Haglöfs Winter 2010/11

Gus was dismayed, the first thing i did was take and orange top off the rack and try it on.
What we’ve got here is the wonders of the shed once again, it’s my personal highlights from the Haglöfs winter 2010/2011 collection.

Haglöfs are moving forward with sustainable production, and the kit we see below has some big steps forward. The baselayers are 100% recycled fabric, midlayers are 100% recycled fabric, as are the Shield windproofs. the Proof shell fabric and even some pack fabrics as well. More products are carrying Bluesign stamps and the DWR treatments continued the move to environmentally friendly options (and without any apparent loss of performance, I’ve been testing a Proof jacket with Hydrocarbon DWR since last winter, review soon).
A lot of brands shout about this stuff, and make mileage out of it, Haglöfs pull in in the trade bumff and nobody really knows about it.
Another one that’s been simmering away but has never made into the public consciousness like mulesing in merino production, or BPA in polycarbonate, is down production, and the plucking of live birds. Haglöfs and a few others have bent over backwards to ensure that their ranges will be up to scratch and cruelty free and nobody seems interested. Are geese not as cute as sheep or something?
Since I’ve been involved with innov_ex this stuff has become increasingly relevant, it’s good to know what’s happening beyond the price tag hanging from a zip-pull in a shop.


Above we have a mix of the new Actives baselayers and the new smaller packaging. The whole range is revamped, the fit has been tweaked, the colours are new and the fabric is a new smoother recycled Dryskin.
Whatever your monitor says, it’s not budgie green your seeing on the stitching lines.

Haglöfs are bringing a lot of new insulation models out next winter, and it was these that really caught my attention.
I’m wearing a Bivvy Down Jacket below, 440g with insulated (inside and out) pockets, trim fit with 200g of 650-fill goose down. I liked this a lot, it packs to nothing and the recycled Performac fabric is a proven performer. The news is that the shops like this one, so we’ll be seeing it on the racks late next autumn. Wummins version too, like all the kit here.

Above I’m wearing the Belay Down Hood, a 825g box-wall constructed monster. In some ways it replaces the current LIM Down Hood (the LIM clothing is all dead by the way, if you want it, buy it now) as a badass, but still packable and usable super-insulator. Good detailing, great fit, inner pockets, proper hood. And it comes in orange…

Below we have the replacement for the fantastic LIM Barrier pull-on. It’s got the same cut and features but now sports Thermolite Micro 60g fill inside instead of the Primaloft in the current LIM version. It’s coming in at 370g now and it’s in that green and plain black too.
The other Barrier stuff remains, Hood, Jacket and Vest, the Knee Pants make a comeback too.

Above and below are some really interesting new pieces, these are insulated shells.
Above I’m wearing a Nevluk, it has a Gore-Tex Performance Shell outer with Primaloft 133g (body) and 100g (arms/hood) fill, multiple pockets, proper protective hood, adjustable cuffs and comes in at 835g.
Also on the wall behind are the other colourways and the Pirtuk to the left. It’s looks similar to the Nevluk but has a 170/133 Primaloft fill, pit-zips, snow skirt, sleeve pocket and is is intended as mountain ski-wear.
Below is the 750g Ganuk, same insulation as the Nevluk, but with a Windstopper outer and different pocket arrangement.
These jackets really impressed me, the fit and features are spot on for wearing in cold, wet weather (Scottish weather then?). The Nevluk and Ganuk are still light enough for carrying as rest stop and camp wear (the Pirtuk is a hefty 1100g), and shelled insulation is warmer for the extra weight. I remember my old Gore-Tex synthetic affair from ME. Ah the blue.. the purple…

Gus looks very special there in the Borea Down Parka.  A super featured, super warm “I live much further north that you do” bit of kit, again in that Verdigris green that’s through the range.

I’m a big fan of hats, and colours, so next winters accessories gave me no end of opportunities to grin.
The Map Beanie above is a merino/acrylic mix and is properly reversible, the Fanatic Cap below is a Powerstretch wonder which I’ve worn in the black version for a while. The hat kaleidoscope is a couple of shots below.

You’ll notice the balaclavas below as modelled by Charlies Angles (no typo…) are stalwarts from the range, but they now lack to traditional orange stitching that has been so familiar across the whole range.
With so much other colour madness going on they’ve decided to keep the accessories more neutral. Sad but understandable.

Above are the Link II Gloves, Primaloft insulated, waterproof mountain gloves. The palms are Pittards leather, and when worn they feel pretty dexterous, there’s adjustment at the cuff and wrist.
Below are the updates to my current favourites, the Helix II Gloves. Same spec at the Links, but lighter, more minimal and more dexterous. From my experience, these will be a great UK winter glove.
Both models come in mitt form too for super finger comfiness.

Joycee and I have used the Corker as seen above, every day for two years, stuffed ’til the seams were grinning with everything Holly could need from clothes, nappies, food and all the rest. It’s tough, usuable, comfortable and now available in two-tone purple.

Above we have the Vertigo GT’s new colour range. I personally like the mix of different colours on each foot…
Below is the update to the Trail Mid. It has a softer ankle and a little more flex, looks nice too I think. I’ll have an update on the originals during the holidays.
Also, it’ll be available in UK half-sizes, something that will be creeping across the Haglöfs footwear range.

Softshell is big part of the range as always, with the likes of the Turbine, Fang and Jaw covering the full winter protection end of the scale, the Reptile II Hood on the wall above carries on it’s very usable format with an improved Polartec Powershield.
I’m wearing the Reptile Jacket, also in the same new Powershield, which is a bit more minamalist with no hood and jusy those two napoleon pockets (easy to get to when wearing a shell?).
Below is a wee selection of the softshell pants, Cols, Rands, Turbines and Sutas. Always a strong part of the range, good to see tinkering has been limited to general fit and mobility improvements rather than starting from scratch and ruining everything.

At the very top of this post I’m wearing a Stem Top in orange, new for this season. It’s a simple pull-on in stretch Dryskin. It was a good fit on me, as was the new Juniper Top which replaces the Single, the fit has been altered so that people with arms and shoulders will now be able to wear one, and when it comes in at 245g and £50 is looks like a no-brainer.
But more joy was to be found below. They killed the Triton, they killed the Gemini which had a btter hood but have they redeemed them selves with the Juniper Hood?
The fit was perfect on me, the hood was the same as the Gemini, there’s perfect body movement, the wee handwarmer pockets will be a subject of debate no doubt, but I’m very glad to see this in the range.
The wummins comes in two-tone purple…

What we have below are the members of the Yoyo family. It’s a more relaxed range, vest, hood, jacket, zip-hood for dare I say, cool weather lifestyle use as well as less technical stuff?
It feels and look good, but I was annoyed that only the wummins vest has a hood. Ach.

The Spitz continues, new colours, same slim-fit performance. But below, we have something that’s all ours, the Ozone.
With the LIM clothing being canned, the LIM Ozone which I tested and found to be pretty damn good has a had a little makeover and will be a UK exclusive next winter, in mens and wummins fit. The changes are a wired hood (which I’m messing with below), aslightly tougher Pro-Shell fabric and the die-cut pocket linings are gone as folk were bitching about them for some reason.
It felt good on, and the tweaked hood will be a winner.

I don’t look at 2-Layer stuff much, but those colours have to be admired, nice to see yellow back as seen on the Riot IIs above. Haglöfs still use the same detailing on the less technical kit like this, the only real difference is maybe a more generous fit for other layers and a less conspicuous look when heading down Ambleside High Street.
Talking of which, the Route in 2-Layer Gore-Tex Performance Shell below looks like your archetypical British hillwalking jacket. It comes in at 660g for a large which is absolutely fine, but it’s built to last, comes in his ‘n’ hers (see them holding hands there) and won’t make you look like a mountaineer on his day off.

Above is the Glade Jacket in Haglöfs own Proof fabric. It’s soft, comfortable has a huge amount of internal and external storage space. It’s meaty at 730, but as a general purpose jacket it’d be great. As I’ve used more “own brand” fabrics over the past couple of years I’ve learned to look past the logo and just look at the results.
But back to the might Gore Tex logo and the new Cirque Jacket, or as they’re saying when the nobody in Sweden is listening “The Scottish Spitz”.
This is an evolution form the Crux of a couple of years ago (I have one, brilliant jacket), through the disappointing Creva of this winter and it looks about right this time.
It’s long, has added face protection, is cut to allow layering, there’s four decent sized chest pockets, it even has subtle zips (!!!), is fully wintertastic and comes in at only 605g for a large.
As you can see, that hood is exactly where you’re head wants to be in a blizzard.

The shed was a joy as always, and the patience, understanding and hospitality found in the shed knows no end.
I was genuinely taken with a lot of the new kit, they’ve been thinking over there in Sweden. I just hope the store buyers who view the range are thinking too and we get to see the kit in the shops.


50 thoughts on “Haglöfs Winter 2010/11”

  1. Wow! Lots to think about. Yes to a lot of it, maybe to some of it and if you want to dress like a pack of Refreshers it’s now completely within anyone’s grasp!

    Glad the Barrier pull-over remains and will be interested to see the troos (weight?) I think I qualify for the Borea Down Parka too!

    Lovely, lovely hats!

  2. Crivvens! as you might say. What an epic gear stash! And lots of pretty colours, but are they a bit too bright. Hmmm. Good prices I guess too – ie lots of money, look and feel the quality/etc. Hmmm. Contrasting zip colours really wind me up, why for goodness sake can’t they be the same colour as the jacket? I like stuff that ‘just works’ and doesn’t make me stand out like a Belisha Beacon on the hill! – maybe I’m just odd like that. Purple yes. Orange, yeah maybe, I’ll have to see it in the flesh really. That green tho…
    Ah well. They aren’t looking to empty my wallet I guess.

  3. Now I wonder how much it would take to open up a small independant gear shop cos I doubt we’ll even get a chance to buy half of it from the usual places. Such a shame. Some people have no imagination or guts to stock/buy these colours. One or two colours, maybe but certainly not all.

    But man are they no half some of the best looking bits of stuff eh? Let’s salute the Haglofs people for this. Not a dull boring colour in sight-yes!!! I’ll have a bright yellow jacket, those delicious green trousers, a purple hat, and a White base layer with that great green detail stitching. How do you like them apples?…

  4. There is a lot there right enough, I try to get up all the stuff I like!

    Now, prices. I have a pricelist and some stuff is down, some is up and some is the same. Hopefully that’s everything stabilising a bit.

    Colours? The shops are buying the colours, oh yes…

  5. Bugger I just bought the fanatic in the black/grey if i knew it was coming out in orange id have hung on lol!

    some nice bright looking kit and some excellent idea by the sounds of it!

  6. Genuinely impressive to see them doing so much with recycled products. And bringing back something quite so quirky as the barrier knee pants :)

  7. Did an article on the environmental performance of outdoor manufacturers back in september, Haglöfs did very well and I have been in contact with their Chief Sustainable Officer, and got plenty of good infos from him. Haglöfs is on top of their game when it comes to sustainability.

    Love the colours, and looks like very much nice new shiny kit. Haglöfs know their stuff, not without any reason I own plenty of their products since nearly ten years. Great fit, great ideas, great materials.

  8. So much stuff there I don’t think I really took it all in. It’s easy to just skim once you reckon there aren’t really any gaps in your wardrobe… :(

    I did perk up at the use of Pittard leather in those gloves though – I’ve been massively impressed with my Pearl Izumi Pittard cycling gloves, so much so that I’ve decided the way forward for winter mountain warmth and grip is to buy whatever thermal gloves I fancy – Powerstretch, Extremities Thickies, etc. – and then stick an XL pair of the fingerless cycling Pittards over the top. Hoping it’ll be comfy, versatile, effective, and cost-effective too :)

  9. I wonder if anyone else would do something like the Glade jacket? Its clearly the result of someone sitting down to work out how best to design a (semi) casual waterproof rather than a lazy attempt to cash in. Like the (very nice) Corker. Refreshing :)

  10. Hey Folks

    Top marks for clocking the Sabbath t-shirt in the middle of that Richard :o)

    Soularch, Thermolite is probably a little heavier and bulkier-packing than Primaloft.
    Primaloft is supposed to be the best performing sythetic insulation, but also has a reputation for being the most fragile over long term use.
    It’s like eVent versus Gore-Tex, I’d go for fit and features first.

    I’ll maybe sort some of the typos out with the next cuppa…

  11. Once again Johnny foreigner leads the way, on the ethical front. Nice one Haglofs. I didn’t know you cared.

    Not all is lost though. Boghaus are telling the world they now use recycled cardbord boxes wow!

  12. Missed the mighty shed visit again !
    You should have told me and I would of cancelled the Oz trip !
    Did you manage to rob a pair of the new Helix gloves for winter testing ?

  13. sbrt, looking at the state of the crappy old 3rd hand boxes that I get sent test kit in, Berghaus are definitely taking up the rear with that stunning piece of news.

    I’ll keep my old Helix gloves thanks Phil, they make me look like a stormtrooper.

    That’s Star Wars folks, nor Wehrmacht, they’re black and white…

  14. Hi PTC*,

    New gear looks fantastic, but some of the colours look a little too 1990’s Benetton for my taste.

    What will happen to the LIM rucksacks?

  15. Aye, Benetton didn’t know the meaning of the word “restraint” :o)

    The LIM packs are still in the range for the season above, but they’re getting arevamp for Summer 2011.
    It’s just the clothing that’s canned, which is a real shame, and the LIM insulation sold very well too.

  16. Cheers, I’ve just bought a LIM down vest to add to my ever growing Graphite and Yellow wardrobe.

    Well if Santa doesn’t get me the LIM pack, I’ll have to get one in the new year before they all sell out.

    I love the turquoise colour of the Ganuk, hopefully they will offer this colour on the Juniper Hood and the orange Nevluk looks class.

  17. Kiff, you’re in luck. The Juniper Hood comkes in Oxide Green(same as the Ganuk)/Verdigris, Meso Blue/ Abyss Blue (as in the Photie), Deep Red/Mellow Red and Charcoal/Black. The girls get it in the same red and black combo’s but also i9n Off White/Ivory and most annoyingly Flash Lilac/Lilac Blaze, which is fancy talk for two-tone purple.

    LIM down vest? Alright!

  18. have you lost weight, pete?

    also, re haglofs pants, are the knee articulation points around your knee area? i’ve found with montane pants that the knee articulation totally misses my knee area, so whenever i bend my knee, there’s the annoying constriction. but it could also mean i have misplaced knees…

  19. The Haglofs knees line up well for me, their waterproofs pants too.
    Patagonia and Mammut work well for me too, but Montane trouser fit isn’t so good for me. I’ve had a pair on test this year but they never got as much use as planned as I was forever trying to get them to sit right.
    I just can’t be UK shaped, Mountain Equipment pants don’t fit me either.

    Er aye, I’ve been trying to get back down to my proper slim-line look after two years of convenience food and snacking. Getting there!

  20. Well I tried it out unofficially (Santa hasn’t delivered it yet, ;-) ) late last night in the snow and it was ace. Lofts like it has some sort of internal pressure and was very warm straightaway.

    I was thinking of getting the PHD Ultra, but having trawled through all your old blogs the LIM best suited my requirements.

    Thanks again, it’s great to get an experts advice/point of view. It saved me buying some cr*p from Blacks, sorry TNF. I buy online from some great people in the Lakes as we don’t have a good stockist in North Yorkshire.

  21. do you know of any pants that wear more around the hips than the waist? inorder for my knees to line up with the articulation on the montane pants, have to yank them quite high – a very unflattering look.

  22. Graghopper have some nice walking trouser, but not as cool as the Haglofs kit.

    I’m currently using a pair of Kiwi cargo pants, which are worth a try. They have a more traditional trouser cut at the knee.

    Up to 50% off sale is on, have a look online.

  23. The LIM down kit is very fat Kiff, but luckily packable because Nuptse vest is as fat but crammed full of feathers as well as down, so doesn’t pack as well, I know this from experience :o)

    The Patagonia pants I’m wearing right now (I’ve been out in the snow) are very high waisted, good for keeping the kidneys warm? Rohan are a big offender for making high waisted stuff.

    I must say most of the Haglofs stuff I’ve got is low waisted, some on the verge of being hipster in fact. Which is either brilliant or horrendous with a rucksack hipbelt depending on your shape.

    TK Maxx is a great bet for reasonably priced Craghoppers pants too.
    Fit is everything, high price and fancy logo are no guarantee of happiness!

  24. Loving all of Haglofs gear but the best bit of kit on display was the Sabbath shirt. Do they do a merino version?

  25. Now, Pete… We know you got a pair of Gryms for testing… Have you given them a twirl on the hills yet?? If I recall, they’re going to hit the shelves in February? Not sure which UK stockist is planning to have them, but although they look a bit too high on the ankle, the weight is tempting… It’d be good to have the benefit of the considered opinion of The Purple Kit Master before too long… Not putting pressure or anything, you understand…

  26. Funny you should bring this up…

    I’ve been bumming around in them, but no big hills yet. I’m actually debating whether to take the Gryms or the LaSportivas out on the next trip. I was sitting playing with crampons on both pairs the other night.
    I’ve have something to say about the Gryms over the next couple of weeks anyway.

  27. Good lad, ta in advance. Where would we be without you (probably in the Barbados, with all the money we’d have saved on kit… But of course: we’d also be grin-less, perish the thought…)

  28. Hi. The Ganuk looks graat. Did you get a feel for what sort of windstopper fabric is used? Was it softshell or something else? I’m in the market for an insulated, light, softshell, and was looking at the Haglofs Barrier WS hood (have you used it? i’m not sure how the WS fabric – active shell – holds up?) but then i saw the 2010 range…

  29. The Ganuk has the same fabric as the Barrier WS. I think the fabric works well as an insulation outer, breathability is maybe less important compared to wind and weather resistance?
    I can vouch for the design of the Barrier Hood, I’ve had one for years, but the new models look magic!

  30. What are those orange pants you are wearing in the last picture???

    Are they the same orange as the orange Cirque jacket you are wearing?

    Man it would really kick ass if i could get those 2 as a set for next season!!
    Haglöfs har always been very boring with their pants, and never really offered any sets!

    But it would be sick if they are indeed a set as it looks =)

  31. The Cirque is down as “Orange Rush/Sunset”, and those pants are the Atom Bibs which are down as “Sunset”.
    Both are Gore-Tex 3-layer Proshell, so it looks like a perfect match :o)

  32. Awsome! 3-Layer gort-tex, yes!

    Also, is the top part of the pants that goes up on the chest removable?

    Is the colouir comming back?
    Sorry for the many questons

  33. Not sure if the chest part was removable, I’ll have a look when I’m at the showroom next time.
    Colouir that was the hooded softshell? It’s not in the workbooks, but there’s a lot of new softshell coming through.

  34. But will there only be two 3.layer goretex jacket’s this winter then?
    (cirque and spitz) or is it another one?

  35. There are a more, they’re in the winter preview which is on here somewhere! One is an undate of the LIM Ozone.
    But, the Haglofs website should be getting updated soon and we’ll see what’s definitely going into the shops.

  36. ‘What we have below are the members of the Yoyo family. It’s a more relaxed range’

    How relaxed is the fit of the Yoyo zip hood?

    I want something I can use everyday that isnt too technical, had my eye on the Juniper zip hood until I saw the whole range was two tone colours…


  37. I remember thinking I would get a beanie or cap undereneath the hoody easy. Not baggy but not form fitting on my size 59 napper if you know what I mean?

  38. Alright mate?

    Whats your thoughts on the Bivvy down jacket? Would it compare well to say an Alpine ultra or even a Yukon from PHD?

    I’m looking for something warm but packable as I’m pushing way past the limits of my PHD Ultra pullover all too often now. I’m fed up supplementing it as I reckon I’m getting to the point where if I put more layers on I stop the down lofting.

    I’m looking for something to operate well down to about -10 to -15 degs I reckon.

  39. Funny you should mention this, I was trying on the 2011/12 new colours today!

    I like the Bivvy, it’s a neat fit and that helps with instant insulation as well. Hard to say how warm it’ll be though. If you want to guarantee warmer I think you’ll have to look amore badass box-wall baffled down. Which is all the money of copurse.

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