Haglöfs Lynx Pant Review

The Haglöfs Lynx Pant came in for test last year where I used them through the summer, they’ve came back out for the recent good weather and they’re well over due for an update.

I think softshell pants conjure up an image of winter weight, technical, highly featured legwear, but softshell fabrics are getting very light these days and we’re getting some warmer weather kit that’s nice and stretchy with some of the traditional weather resistance of the heavy duty stuff.
The Lynx then has more in common with Intense Pants (new version of the kazoo) than it does with anything that has braces, internal gaiters and crampon-proof kick patches.
They’re slim fit with a straight cut lower leg for off-the-hill normal looks, the knees are articulated double-fabric which is good at camp as the fabric is thin. The fabric has a soft inner surface which feels nice and does seem to suck the sweat away, and with only an average wind resistance in there, the fabric suits warm weather very well.
There’s a rear pocket, two hip pockets and a thigh pocket, all with mesh lining and reversed zips. The waistband is backed with a soft microfleece and has an integral belt with two poppers at the waist above the fly zip.

They’re comfy to wear and fine for sleeping in as they’re so light an unrestrictive, and they do a nice wee dance in that gap between Ronhills and Technical Pants I think.
Issues are few, the ankles have no adjustment, so catch a bit of crap when trekking through the mud. But, there are lace holes in the hems if you want to spend an afternoon trying to thread them through.
Simple and functional, and even after a quite a bit of use they’re looking very good. Only a little abrasion-caused hairyness on the hems so far.

Product Information

  • Weight: 400g for my size large including chunkier replacment belt
  • UK Price: £100
  • Fabric: Flexable Softshell 1556
  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Woman’s Q version available

19 thoughts on “Haglöfs Lynx Pant Review”

  1. Ah, but every cloud… no ankle adjustment means I can have them taken up – when one’s girth and inside leg are, at least according to gear manufacturers, an unlikely combination, it can be very difficult to get properly fitting trousers, and ‘technical’ ankles can’t be taken up.

  2. I have a pair of the new Montane stretchy things… as you say, softshell is no longer heavier, thicker material. Never desired softsell of any sort till I felt these things. Very good they are.

  3. Kate, the double knee section is quite long, so if you did get a pair taken up it should still work out okay.

    Chewy, I can’t wear non-stretch stuff in the hills now, I’ve got so used to softshell and the freedom of movement. I like my freedom!

  4. They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!!

    How weatherproofy are they?

  5. “Quite” weatherproof, definitely Spring to Autumn. There’s less insulation and wind resistance than heavier models. Much softer feeling because of that though.

  6. Worth mentioning the Dyno pant too – for £25 less you get the same fabric and cut as the Lynx (but no integral belt, reinforced knees or zips on the front pockets).

  7. Or even the mid flex pants. Mixed with climatic but those really are awfully big stretch panels in the same fabric as the Lizard top.

  8. Aye and the very nice Ratio jacket !
    Want want want !!!!!!!!!!
    It would of been easy to spend a grand in there and still want more.
    Maybe I should go for a 3rd job to fund my toy habbit, when you lifting boilers ?

  9. Just looked on Escape Route site. Kinhell I am glad and sad its not near me as i could be skint and the best equiped i’ve ever been in one swipe of the plastic debt inducer.

  10. I kind of fell out with Escape Route after they failed to deliver on their promise of a pair of Rugged Mountain Pants. However, I see from my blog I was back in there throwing money around less than a year later.

    How terribly partisan of me :o)

  11. The choice was yours alone to return when it pleased you to do so, no disgrace there!
    I went back to the Greggs in Falkirk a week after a fight following the purchase of a Mexican Chicken Oval Bite with a live ladybird in it.

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