Haglöfs Mid Flex and Rugged Mountain Pants, First Look

Haglöfs have revamped their Climatic pant range for this year. Gone are Thor, Rabot and Nansen, and in are Lite, Mid and Rugged. At least it’s easier to see what your getting if not quite so wistful.

I’ve got a couple of pairs on test. They’re direct replacements of pants I’ve been using for a couple of years, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s happened to them. Change for changes sake, or upgraded for maximum joy and adventure comfort.

These below are the Rugged Mountain Pant. They replace the Nansen Mountain Pant at the top of the range and already they’re looking much better. The Nansens were a bit restrictive due to a total absence of stretch, but very well featured and hard as nails. The Ruggeds keep the features and add stretch panels at the knees and backside. The movement is very good even though all the fabrics are tough, the and the ankle patches are tougher still. The leg pockets are pleated for volume expasion and have a hidden zipped leg vent behind them. Hip pockets, rear pocket, ankle adjustment with a lace hook are the other obvious points.

These next ones are the Mid Flex Pants. They replace the Rabot Flex Pants which have been my #1 choice for the last couple of years, so they’ve got a lot to live up to.

They’ve lighter all round than the Ruggeds, lighter fabrics, stripped down features, but no less technical. The leg pockets are internal for outer smoothness. The ankle adjustment is a zipped gusset which closes in on your lower leg to stop it catching on the scenery and stop crap going in your footwear, but it opens up enough for good ventilation. Theres a wee hidden bungy cord for fine tuning as well. Stretch panels front and rear ensure good movement.

The fit is typical Haglöfs, slim and long which fits me perfectly. There are various combinations of leg lengths, colours and female fits available so you should be able to find something to suit. I’ll be using them plenty so I’ll see what happens and report. I don’t have any of the new Lite series. The Lite Flex pants looked to be pretty much identical to the Thor Flex pants which I wore a lot last summer, so they should be a good bet as well.

All in the shops this spring.

17 thoughts on “Haglöfs Mid Flex and Rugged Mountain Pants, First Look”

  1. True, and we ate like kings (or was it 5 year olds?).

    Your idea for me to “get out the chair” by getting up early and walking to work and back (or anywhere, for that matter) before commencing work at home is a good one.

    The reality was I woke up late with a chocolate hangover (thanks to the confectionery delights provided by your better half) and have spent the day trying to catch up – which never works.

    However, I have been thinking about your Haglöfs Oz Pullover …

  2. Nah, you never catch up. You re-prioritise.

    The “Rocky Road” to ruination…there is still some in the tin….

    Don’t think of the Oz…although carrying that instead of current kit would make arse to chair interface undocking a lot less painful.

  3. Hi Beth

    Cracking trousers, both of them. The Ruggeds I’ve been using for all sorts, I did my South Glen Shiel Ridge bivvy trip in them and slept in them quite happily! They wash well and are super functional with those big thigh pockets and vents. Unless it’s going to be raining constantly I’ll wear them on the West Highland Way in a couple of weeks.
    Much better than their predesessors, the Nansen Mountain pants.

    The Mids are fine as well, I wear them a lot on the local hills, but I definitely prefer the Ruggeds.

    If they fit you, they’re recommeneded :o)

  4. Cheers! Haven’t seen them in our local shops, but a couple of mail order places have them… The size chart suggests they might fit me. Ah well, it’s only money and I can’t resist trousers with lots of decent sized pockets.


  5. I put my name down for a pair of Ruggeds with the lads at Escape Route in Pitlochry when I was up there. They’ve promised to call me the second they come in.

  6. …and they’re very nice – the only trousers I’ve been for an extra walk in at dusk just to try them out! Only caveat is that if you buy them to actually use the pockets you probably want to get the next size up, they are a little slim I think.

    Yes, that orange is very….orange!

  7. I live in South Africa and have been thinking of asking a Swedish friend to bring back a pair of Haglofs Rugged Mountain Pants for me. The only problem is the sizing…I am a regular 32 inch waist and a 34 leg (and height 6 foot). The sizing of these pants on the Haglofs website is kind of confusing. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the sizing right?

  8. Hi, I was just clearing the attic and I found a brand new pair of rabot pants I bought about two years ago(ish). They were a little tight on me so I put them up in the attic until I lost a bit of weight and promptly forgot about them!

    Anyway, heading off to Mont Blanc on a tourist summit attempt in July and was wondering if these would be thick enough on their own to use throughout the summit night, or should I go for the col, or the rugged mountain, or even the rand?

    What do you reckon?

    P.S. they are still a bit tight, but I’ve got a massive workout program for the build up to the climb so I reckon they will fit in the next month or so.

  9. I’d be wearing my merino longjons under them for sure! My trip to Glen Strathfarrar last week was the first time I’ve been in the hills without them since my Assynt trip last October :o)
    If they don’t end up fitting well enough for your trip the other’s you mention are great, the Rugged’s are long-time favourites and I’ve worm the Col’s a lot over the past few months. Still put my longjons underneath though!

    Hope you have an awesome trip.

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