Haglöfs Lizard Shorts

There was some doubt about whether we would see these in the shops, would the store buyers “get it” and order them? Would the price tag frighten both them and customers?
Well apparently not, the Haglöfs Lizard Shorts are in the shops and already there’s no spare stock left at Haglöfs, what the shops have ordered is all there is.

So what have we got then? Simple shorts in four-way Flexable fabric which allows a close fit with complete freedom of movement. The fit around the hips is slim, and the legs stay straight so there’s a little ventilation for your thighs. There’s a crotch gusset as well for high stepping and chaffe-free pedalling.
The fabric is fine against the skin, breathes well, dries quickly and repels water thown at your arse from the back wheel.
Features are minimal, two zipped hip pockets, one laminated and zipped leg pocket and a zipped fly (all with reversed-smooth side out-zips). There’s a webbing belt with a low profile buckle and two poppers to secure the waist. The pockets are all very usable as the soft stretch fabric gives them a little give if you want to cram stuff in there and keeps any contents from rolling around too.
I’ve used them on foot and on the mountain bike and I have to say they feel very good. They work great on the bike over a pair of padded liners and don’t snag on the saddle when moving around, and for walking they’re invisibly comfortable.

I know the £75 price tag will be a talking point, but these are looking very good indeed. I think wearing these and carrying the PHD down trousers for camp will be on the cards for a few trips this year.
I’ll come back to the Lizards later on to see what the longevity of the fabric and the DWR is, see how they cope with bike and hike alike.

18 thoughts on “Haglöfs Lizard Shorts”

  1. Somewhere on the continent seems favourite ;)

    Like the semi mythical long legged options on their trousers…. At least the top seems easy enough to get.

    Being just a walker I did idely wander about putting these over something like powerstretch leggings.

  2. Matt, Bobinson tracked down the last size large at Escape Route in Pitlochry, and I think Craigdon are doing them up here too?

    Martin, that’s what I do on the bike in cold weather, works fine if a little odd looking, but hey, you don’t have to look at it, just other people :o)

  3. Montane Featherlight pants and them would make a good summer kit. Add light waterproof trousers and you done. Don’t know about down trousers for summer. Maybe they would be good if it was cold. But to be honest it will be chilly and the wind pants which are 100g for a medium would add the warmth you need with the shorts in camp and if the wind got up keep your legs warm.

  4. Good job Blondie!

    The Featherlite Pants are a good call Martin, and base layer longjons are another option, although pulling them on over shorts would be weird looking to say the least!
    The Smartwool kneewarmers might be good for this too.
    I’ll mess around with this, I really do like the idea of walking in shorts now that I’ve got something that’s as comfy as the Lizards.

  5. I was supposed to be running in them today, but a big fat knee put paid to that.
    They’re single-skin and the legs are quite long, so I’m not sure about running yet, might depend on how they fit you too.
    I will have a go though.

  6. :(
    Intensive googling later, no joy finding any in the UK…
    I did find them to buy on a Swedish website – 105eu and 16eu shipping = £107!! :((

    How do the Intense Shorts compare?
    (Am I right thinking the Intense trews are essentially uni-colour Kazoos?)

    As much running as I’ve done in the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve done it all in my Mountain Hardwear Fusion Stretch Shorts which are long leg, close fitting things, and I’ve found them fine. They’re the reason I fancy the Lizards, and I suspect the Lizards are lighter and softer.

  7. I don’t remember much about the Intense shorts Matt, they just looked like regular running shorts (maybe a good thing?).
    The long legged affairs are indeed single-colour Kazoos, the only difference being the addition of a pocket at the back/centre which angles them a little more at “run” than general purpose maybe.
    The Lizrads are light, the only real weight when you pick them up is at the belt bit.
    I hope you can track down a realistically priced pair.

  8. Patagonia’s Nine Trails running shorts are good if you’re looking purely for running. Haven’t tried the Intense shorts but I imagine they’re similar.

  9. List of current UK stockists…


    Stockists who have some still on order…


  10. Aye, I stuck in an order with Freetime a couple of days ago – their website said ‘expected in 5 to 10 days’ so I’m hoping they’ll come through….

    I’m still waiting on the right stock to appear for a Rab Demand and Inov8 Recolite 190s too…. :(

  11. Good job!

    Reading through the Haglofs comms there, I think it’s fair to say the shorts have been something of a success.

  12. For hikerbikers I would really recommend Endura Humvee shorts. Secure pockets, clip in liner, tough fabric and best of all, two map sized pockets down the arse area and 45 quid. Welcome to the world of short wearers Petey.

  13. Well, the good news was that Freetime came through with a pair of Lizard shorts…

    … and the bad news was that the fit was most odd – figure-hugging but comfortable up top but oh, such wide, wide legs for something made from stretch fabric, and long too, covering a fair chunk of kneecap. So they had to go back.

    Looks like I’m continuing with my old Mountain Hardwear Fusion Stretch Shorts for the foreseable future – good job I laid in a spare pair years ago before they were discontinued.

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