Haglöfs LIM35 competition, we have a winner…

What do you want Haglöfs to make for you?

That was the question, and the answers were many and varied. The folks at Haglöfs have been knocking this about for a while and finally came up with a shortlist which Gus showed me at the new Scottish showroom during the week.
There was a lot of folk looking for tweaked versions of softshells, and some of these features are in production or on the way (I’ll have a 2011/12 preview coming up in a few days). A ProShell smock came up, something that’s being thought about, and Pertex/Pile variations was a common wants-list item too. This is something that they know that could do, but it’s also a very British thing, but you never know? Lightweight tents as tough as the old Genius you said: “We know” they said, “We’re on it…”. Leg lengths to waist size ratios and availability is another thing being addressed, big footwear is another current topic, chest pouches too.
There were a few specifics that made the shortlist, SlippertSlope’s pack with attachments really caught their eye, as did DavidG’s Limatrix. TrimmDich’s Intense short uopgrade were seen as very possible, and pdg’s hut boots were an either/or for first place until they came down on the winner while I refused to even look at the list.
One other item came up again and again and it’s now a real talking point, Gore-Tex socks. Modern stretch Pro-Shell fabric, welded seams, hell colours even, it’s doable, and so are matching gaiters.
But there can be only one winner, and considering there’s two old rockers in that photie above, it’s kind of appropriate.

scotpat said:
I’d like to see a baselayer with my favourite band emblazoned on it so I could have a jump about at gigs and still leave as dry and stink free as I went in.

Gus said “It captured the spirit of the competition”. He said that a little left-field thinking showed the scope and application of technical fabrics and kit, why save it for a hill day when you can take advantage of the performance all day every day and get your money’s worth.
Me? I think performance is for everyone all the time, and I think a Black Sabbath shirt in Dryskin is just what I need.
Scotpat gets a rucksack, I hope it serves him well.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to apply your thoughts to this, having just read them all for the first time (I kept out of it, I’m too biased, you’re all my buddies after all) it’s enlightening to say the least.
And if you didn’t win? I’m giving away 20-odd pairs of socks next week.

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  1. A pair of Warm thin gloves that are waterproof, windproof and dont have a big space at the end of the thumb. Aye different fits for gloves sounds good.

  2. Paclite and stretch waterproof socks (rocky’s a bit heavy and discontinued – sealskinz – just horrible)

  3. Introduce eVent into the product line.

    eVent waterproof socks (or Goretex).

    Enlarge the (ultra) lightweight LIM Series, I’d like to see a windshirt from Haglöfs as well.

    Finally, I’d like to see forays into using natural fibers like bamboo & merino. I do encourage cooperation in that area with other Swedish companies (Woolpower, for example).

  4. They could make a couple of things for me as I’m a bit of a short arse. First being take their Granite trousers in my leg length and also get ride of the zip fly much prefer buttons like on your jeans, zips catch and can burst. I would also prefer a reinforced seat on the trousers to go with the reinforced knees and instep. What I’m asking for is a pair of indestructible multi use pair of trousers. The second one a set of shorts to match that didn’t go below my knees like most do or the end up being the opposite and look like 70/80s footballers shorts sawing my thighs in half and generally being uncomfortable.

    Think that would do it for me but if I think about it I could come up with some more. If you want get them to give me a call ;)

  5. I would like to see a tent weighing in at a kilo or less with a hug Haglofs logo smacked on the side, possibly in a charcoal colours with light green guys ropes and zips.

    Hmmm i think i have just described a Haglofs Oz pullover tent crossover.

  6. I’d like Haglofs to produce a high-wicking (Intense?) sports bra, and make that and the Actives Q Boxer available in BUGDIE GREEN :-))

  7. I’d like some waterproof overtrousers to pair up with the Oz/Ozo Pullover, i.e. with a weight to match, say sub 150g! Side zips at least to the knee, but up to thigh and two-way for ventilation opportunities would be better. The Paclite fabric would be ok, but stretch fabric would be brilliant – a kind of OZO Kamleika pant :))

  8. The worlds first stylish midge head-net (LIM logo with yellow or budgie green power-stretch hem for a nice tight fit?). I camped next to a bunch of Swedes last month who were struggling seriously to cope with the ‘gnats’ as they called them.

  9. On a more practical note, can’t trump LuckyJim’s stretch waterproof breathable socks – a cold weather holy grail!

  10. the support bars )3 in this case two either side one along the bottom of the pack slide out onto wee hinges to make a tripod for taking pictures. The rucksack being full would be face down on the floor. the three bars would be telescopic and cick into a ball type device(already attached to one bar). it would obviously be very stable being full of iron brew and chocolate muffins so providing a firm base.
    you could also use this as a wee head cover/pillow(place coat over tripod) whilst bivying so feeling less claustropbobic.two rucksacks spaced evenly could even make a weeny tarp tent!

  11. half of the above is missing so makes a complete nonsense entry look even more foolish than intended.


  12. ….or more seriously, I think I want them to make something innovative. Haglofs seem to make a lot of good kit but it is really the same stuff as everyone else makes…but more expensive and (hopefully) better quality.

    What I would like is a product that when I see it I think – great idea, why didn’t someone else think of that?! So, not just another sleeping bag or rucksack or (really expensive) anorak (sorry shell). Of course that is the challenge – finding the right product.

    How about:

    – arm buffs, like the arm warmers that road cyclists wear. Stretch material – like skins or maybe merino- adding versatility to a t shirt….
    – breathable space blanket material – light, tiny but able to add a lot of warmth without sweating. Think about that as a middle layer in a sleeping bag or a hat, reflecting warmth back
    – a “modernised” lighter, less bulky pile and pertex / buffalo style top. lighter, with more venting options / removable sleeves etc, so that a single top could do you for lots of conditions. The idea is ripe for revisiting and improving. Surely something like pertex with a merino inner, plus venting options would offer a lot
    – softshell gaiters – like the old berghaus yeti ones, but stretchy softshell, to really grip over the top of shoes.

    …..this is hard work!

  13. Easy – how about a down quilt? Breathable layer on the bottom, something heavier on the top with good DWR. Preferably not a stitched footbox but maybe a way to fasten one if you want it…

    So hard to find this in the UK – there must be at least a few of us wanting to try it out!


  14. The perfect pair of backpacking underpants that don’t chafe and keep everything cool in the summer.

  15. Trousers with leg lengths unrelated to waist sizes please! Us human folk aren’t all the same proportions the last time I looked, and trying to get trousers from virtually any manufacturer – either hiking/windproof/waterproof/whatever – with a smallish waist (32″/34″) and a long leg (34″ or longer) is akin to the search for the holy grail.

    (Also, not a product but I’d love to see on the Haglofs website more photos and detailed sizing information specific to products. It’s next to impossible to find Haglofs kit on the high street where I am, so the more photos and sizing information provided online the more likely it’d be to convince me it’s worth taking a punt.)

  16. There’s so much I love so much of my Haglofs kit but what I would really love is a convertable zip off version of the lizard shorts to full length troos. This would make them my well & truely never off legwearas they’d just be so super flexible :-D
    Now will this win me the bag ;-)…………….

  17. I love sandles I take them in my backpack every where.
    That’s what Haglöfs should make me

  18. Definitely a much better website with more photos, fabric closeups, 3D rotatable views and overview videos of the kit so we can get a much better idea of what’s on offer. As stated many times, Haglofs on the high street is extremely limited and the online presence could really do with being fleshed out. A single photo of each item isn’t really enough a decade into the 21st century. . . it’s one area where the company’s trademark minimalism isn’t the best policy imo.

    Personally can you make some new hats for people with really big heads. I’m like the elephant man over here.

  19. Hmm, the one thing I’m desperately searching for are a decent set of Winter salopettte-like trousers BUT not the boil-in-the-bag gore-tex ones, but semi-waterproof and (mostly) windproof with plenty of tough bits for winter climbing. I’m a bit clumsy with my crampons sometimes so it would be nice to have something that can survive the occasional brush with those around the ankles. Colours other than Black would be a bit of a treat too!

  20. Hmm. Where to start?

    A line of vapour rise type jackets smocks and troos. Vapour rise is terrific but there’s no harm in competition and an alternative that doesn’t look like an outsized, all-in-one, romper suit (preferably pants and jackets that look like seperates).

    This may be technically infeasible but how about lightweight boots with removable linings? Linings that can be replaced when they pack in without having to buy the whole boot over again. Linings that can be left at home when it’s hot and dry. Linings are now determining boot life and the range of conditions in which they are comfortable. There needs to be more flexibilty and opportunity for repair. I know this sounds like unlined boots and socks with membranes but I figure its better to have more room inside the membrane than socks allow and socks get damaged too quickly.

  21. Oh and there’s more, I want a way of carrying my DSLR without resorting to a lead lined Lowepro toploader or equivalent. It doesn’t need to be armour plated or immersion waterproof it just has to hold my camera in a conventient place, protect it from a moderate wet and stop it from bouncing around when I’m scrambling. I thought the OMM chest pouch might be just the ticket but it was designed by accident and the string-thangs continualy slip and don’t hold pouch where you put it. Something simple, lightweight that pulls the camera into the chest with a flap of water repelent material to pull over the lens would suffice. Are camera bags too specialist a product for backpacking gear manufacturers? I know that specialist camera gear doesn’t suit my needs as a backpacker.

  22. A LIMATRIX 45

    The LIM45 and the Matrix 50 are both great packs, but not perfect.

    The LIMATRIX 45 would have the best elements of both and more.

    – 45- 50 litres (depending on back size)

    – 2 or 3 fixed back lengths. No velcro length adjustment (to save a little weight)

    – interchangable hip belts in three sizes (a la Granite Gear), so the beamier or skinnier gentleman doesn’t have to put up with hipbelts designed for the ‘average’ Swedish packpacker

    – A version for the ladies

    – conventional lid (with lid pocket) secured by a single strap. A twist on the existing Matrix

    – side and hipbelt pockets from the LIM and a smaller version of the LIM’s front stretch

    – combination of matrix and LIM fabrics

    – ‘Put on and forget’ carry for loads up to 15kg

    – As near 1kg as possible (1.4kg max), but NO sacrifice of carry to save a couple of hundred grams. It is a proper, light backpackers pack, not an entrant in the ‘who owns the lightest pack’competition for gram counting bores.

    – Stealth black

    I’d buy one!

  23. Wow, seems like everyone is asking for the same kind of stuff that I would have asked for! Especially the Vapour Rise style garments. Membrane soft-shells just cannot breathe anywhere near enough when your exerting yourself in the mountains.

    Maybe Haglofs could look into this kind of membrane-free, ‘true soft-shell’ concept. I for one would like to see a pair of soft-shell pants, built-in braces, mini snow-gaiters, crampon/ski patches, long thigh vents in Haglofs grey colour with green zips. Sweet!

    Matching top? Same membrane-free, wicking, weather resistant material, smock configuration, side vents, awesome, wired, storm-proof hood and in the same colours.

    How about hooded base-layers too? Merino and Power Dry please. These things are so rare and yet so practical (it’s hard to lose a hood and it creates a nice warm seal around your neck and noggin!).

    For summer? The Intense shorts are ok but the mesh ‘brief’ liner could do with some tweaks. A longer ‘compression short’ style liner would reduce thigh rub and a softer material would be welcome.

    Thanks for listening to us Haglofs!

  24. What I would love to see Haglöfs make for me is a modification to the Intense shorts.

    I spend most of my time running both on the road and trails and the Intense shorts are just about perfect and with one simple addition these could be the best running shorts ever and fill a gap in the market that will make runners very happy. What I would like to see added is elasticised loops to the outside of the waist band for carrying energy gels. No running shorts I can find have this and I’ve even take to getting elasticised loops sewn on to shorts before marathons as in races where water/energy drinks are provided I know that I only need to carry 6 energy gels.

    SIS and other energy gel providers do their own ‘gel belts’ for carrying gels, but these are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard as when you run they ride up over your shorts and provide severe chafing ! I’ve experimented with pinning the belts to the shorts for races, this caused the problem of rubbing from the safety pins and also after the race I forgot I had done this, took the gel belt off and ripped my shorts on the pins.

    So the addition of three wee elasticised loops either side of the back pocket would make these perfect!

  25. You currently make one sleeping mat: http://www.haglofs.se/prd/visaprod.asp?ID=170&nid=1546&lang=en&CatNr=950&CatNr2=59&xCatNr=&NP=&Q=&HMtrl=&Str=&show=&ak=&nid2=1729

    Please start researching, designing and manufacturing light weight inflatable camping mattresses. Thermarest currently dominate this market, but I would like to see more competition, especially at the high end of their product line. This should hopefully drive greater innovation.

    Everyone and their dog is doing bags, shells and sleeping bags. Its these more niche products which I would like to see more work carried out on. My mattress is almost as important as my sleeping bag for a good night.

  26. (A bit)LIM …budget range :-)

    More colours.

    Mountain bike gear – eg.jkt. windproof front – thin breathable back,removable sleeves and pockets on sides for gels/snacks/camera-so you can use hydration pack too without

  27. Like someone already said shoes/boots in big sizes would be great.

    Other than that a nice bright coloured zip-necked short sleeve base layer and some zip off trousers that zip of to a nice length and have some decent sized pockets for maps!

  28. What i would Haglöfs to make for me would be a scarf. Not just any old scarf, a waterproof scarf. It would need to be warm as well to protect me from the elements. Sometimes there is a lack of colours in clothing so there should be a choice from a wide range of colours too.

  29. Good comments folks keep them coming.Once we’re done I’ll address some of these comments – some of this kit is already in development or in the range next year (or even already in a few cases!) and also give you some background on why Haglofs don’t use certain fabrics materials etc.

    Slippery slope – re-enter the first half of your rucksack idea!

    Don’t even get me started on bamboo …….

  30. Haglofs have become a tremendously successful company making gear that is truly functional but also looks good. One area really lacking in development is the classic pile/pertex. Buffalo and Montane have had this market sewn up (scuse the pun) for quite some time but we haven’t seen much in way of R&D or stuff that really looks good enough to sell. Patagonia have had a stab at it with the very nice but rather pricey Speed Ascent. Perhaps Haglofs have a an opportunity to take this and breath some new life into the concept – stretch materials inside and out, big zip vents and proper fitted wired hoods.

    Soft shells, particularly those with a membrane don’t seem to breath well in damp UK conditions. Synthetic insulation can handle getting wet but gets very sweaty when you’re hacking up a winter gully. Maybe there’s a market here waiting to be addressed?

  31. Well the one thing which might get me interested would be ‘tall’ sizes in the jackets, but I can see why probably not generally feasible :) Leg options in the intense pants perhaps.

    Cf above, trouser leg length options for tall/thin seem very good actually – you can get long leg and small waist in combination. I was playing with a few in the Lakes this Spring (where they’re anything but rare!) and the style dependent knee stretch panels do also seem to help an awful lot with leg lift.

    The bigger problem seems to be persuading the shops that there are any tall people in the country :) So we only get short/normal lengths to try. Oh well….

  32. (1) Trousers with zipped leg vents (I know the Rugged Mountain Pants have these, but it is probably even more useful in those trousers designed for the warmer months of the year).

    (2) A Kaza/Shield-type pullover with a simple hood, less than 200g – would be the ultimate windshirt

    (3) I’m very attached to my LIM 45, and hesitate to suggest changes to near perfection… But the fixed back lengths idea would be good for function and weight, and would Dynema be better for longevity without compromising weight? Proper ice axe loops and fastenings would be a good feature too. But no changes to the harness, pockets and roll-top please – pure genius!

  33. Well if we’re playing ‘fantasy winter ‘soft’ shell’ then lets take the Paramo idea, develop a stretch version of the liner and….

    Amongst other problems it’d probably be horribly hard to sell of course.

  34. sub 1K range. A bomb proof sub 1 kilo tent with more room than a Laser comp or Power Lizard and hight for 6,2 folks plus. A I kilo 50L rucksack that carries all and is super comfy and beats the Exos and next kid on the block Hornet hands down and looks the part like OMM packs and the fantastic Macpac AMP 40. A sub 1 kilo 850 fill power sleeping bag with 550 games of down giving super 3 season warmth and over 50% of the bag is down and it fits folks up to 6’4. So in all your main three items for backpacking are under 3 kilo yet you have comfort from the sleeping bag and tent in camp, and on the trail the rucksack is a dream to use.

  35. http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=0Ym65h1bmJ0&feature=related

    The snuggie(tm) blanket with sleeves has clearly cornered the international market for quasi-religious lounge wear. Perhaps Haglofs could re-imagine this classic cult robe concept with a stylish down filled hooded blanket/dressing gown combo with high wicking thermal slippers, for those cold winter mornings? They use them for camping in the commercial! =]

  36. I’d like an insulated ‘belay’ jacket but with sleeves that can be removed, so I can pick the best of insulated vest or jacket depending on my mood

    Weight needs to be low and needs to be able to cope with the damp. Make it a decent length, insulating layers need to be long enough to cover my backside, I’m fed up with the ones that ride up and let the cold air round my kidneys.

  37. As soon as I read this post I knew the time had come for my grand idea. It’s kind of revolutionary, solving a couple of issues, you’ll be amazed.
    Let me explain, last summer – reasons left out – I once ended up sleeping in my Haglöfs Tight L, legs tucked in keeping my lower parts warm, my wool polo sweater on my upper body and to keep the elements away, my late Haglöfs Helium jacket on top. Needless to say this was a success!

    As the rumor spread I continued evolving the idea along with my scout companions. At that time I was using a Haglöfs Shosho 70, we did some small experiments and came up with the following.
    A rucksack with extra long drawcord/roll top which can be pulled out, making the pack as long as the person. Additionally the liner would be somewhat lined for warmth. You now have a backpack/sleeping bag.
    Smart huh? Well, not smart enough according to the researchers. Next step, weather proof fabrics and ropes attached to both ends, making it able to hang the bag hammock style. Finish off with the shell jacket over your face and voilà. Pack, sleeping bag and bivi in one.

    Hand over the LIM – currently using a Exos which I don’t really get along with… :)

    Down to earth. A leanweight bag, about 50l +, weight under 1,3 kg. Perfect carrying ability, smart features and durability (where it’s needed). I like the lightweight philosophy, but I have to be able to thrust my pack. During my time in the military I really appreciated bombproof kit and the same goes for climbing trips. As I mentioned I’m also an active scout and then you really never know what’s going to happen, you will probably need some extra space for a spare fleece if someone’s cold, ability to strap on an extra tent etc… Make this lightweight yet durable pack, give me a good reason to come back to Haglöfs, please.
    Finally, work on maintaining and further improve overall quality, that’s what makes you different.

    Daniel, Finland

  38. ps. PTC, really happy with the Ozone jacket we talked about earlier – did a test in Lapland earlier this summer. (Picture) ds

  39. Has sandstrom.dj just re-invented the Alpine bivi extension of the 1970’s and ’80’s Karrimor Alpiniste sacs?
    But with knobs on :)

  40. a pair of breathable gloves with a pullout waterproof mitten shell in a pocket on the back

  41. I would really like a Vapour-Rise/DriClime style jacket/pullover but lighter (>280gr.), stretchy, and hooded. To me, that would be the perfect softshell.

    I see a few of us agree on this so Haglofs pease please make it. I promise to buy at least one in each colour :-)

  42. There’s a couple things I’d love Haglofs to make. One would be an umbrella hiking system with which I can easily attach my umbrella to my pack, which is essentially the only thing causing my hesitation.

    Also, I really wish they had a lighter pair of trail shorts. Some like track runners wear. You know, they allow a nice breeze, and they’re short, and their light enough where one feels like they can do anything in them from swimming to cycling to running. Something that encourages energy and doesn’t hinder potential for activity.

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