Haglöfs Rugged Mountain Pants review update

I’ve now worn these a lot since my first look at them. I wore them through winter where they shed snow and sleet, on walks in the park with the girls, I’ve slept in them a dozen times and I’m now going to try and to make them work in the height of summer regardless of the thickness of the fabric. They were the first thing on the pile of kit to go down to the Lakes for the Trail thing last month. Put simply, they are my favourite mountain pants.

The fit is perfect on me, the pockets easy to reach and use (A Camelbak bottle fits in the thigh one), leg movement is unrestricted and despite their sturdy nature the pants are unobtrusive to the wearer. The outer fabric remains unblemished despite numerous close calls with rocks, trees and frequent use of the arse crampon. There are a handful of catches on the stretch panels on the inside, but these appear to be single fibres and haven’t spread or gotten worse.

The leg vents are fantastic, it’s a much better solution than zip off legs I think. One feature that’s gone unused is the ankle adjustment. The wee buckles annoyed me so I ignored them, and as it turned out I didn’t need them as the lower legs aren’t exactly boot cut and the cuffs don’t lift with a high step up, exposing your…ah I was going to say boot-top there, but you know what I mean. The DWR is effective as well, they dry quick when they do get wet and are comfortable across a wide range of temperatures. Windproof and warm enough on the move in winter, but still usable in warm weather. The build quality and detailing are oustanding.

Hardly a dispassionate account, but they are that good. Worth the money? Without a doubt.

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  1. That fine garment is a Rab Neutrino Endurance in either sunrise or sunset orange. Great bit of kit, I wore it a lot over the winter. Slept in it a few times as well. Light and plenty warm and a proper hood.
    They’re going cheap on ebay just now as it’s out of season.

  2. Leg vents are good, I use Montane Terra pants and the vents on them work great, only issue I have with them is there thin and a bit cold in the winter so the Haglofs look a good winter pant and ill try a pair on and see if im tempted to part with the cash.

  3. I used to wear Terras all the time, the legs vents are a great feature and the fabric is great. As I’ve er, filled out more, I appreciate the stretch on the Ruggeds these days. Pockets are handy as well.
    Montane have got a new version of the Terra Stretch’s out now Equilibriums is it? I’ll need to have a look at those.

  4. Maybe you could convince them to have longer legs and different waist sizes. I need to get the XL for leg length but have to tighten the belt like hell on the waist. The leg is just long enough for me 6’2 frame

    do like the Terras though,

  5. Aye, I think it’s Mammut who’ve always had a size that’ll fit everybody. Their pants had several leg lengths and a crazy amount of waist sizes, male and female.
    Of course Cotswols only ever has “S” and “XXL”.

  6. Pity they don’t do the Rugged Mountain series in a girly fit. Suppose they think we don’t go up mountains. Pah.

  7. :-) the hard life of a gear tester eh!

    It’s not that I mind buying “mens” trousers it’s the having some available in womens sizes and fit but not all. When it’s the top-of-the-range one it grates, like they have made a conscious decision not to make it in womens fit/sizing.

    Oh well. Now if you can just manage to snaffle a pair of those nice dark alga green coloured Rugged Mountain pants in small or medium I’ll shut up whinging… for a bit!

    They are rather good. I wore mine going up the Corbett on Mull in blazing sunshine, and in the pouring rain on Ben More, I was neither too hot thanks to the vents, or cold and wet.

  8. Sorry, all the samples are size large. Oh, that’s my size :o)

    It’s odd that The Rugged Mountains don’t come in ladies “Q” sizes. Haglofs make almost all of their kit in male and female sizes.

    Still girls get all the good colours. Purple for example…

  9. Ach, I’ve just found out there is a Haglof store down the road from me. Bang goes the weekend. And the paycheque. I’m sure I can survive on tofu and beansprouts this month..

    They only seem to have the Rugged Fjell though. They look like the Rugged Mountain, but reinforced on the thighs too. Does that sound right?

  10. Purple…. yersss well. I like purple as long as it’s deep almost black. It’ll be £$%^&*( pink next! Most of my clothes are black, green, or some flavour of cammo. Except for my walking gear which because the tops were all sale items are red, sky blue and grey usually in two tones. Grey is not so bad. but the others… pah! Maybe I’m the sort of ‘lady’ they aren’t going to want to target!

    i-cjw.com: the Rugged Fjell look very different, a bit odd, IMHO. Probably a very good pant in it’s own right… but I like the Rugged Mountain’s.

    Right, up early, things to do, people to see.

  11. Just had a look at the Rugged Fjell pants. They do look quite badass.
    No stretch panels and no thigh vents seem to be the biggest differences. If they fit you and you get a full range of movement they’ll be a killer pant I’d think. I’ve got the old Nansen Fjell pants which are the forerunner and they’re great, I’m just not as mobile in them without the stretch.

    There’s Mid and Lite stretch panel pants as well. I’ve had the Mid Flex’s on test as well and they’re good, just not stunning like the Rugged Mountains. Update on those coming soon.

  12. I’m no’ sure what the temp was on the walk in last w/e but it must’ve been at least in the high teens. I thought the RMPs might’ve been too warm but I undid the vents and promptly forgot about them. The Boy did the same with the Terras. As you can from the photies, not a beetroot coupon in sight. Marvellous :o)

  13. So, I found the Rugged Fjells (actually, the Raggedo Fajerus in Japan..). The blue ones are rather dashing in fact. I’m not sure what the fit is like, as they only had size XS. I guess this means I’m back to ordering off the internet, in which case I think I’ll go for the RMPs instead. Anyway, a great recommendation, thanks!

  14. And for Beth and others who have enquired, there are no womens specific Rugged Mountain Pants because nobody wanted them. There were no orders forthcoming so Haglofs canned them.

  15. What’s the waist fit like on Haglofs? I really hate high waist pants. ‘He’s got dads pants in the middle of his roll’ :)

    Unfortunately there are no shops near me that stock good gear to try stuff on, really tempted to get these or the mid flex.

  16. All the Haglofs pants I’ve got are quite low cut at the waist. I like that as they feel like my regular jeans and combats. I think it might be because they’ve been designed by women, functional and they have to look good too.
    I’ve been meaning to an update on the Mid Flex pants for ages The fit and freedom of movement is as good as the Ruggeds, but I miss their big leg pockets and vents of the Ruggeds. Still far better than most other folks mountain pants though.

    High waisted pants makes me think of Rohan, if you accidentally left the fly open on a pair folk could see your naval…

  17. Hi all,

    Yup I’m afraid the shops just didn’t support the girls version (again). It really is bloody infuriating that stores won’t put top end womens gear into stock and that jut results in items not making it to production.
    Rugged Mountain Pant, Mid Flex Pant, Mid Fjell Pant and Lite Split Pants all come with Short, Regular and long options which some of the stores carry in stock and some can special order.
    Most of the Scottish retailers carry the RMP in stock year round. More stock due into Haglofs end August.


  18. Being a recent graduate in environmental science, and budding ecologist, I love fieldwork, and have learned early on that one of the things key to miserable weather & conditions not making it a miserable day is having the proper kit for the job.

    I have to say thank you for this excellent site with excellent reviews, being a novice to outdoor walking (Where I live there aren’t any mountains for miles and miles!) I both lack the experience in knowing the kit, as well as finding a supplier!

    These pants sound ideal for the more intense fieldwork and work in colder/wetter times. The problems are finding somewhere in the UK that actually sells them, and the few that do don’t do my tiny (30″) waist!

    I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a supplier that might actually stock hobbit sized haglofs pants?!?!

  19. Hi there, and thanks :o)

    There’s a few of us use the Ruggeds most of the time. Today one us us had them on with crampons and they took the bumsliding on the snow very well, great pants. They work with a set on longjons underneath.

    Where to buy? Folk that I know have or have had them (also they’re a winter stock item, so you can order them) are The Climbers Shop, Escape Route, Craigdon (not on their site, phone them) and Fastandlight.
    If I think of anyone else I’ll add it on below.

  20. Im sitting in a pair that just arrived, they are very nice. My onlu complaint is the lack of belt but I’ll steal the one from my Terras.

    I’ll probably wear the Terras when its really warm or maybe look at some of Haglofs lighter breeks.

  21. Olive with black knees, it was all they had. I’d prefer all black but at least I look like I’m a serious outdoorsman now….

  22. It’ll more tenacious as you get older.
    You couldn’t persuade mine off my face with a Texan Bar held at arms length these days.

  23. Vital kit – my wife maintains it’s the flecks of grey that complete the ‘serious and experienced’ look!

  24. “Those leg vents let you away with wearing thm in some hotness.”

    Aye, they vents work well. I wore mine on a hot couple of days back in June, last year. Photographic evidence available on me blog for the doubters :o)

  25. I have been witness to that Kev. I like that colour you’ve got, they discontinued it which is a bugger.

    Grey in a beard? It’s like racing stripes that is!

  26. Well finally I have gotten around to getting a pair…or pairs!

    My problem is I’m pretty slim, with about a 29″ waist (not 30″ as previously stated!) and my legs are maybe a little shorter than average.

    I first got a pair of extra smalls. Leg length was perfect, but the upper areas were a little tight, no belt needed. It was bearable unless I was bending double, and then I was glad of the stretchy black fabric! Also the tightness made it look like I was trying to bring back some 70’s fashion or something!

    Due to that, I then tried the Mediums, and these looked like clown pants on me.

    So I’m now trying to decide whether the smalls are for me. Fit wise they’re a little baggy, but the baggyness is a lot more comfortable than the (practical) tight fit of the extra small size! Only problem is the leg length! The buckles seem to help as I can double the leg ends over and make them nearly the same length as the extra smalls!

    I guess I could hold out and hope to find some short cut mediums, but that’ll be a tricky find!

    The question is, what would you say is better, tight fitting trousers which won’t catch on things, but restrict movement by a small amount (only just), and might get hot, or baggier fits (which you can actually put your hands in the pockets with!) which might catch, but allow for more freedom, and will ventilate better! (if looking just a little ‘too’ baggy!)

  27. There’s a pair of Medium (Short Leg) for sale in the classifieds over on Outdoorsmagic.com. Might be worth a look.

    I’m pretty sure the Ruggeds aren’t meant to be so tight that you can’t get your hands in the pockets.

    Fit-wise, my mediums are on the “loose” side but them I’m a skinny git so most stuff is :o)

  28. “…I’m pretty slim, with about a 29″ waist…”
    Pretty slim? PRETTY SLIM?
    Take care walking over cattle grids is all I’ll say.

    I used to have a 28″ waist, back in my twenties, but now in my 40’s it’s more like 35″ – the point is, go for the baggy fit – you’ll get more use out of them, as you “fill out” in the coming years. If the tight pair are uncomfortable when you bend, then they’re already too tight anyway.
    As for “baggier fits … which might catch” – catch on what? Unless they’re billowing in the wind like curtains (a la MC Hammer) it’s really not an issue, is it?

    Anyway, since when did a walker worry about how they look on the hill?

    And what’s wrong with clown pants?

  29. Haha thanks for the info!

    It does take the mick sometimes when I buy a pair of trousers that are 28 or 30″ waist and need to wear a belt!

    Catching wise, the trousers are both for outdoor walking and fieldwork (when I finally get another field contract!). The latter of which tends to involve lots of walking through heathland off the paths etc, so twigs and branches and things might catch on the legs.

    Looseness wise it’s mostly just the base of the legs which seem to bunch up a little, no more so than my casual baggy trousers, but because of the design/scuff fabric, they seem to stick out and scrape whilst walking a bit. This is all mostly solvable though by folding the ankles over the buckles, and I hope the fold will stick!

  30. That’s a bugger being caught between sizes. Tight is fine until your tired ro your putting the miles in you get irritation. Then there’s moving around inside a tent bent right over trying to get the waist undone so you can breathe.
    Too baggy and they’re slipping down and flapping around the ankles. Nightmare.
    I’m lucky as hell, Haglofs large is perfect for me. One of the few brands that happens with.

    Hmm, on the face of it baggier give you more options, from wearing leggings underneath in winter to getting the altered at a tailor. Anyway, they do kinda suit tha skateboarder look :o)

  31. Talking of fit does anyone actually stock the theoretical long leg options in the Haglofs trousers? The standard length Kazoo’s I found made very nice three quarter length shorts ;)

    I’m most happy with Cioch’s trousers but options are always good.

  32. Dude, you’re a giant!

    West Coast in Ft Bill always had the different leg length options in Haglofs pants actually in stock. They’re sorely missed up there (burnt down along with the totched empty shop next door).
    I must admit, I haven’t seen any long legs advertised. I can find out where they’re at if you fancy a particular model though?

  33. Half stick insect perhaps :)

    I guess I’d be after something light and stretchy so Kazoo’s or one of the lighter soft shell things. None of the made to measure folk seem to do anything stretchy.

  34. True, and stretchy is the way to go. I find it difficult now to wear non-stretch pants. I used to love my Terra’s, but I just can’t wear them anymore.
    I’ll give Haglofs a shout after the holiday weekend.

  35. My sis has now provided me with the solution to the baggyness. Trouser twists I believe they called, often used by army cadets and the likes.

    Elasticated bungy affairs with clasps on the ends, they should hopefully help keep any potential catchy bits in order, and also come in handy for stopping mud and whatever else going up my trousers in any bogs I end up shin deep in!

  36. It struck me a couple of years ago that trousers being not-quite-right is a problem that’s long been cracked: alteration tailors.

    I had my usual pair chopped about for a very reasonable sum. They fit perfectly now.

    Well worth the bother I reckon!

  37. Bicycle clips! There’s an idea, mini stretch gaiters are good as well for looser ankles, keeps the crap off the hems so you don’t drag it into the tent.

    A tailor is wonderful thing, my mate is one of those, and once made me a smashing brightly coloured chalk bag back in my climbing days.
    Alteration is a leap of faith because technical kit is so expensive, but the folks behind the sewing machines here usually know tere stuff, so it’s worth a shot.

  38. Tailoring certainly nice. Stuff like knee articulation in precisely the right place. Could just about run in my Cioch travel trousers as a result (no stretch.). Maybe too warm in summer though. (some tough polyamide fabric.).

    So leg vents. Has anyone got any strong opinions on where leg vents are best placed/whether you need mesh behind them?

  39. Leg vents, used various on Patagonia, Haglofs, Montane and Lundhags (more of them later).
    Mesh behind makes you look more normal, but the wide unrestrained opening definitely vents better, and possibly leaves you free to snag bushes, let ticks in etc.
    Swings and roundabouts I think.

  40. Pete,
    Do you know anywhere that stock the lite flex pant as i can’t find em anywhere and fancy giving them a try.

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