Haglöfs Trail 2 Mid GTX

Winter’s come, the snow has fell. Wee Josie’s nose is froze as well, Wee Josie’s frozen nose is frozen skintit, Winter’s diabolic intit?
Bud Neill

This is not the time to have wet feet, so out come the waterproof mids and the lightweight boots. Haglöfs Trail 2 Mids are in between the two, being a robust mid with quite a stiff flex.
There’s a reasonably aggressive Vibram sole which I think will work well in winter (in fact, Kahtoola crampons fit them well) and there;s a Gore-Tex liner to keep out the nasty dampness.
The upper is mostly one piece of leather with some reinforcing and some stitched detailing for abrasion resistance and also to keep the upper in shape as it wears in, as it’s pre-empting flex creases.

I’ve worn them just briefly a couple of times and and they’re quite roomy which will suit me fine with winter socks. The flex is unusual feeling as I’ve been in bendy shoes for months, but it’ll be trouble free I’m sure.
Inside are the Sole insoles as now featured in all Haglöfs footwear, and although a topic of much discussion and opinion, I’ve been wearing a mid/regular set of Sole’s in my work boots almost every day for months and I have to say I like them a lot.
The Trail 2’s are currently sitting by the door in the “lift as I leave” pile, so we’ll be seeing them doing stuff shortly.

22 thoughts on “Haglöfs Trail 2 Mid GTX”

  1. These look interesting so I wait with baited breath to see what you think of them.

    I loved my Keen Targee Mids last winter but for some reason my first outing in them led to extreme pain on the balls of my feet – very strange. Now I am perplexed as to what to wear for these wet and potentially wintery days out.

    Are Tiso likely to be stocking them?

  2. Tiso has gone Haglofs crazy this winter by the looks of things, so it’s worth a look.

    I’m probably back into waterproof footwear for good now, so I’ll have something soon. Phil’s got a pair of these, so he’s got an idea what they’re like as well.

  3. Good to know.

    I’ll be giving the Keens another go on the next outing and just hope the problem is down to not using them for ages otherwise I will seriously need to rethink my footware

  4. Feet have to be perfect, all my misery over the years has been down to footwear. Never again, I like my Compeeds being out of date.

    Aye, get sortit misses.

  5. Tiso aren’t ranging these but will have the new Crag Hi GT from the spring (they are more like a mid).

    I’ll have a dig and see if anyone has taken these into stock, if not easy enough to order them through one of the stockists; Escape Route have a decent range of the footwear as well.


  6. Those Crag Hi’s were nice too, almost like an baseball boot for the hills.
    Please tell me they didn’t order graphite or whaetever the unappealing colour was?

  7. I like them !
    I wear them just about every day to work now due to the change in the weather.
    They feel a little hard and stiff on the feet at first but once you break them in a bit they are great.
    Crag Hi’s MMMMMM !
    I am going to jump across and have a look

  8. I seen them today and there was a green pair, very nice.
    I also seen the Vertigo Hi GT which looks better for winter, just a shame they dont come in green.
    Gus said that the samples are slightly different from the production model which has a few tweaks to make them better !
    MMMM ! them or the Gandalfs ????????? or the Growlers ???????

  9. Tiso has gone Haglofs crazy this winter by the looks of things, so it’s worth a look. Their prices are seriously expensive, better deals to be had if you shop about me thinks.
    I used this place and they will order stuff for you, if it doesn’t fit send it back, no probs. Got a barrier jacket with other stuff and for that it worked out about fifty odd quid. They primarily do military orientated gear but are happy to help. P.S i have nish to do wi em by the way, just trying to keep money in OUR pockets.


  10. Interesting link coops, it shows you how much Haglofs gear is applicable to the forces with a bit of clever colour choice.

    On a similarly left-field slant, I’ve been wearing a Haglofs budget jacket, the Foss to work for months now and it’s been outstanding. It came in too late for testing last winter, but it’s had a hard life anyway.
    I’ll do an update of that soon too.

  11. Haglofs seem to do some great products across the board in comparison to other manufacturers where a few items may take your fancy, but they are a bit dearer, unless a deal can be struck that is. I could purchase a lot of their kit just for everyday use, but i shall resist.

  12. Most kit that comes in spends time with me at work, it’s the best way to test outlandish claims regarding tough fabric and freedom of movememnt.
    I haven’t had any failures yet, but it’s not from lack of trying :o)

  13. I got a pair of the Haglofs Trail 2 shoes (not the mids) earlier this year and to be honest didn’t quite know what to make of them to begin with. It is a bit of an adjustment after normal trail shoes – they are higher off the ground and more boot like.

    However, I’ve been using them a lot over the last month or so in some quite wet and boggy conditions and once a few adjustments were made to sort a fit issue, they have proved to be very good – ideal for the colder and wetter months of the year. They provide good cushioning (seem to be better than Keen Targhees for example), and I like the all-leather upper. Hopefully this works better with the Goretex: with a fabric upper surely the membrane easily gets saturated and dirty and so has difficulty breathing; the leather provides an outer layer of semi-waterpoofness and this must help too when the membrane fails (as I’m sure it will). The grip is OK, but not so good on wet rock: I was expecting a bit more, but they are no worse than Keen Targhees.

    In retrospect, I’d probably buy the mids rather than lows, since the style probably better suits the footwear.

    It is still quite difficult to get these in the UK. Fell and Mountain stock them, as do one or two other stores. I actually bought mine from a Swedish online retailer – Route 62.

    The search for the perfect footwear continues – nothing seems to combine all the best features. Salomon XA pro 3D shassis and fit, the Haglofs Trail 2 uppers, and Inov8 Roclite sole, and mid style would be ideal, but it is just not going to happen…

  14. Good info there.

    It’s true what you say about nothing being perfect, cut and paste will always get you your perfect shoe.

    I’m just back from seeing Inov8 and they’ve got some new kit for next year that will give us some more super-lightweight mid-height options. Again, it won’t be for everyone.

  15. I like the Inov8 stuff – the lightness and grip is a revelation. However, so is the heel-shredding capabilities on my feet (even when using the steaming trick with the heel cup). I’ll regret asking, but is the heel cup the same shape on all models (I have the Roclite 295s)?

  16. I’ve found all Inov-8’s to be a differenr fit!
    Best idea is to try lots of different models on.
    The Roclite 315’s shredded my heels, but the other have been fine.
    Luck of the draw :o)

  17. Interesting. Thats a tricky one, as the heels felt fine intially, and it was only after some use that the problem emerged. Trial and error could be expensive!

  18. Aye, it was worse for me in boots. The pain.. the expense…
    I get on better in trail shoes, I’ve had much fewer issues all round.
    Feet are so difficult to get right.

  19. Strange you mention the heels on the 315’s as that is where mine wore out inside the shoes first and then the rubbing began. Did consider patching em up with strappal tape but the soles a bit slick now, so into the bin they’ve gone.

  20. Aye, you can see the repair coming apart 20 miles from the car and stuffing your sock full of wet grass or something to take away the pain.
    Race shoes are a bit like a motor racing tyre, it comes off at the pitstop when it’s part-worn and it goes in a skip.

    There’s a debate all on its own!

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