and the new cuff/thumbloops arrangements they’re bringing out now are magic. Long gone are the days of a stitched eyelet that wanted to saw your thumb off!

  3. Like the kit there lots. The Haglöfs kit I have is superb with a capitol S. Still availability is an issue with them. Not many seem to stock Haglöfs and the price is most likely why? As for me black and grey are in. The rest just hurts my eyes.

  4. I feel worn out after looking at all that, I’d have had a dopamine overload if I’d been there! I love Haglofs style and have dealers in Aviemore and Inverurie locally. An assistant in Craigdon Sports in Inverurie this very day complemented me on my Haglofs primaloft jacket :-)

    1. Craigdon are good, one of those shops I could go into naked and come out kitted up and happy with what I got. I think I could count those kind of places on my fingers. Your other one must be Mountain Spirit? Another cracker, and if you bring in Escape Route down the road the West is looking very bereft of good independants.

  5. The green trousers!!! Are they in my size? I love them. They’d go great with my red jacket. I’d be like a tulip. Woohoo!

    I do like all the greens in the intense series and base layers too. (I’m not bothered about the technical abilities, just the colours).

    1. You’ll get the sizes, just maybe not the leg length and a bright colour on the same pair…
      We did discuss this you know, and sizing is a big issue for the future.

  6. Poor lad must be shattered judging by the spelling ;-)

    Bar and Martin, where are you in the country?

    Bar – Proof problem; we had issues with the new non PFOS/PFOA DWR coatings not lasting when they first come so it’s worth a wash/reproof with Nikwax/Grangers/Storm etc. The new stuff is far better now. If you’re still not happy with it send it back; lifetime warranty.

    As always give me a shout with any questions!


  7. Okay, the new “reply to individual comment” thing didn’t work very well did it?
    The replies are in the odrer of the original comments though, apart from Gus’ which has destroyed my symmetry with the disparaging remarks about my spelling.

  8. Is Gore-Tex Active Shell a new type of Gore-Tex or is it the same as a Pro Shell (3-layer Gore-Tex)? If it is new, what is it’s breathability like?

    Like the colours, and the thumb holes :)

  9. Ah, a good old Haglöfs preview, what a great start for the day. Looked good, nice colors and all. My Goga 3S arrived a couple of weeks back, after some minor problems with the order. Tested it a couple of weeks back, felt nice but too warm as we slept in a cottage. Like the hood and the fabrics alot… All´s well, our annual christmas-hike is coming up, 23-24 Dec leisure/nostalgic trip with the old guys from the early scouting days. Read the newspaper this morning and the weather forecast says -27°C, 4m/s – just at the extreme temp, we’ll probably go to a cottage again. :)

    There were some nice stuff in this article, pants looked good. How was the down west (there is a comeback, right?), missed the last LIM Down west train…

    Thank´s once again.

  10. Ah, and also, got my self a christmas present last week. A Haglöfs Endurance pack. As I mentioned it’s pretty cold here right now, -17°C, but will probably go for a run later today… the excitement always keeps the cold away. :)

  11. As always it all looks good :) Bit late to go under the Christmas tree. Particularly like the look (and sound of) the Intense & Active Shell stuff

  12. Some great looking gear as usual. I think they should sell mail order all the funky coloured gear to people who want it because the shops won’t stock it as its not black. That gives haglofs more sales and us punters the gear we want in the colours we want. Has anyone suggested this to them Pete. Another revenue stream for them and not competing with the shops as they ain’t selling the stuff anyway.

  13. aembleton, it’s an all-new fabric, new membrane and a new laminating process. Breathability is supposed to be at windshirt/softshell level. Gore’s supposed to be sending a test jacket, so we’ll see.
    PS I’m not supposed to say it’s like eVent, so I won’t say it.

    sandstrom.dj, I hope you have an awesome trip later in the week!
    The vest is good, not as fat as the LIM, but I wanted I still wanted to take it home :o)

  14. lawriej, next Christmas, gives Santa time to save up!

    coops, brands doing their own mail-order is a current hot topic in the trade, I foresee more and more of them doing it, and why not if the shops won’t take the good stuff?

    DNF, straight to the top of the class for observation :o)

  15. Hi Pete,

    you asked where i’m based? snowy Essex.

    i think i gave my sister the haglofs proof jacket for dog-walkign duties, i shall have to see if that is the case when i see her over xmas. she’ll be cursing me if she’s taken a soaking in it.

    i didn’t think to send it back to the manufacturer, but i should have done.


  16. Aye, you never mess about when something has a big Fail. One because you spent the money on it, and two because it helps product development.
    Long time since I’ve had a soaking inside a waterproof, oh I don’t miss those days!

  17. Gus I live in Norwich far from the hills. That is not a problem as I get up many hills in the year. We need lots of Haglöfs kit down here to try. i like it and have some fine kit by them. Want more. But not in Orange :)

  18. Any word on our little wishlist/competition?

    When are they making me a light, hooded, stretchy driclime/vapour-rise style thing?

    And where’s my prize? ;-)))

  19. Martin you would have been proud of me yesterday, black baselayer, black microfleece, black softshell and black down gilet. Brown canvas trousers right enough.

    gfonso, a few posts down you’ll see the winner. The suggestions did spark a bit of debate!

  20. Different leg lengths for trousers? Great, go for it, Haglofs!
    I’m willing to test a -44 Goga for you – I think I’m very well qualified to test winter sleeping bags!
    We really need a Haglofs shop that sells the whole range in all the colours. Ok, my bank account hates the idea, but I love it :-)

  21. Pete,

    better find out if my sister still has it then ;)

    now i have my demand i’m hoping my soaking days are long past, too. to be fair to my north face tri-clime work jacket, that has retained it’s waterproofness. but outside of winter you sweat it wet from the inside.

    on a tangent that may include haglofs, can you recommend a powerstretch mid layer? only ones i’ve seen are Oryx and Rab PS’s.



  22. It’s always nice for a change Martin :o)

    Frustrating isn’t it Kate? I think we need everyone to have factory shops.
    In Glasgow.

    Bar., the ones I’ve used most recently are the Haglofs PS3 which is brilliant, discontinued and was hideously expensive!
    The Marmot one I got on test was a great fit and well-cut, but the fabric had a quite a soft face on it and took a bit of damage, there’s a lot of different Powerstretch out there, the asking price is usually an indication of what fabric you’re getting, expensive = better fabric.
    A long-time favourite is the Mammut Aconcagua Pull-On, very slim fit, but long arms, long body and a nice tall collar. Can be helluva expensive though.

    Most folk do a version, trying stuff on is fun :o)

  23. Pete,

    do the powerstretch and powerdry tops perform much the same? i tried an oryx on in Outside in hathersage under a montane atomic dt stretch and it seemed a perfect mid layer. my local Go Outdoors has just one for sale, which is maybe an older one for £25 but it just didn’t feel right – odd?
    by comparison the Rab PS tops felt a lot softer and better put together. I was hoping for a pull-on or simple jacket to use as mid-layer and to spend about £30-40. i’ve always been hopeful! ;)

  24. Pete,

    do the powerstretch and powerdry tops perform much the same? i tried an oryx on in Outside in hathersage under a montane atomic dt stretch and it seemed a perfect mid layer. my local Go Outdoors has just one for sale, which is maybe an older one for £25 but it just didn’t feel right – odd?
    by comparison the Rab PS tops felt a lot softer and better put together. I was hoping for a pull-on or simple jacket to use as mid-layer and to spend about £30-40. i’ve always been hopeful! ;)

  25. the Oryx feels more like a super-baselayer to me, now I know thay say that Powerstretch is better worn against the skin, but if feels like badass midlayer to me.
    Powerstrech feels more substantial, takes a bit of wind and wet, where the heavier Poerdry fabric are still concentrating more on sweat management than weather resistance.
    The Oryx layers better than Powerstretch I think, dries quicker too, but Powerstretch is a more protective fabric and warmer as well.

    Does that help or hinder?!

  26. Rab PS top is superb. Been using one last few walks. Love it. My mate has one and he used it for ages and I noticed how good it was on the hill and got one. I would highly recommend it.

  27. Hmmmm, thanks guys. at least prices (until the sales) reduce my choices to two items.

    Pete, help or hinder? both ;) I remember thinking how well the oryx layered under the atomic and presume it would do just as well under my demand or a litespeed/krypton/vapour-rise lite/baltoro-lite. I’m one of those who doesn’t like to be too hot and prefers breathable and adding a layer if cold than too much insulation and less breathability. there was something not right about the one in Go for £25 but i maybe need a medium and not a small – so that ‘may’ have contributed to my unease with how it felt compared to the one in outside. With Rab i’d probably need a small because they seem a bit bigger on me.

    Martin, i have to say that the Rab felt like quality. hopefully it isn’t sacrilege to compare it to my quechua £8 (dodgy neck zip opening; on the wonk) fleece that feels the same material-wise and beats a microfleece for warmth and stretch. i’m ‘hoping’ either will work well in a merino (to be decided) and shell as needed combo for most of non-sunny part of the year. Does the Rab get pongy? i read a review that said this.

    Given that these two are nearest my budget and my favourite/most trusted two brands i feel a boxing day (sale) escape from the sprouts towards Go to try them both on. Knowing my luck i’ll suffer gridlock to find they don’t have them.

    speaking of combinations of justice as you might call them Pete? recently wore the Krypton under the prism (Prism = No1 purchase bar none for me; it’s so bloomin’ breathable!) to very good effect. had it been colder i would have used the krypton’s superb hood over my chocolate fish beanie. and today, off on foot to purchase hazelnut baileys (too late to get the mint choc one – damn!) i wore vapour-rise lite under the prism; also bloody good and more breathable but less ‘fitted’ and only one hood to choose from ;)

    There’s some great stuff around isn’t there?


  28. ps

    The krypton in pertex equilibrium with an internal pocket or napoleon pocket to replace the silly sleeve one would be an amazing jacket (pass that onto Montane maybe?) but perhaps there is one called something else?

    A black Rab Alpine Pull-on in the sales would be justifiable on the grounds of… nothing. but i want it. Stick it over an oryx/ps? Nice.


  29. i use the LIM Ultimate jacket in the mountains and am looking for a good all-rounder jacket for elsewhere. I am debating between the Glade, the Cirque or something else in eVent. any thoughts here? hows breathability and waterproof on the Glade? thanks for any input!

  30. Bar., two important points you make there, fit being a big factor and how you use it with other kit as well to get the best from a single item.
    Pongy Powerstretch? Sometime the faster-warking fabrics can smell more as they draw out and evaporate more sweat and leave more nasty behind in the fabric to get heated up and emit an aromoa. Polygiene, and silver fibres etc help, and bit of merino in the mix is always good!
    PS, seeing Montane in a couple of weeks.

    Hi Erez!
    The Cirque is looking good, it’s got plenty of pockets for general use and on the worst of days it’s a joy to hide inside on a mountain or elsewhere!
    The Glade is heavier and bulkier, but it’s very comfy and for me better suited to all-round use than as a mountain jacket. If you’re using a LIM, you’ll know what I mean.

    It used to be that eVent was miles ahead of Gore-Tex, and while it’s still better, Pro-Shell is a great fabric and I’d chose fit and features over the fabric every time. I don’t think the difference in breathability performance is enough to chose a jacket on that alone.

  31. Pete, i tried on the £29 Oryx (my memory knocked off £5) in a small and what a strange fit and feel. really close to the torso and forearms, baggy upper arms and tight at the neck. i realise now why it didn’t feel like the one in outside. It’s an earlier non Polartec material version. Not very nice to feel and an odd cut as said above. The Rab PS in small was way too small. taking it off removed my t-shirt into the bargain and the medium was better but still very tight. i suspect they are supposed to be but i couldn’t get too excited about it. i hope to find a newer oryx to try on and compare materials to make sure my outside memory isn’t fabricated (geddit?).

    i tried the Rab Alpine Pull-on (medium) over my vapour-rise lite and was struck again how nice it is. first time i tried on on i wasn’t sure as it is quite tight around the shoulders, but it is one nice smock.


  32. ps: give my regards to Montane. No one make does ‘everything’ right but they do a lot right, for me. You can pass on my thanks for the Prism too if you like ;)


  33. After a search it seems that Berghaus have stopped using Powerdry in the smoulder and switched to their own AT Stretch fabric. No chance of finding the powedry version of the hoody now as they seem to have been very well liked and snapped up. the top – maybe a few – and that’s it. Bugger!


  34. The Smoulder did look good. Not sure about the AT Stretch fabric, haven’t tried it, but in general I’m a big fan of own-brand fabric as long as it’s good.

    Powerstretch tops are often tight, I’ve dug out some leggings and they’re no different. I’m not sure if I can get away with that any more.
    The fabric is good that close though, as long as the seams are right, if works very well at keeping you comfy and you don’t notice wearing it. But as you’ve finding out, fit is everything.

    Here, Alpine Pull-on over Vapour Rise, you’re making a DIY two layer Pertex Paramo thing with that.

  35. I am sorely tempted by a smoulder or patagonia r1 – both, for reasons of price, in their hoodless versions, unfortunately. no ninja impressions for me then. i am slap bang between small and medium in tighter fitting layers as i have a 38/39″ chest, skinny (pre xmas) midriff and wide-ish shoulders. what might be called an ‘awkward’ shape. i don’t expect i will see an r1 or smoulder locally, so unless i revert to oryx or rab ps, i may have to buy blind and send it back if i have sized wrongly. the smoulder top looks particularly well suited to base-layer use so that might warrant a small size.

    i have to admit to surprise at finding berghaus has quietly changed from powerdry to at stretch. as you say, it may well be as good as, or better even, but they had won an innovation/design award from polartec for how they used powerdry in the smoulder and then went and changed it – odd!

    i have to admit that the alpine pull-on over vapour-rise lite was a too lazy/cold to remove my coat moment having gone through that palaver already for the rab ps and oryx in the changing rooms. paramo without the old man vibe and shaplessness!

    i am finding that a vr lite, despite not being especially fitted, does layer under pretty much anything and is so breathable. undoubtably pertex equilibrium is a major factor in my inexorable(?) slide towards buying a rab alpine pull-on. much as i love my prism – we’re pretty much wedded and welded together at the moment – i can see a powerdry and alpine pull-on combo will provide excellent service.

    btw, i could never get away with powerstretch (or any other) leggings. i went running with my sister once in my ron hill tracksters. max wall was mentioned.


  36. Good fabric on the R1 as well, had some Karrimor samples in the same stuff a while back.

    Mail orde is great if you know what fits, but it’s a pain if you do have to return stuff, time consuming as well.

    There’ll be sales coming up though, and I reckon all sorts of beat-the-VAT increase promotions, you’ll get sorted at reasonable expense I dare say!

    Wummin look great in Powerstretch, guys are just all the wrong shape, or shapes.

  37. anyone have an opinion on the berghaus riot iv jacket…fits well, is on sale, but berghaus doesnt get much attention here, or too many kudos…thanks in advance…

  38. Erex, don’t know that model, but I’ve been impressed with the Berghaus test kit.

    Phil, you have returned. My phone is off, and I have been horizontal since Christmas Day. See you soon.

  39. Hey Petesy,

    Happy New Year!

    As the person probably most knowledgeable about Haglofs kit who doesn’t actually work for them, can I pick your brains regarding comparisons between the Rand and Omni pants? I thought I’d been lucky enough to find a pair of Omni in a long leg size for £99 and promptly ordered them, only to later get an email saying the last pair had been sold and no more in stock – but I believe they have the Rand in same size at same price…… no leg venting from what I can see but what else is different? Have you come across these on your various trips to the magic Haglofs shed?? Welcome your thoughts! Cheers,

  40. Happy New Year back at you!

    When I was ordering my winter test kit the Rands were on the shortlist (it was the Col’s that appeared).
    I liked the look of them, they’re a little lighter than the Omni as some of the fabric is a lighter weight of Flexable. They keep the inner gaiters (I think), the thigh pocket, crampons kick patches and the braces (which are brilliant I think). You lose the vents, the low-profile zips and the tougher fabric all-round.
    They thing is they’re both designed as ski-pants, but they’re perfect general winter mountain pants.

    I think if you can live without the thigh vents (only you know how hot your legs are!!) you should be okay. Seeing the samples I would have been happy enough to take a test pair.

  41. Cheers for the speedy reply Pete. I’m in two minds about the Rands as I’m unsure as to quite how less durable and less weather resistant they might turn out to be. I don’t want to end up buying a pair of winter troos that might be little better than wearing my summer ones!

    Amazingly, having gone through the entire list of Haglofs UK stockists from their website, nobody in the UK currently appears to have any stock of Omni other than in size small or where there is no choice as to leg length. I may contact Haglofs directly to see if they can offer any remedy and in the meantime will just have to wait the upcoming Trail review of winter trousers to see if they can suggest any viable alternatives, though the Haglofs were top of my list features-wise.

    Hey ho :(

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