Haglöfs OZO blink and you'll miss it look…

While I was down at the Lakes I nipped into see Haglöfs because as Gus pointed out at the shed last month I still hadn’t tried on the new OZO as all he’s had to show folk were wummins versions.

So now I’ve been dancing about the showroom in one I can say that it isn’t just a redecorated Oz. The hood feels a little more robust, the fabric is less shiny for sure and I don’t know if it was just what I was wearing underneath, but the arms might be a little longer. That charcoal and blue is growing on me now as well.
It’s a whole 5g heavier now at 180g, and we’ll see soon enough if that makes a difference, it’s out in just over a month.

17 thoughts on “Haglöfs OZO blink and you'll miss it look…”

  1. The pocket is now stitched rather than laminated, which I think is a good idea. I pulled the pocket off my test Oz without difficulty…
    The fabric is Paclite 258, the Oz was Paclite 256, so it’s marginally beefier.
    But is much the same, just tweaked.

    But even better is the purple softshell I just spotted in the background :o)

  2. So, have they stuck a wire through that hood peak? Or is it deeper than the one on the Oz – the pic makes it look so?

  3. It’s just thicker Matt. The argument against a wire is that it unbalances the hood, and given the slight nature of the original fabric I can understand how folk might bitch about, whereas it would just save you and I a bit of bother trying to fix it.
    I quite like the LIM Ultimate hood which this seems to be a bit like, but how it peforms is still an unknown.
    But, it will be much easier to DIY a wire into the OZO… :o)

  4. Easy DIY is my kind of DIY! :)

    Of course, I’ve still got to justify buying one…

    … especially as I’ve never tried eVent and that Rab Demand is imminent.

  5. sbrt, there was no need for that. I’ve just had breakfast :-)

    I dimly recall talk of wireing an Oz hood. Any chance of a repeat and some pics for the hard of thought please Mr PTC?

    I might demand a Demand when they arive just to see… (see what I did there…?)

  6. Bob, th hood thing is on here somewhere with photies and everything. I’ll just have to look for it…
    It’s model dependant though, my first generation Oz had a stitching channel at the peak edge which made it much easier to get the wire in.

    Hendrik, it does save me emails if I out the weights in right away :o)
    Follow-up reviews will have a wee info section now as well.

    Sbrt, those are killer knees man, well done.

  7. Never really been a fan of smocks due to limiting venting options, but that does look good and the hood (which is a bit crap on my lowe alpine rush) being a glasses wearer, could be spot on for me. The big question is breathability of the fabric. I have hated paclite for jackets in the past, great for pants though. If you can, in time, could you do a review comparison between that and the Rab etc. I have only ever seen praise for the old Oz so is this better? as weight wise its a no brainer.

  8. Paclite is super breathable, but the condensation has no inner scrim to soak into like eVent and Pros Shell, so you can get wet patches. But the Oz suffers the least from the this of all the Paclite jackets I’ve tried, fewer seams and a better fabric in general make the difference.

    I’ll have a proper review of the Demand later next month, but I susopect that Rab’s hood design might not be go spec-friendly as some with the big inner face-cord channel, but I’ll try it and see,

  9. Funny you mentioned Berghaus the other week, and now all this talk of smocks, and I’m left remembering a that Berghaus were marketing a Paclite smock years ago, and dropped it from their line at least 3 years ago! I had one, ebayed it, the paclite was too wet inside for me. Only paclite I ever got on with was my Arc’teryx but the venting options are the answer on it!

  10. I found an old Paclite II (the grey lining plus the dots) sample jacket from Karrimor in the workshop during the holidays and brought it home with thoughts of washing and wearing it. But I remembered how horrendous it was for condensation, so I think I’ll put it back…
    Still waiting on Paclite IV with the inner scrim, but with Pro Shell getting so light, and eVent not gaining any ground I’ll bet they’ve canned it.

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