Haglöfs LIM35 competition, we have a winner…

What do you want Haglöfs to make for you?

That was the question, and the answers were many and varied. The folks at Haglöfs have been knocking this about for a while and finally came up with a shortlist which Gus showed me at the new Scottish showroom during the week.
There was a lot of folk looking for tweaked versions of softshells, and some of these features are in production or on the way (I’ll have a 2011/12 preview coming up in a few days). A ProShell smock came up, something that’s being thought about, and Pertex/Pile variations was a common wants-list item too. This is something that they know that could do, but it’s also a very British thing, but you never know? Lightweight tents as tough as the old Genius you said: “We know” they said, “We’re on it…”. Leg lengths to waist size ratios and availability is another thing being addressed, big footwear is another current topic, chest pouches too.
There were a few specifics that made the shortlist, SlippertSlope’s pack with attachments really caught their eye, as did DavidG’s Limatrix. TrimmDich’s Intense short uopgrade were seen as very possible, and pdg’s hut boots were an either/or for first place until they came down on the winner while I refused to even look at the list.
One other item came up again and again and it’s now a real talking point, Gore-Tex socks. Modern stretch Pro-Shell fabric, welded seams, hell colours even, it’s doable, and so are matching gaiters.
But there can be only one winner, and considering there’s two old rockers in that photie above, it’s kind of appropriate.

scotpat said:
I’d like to see a baselayer with my favourite band emblazoned on it so I could have a jump about at gigs and still leave as dry and stink free as I went in.

Gus said “It captured the spirit of the competition”. He said that a little left-field thinking showed the scope and application of technical fabrics and kit, why save it for a hill day when you can take advantage of the performance all day every day and get your money’s worth.
Me? I think performance is for everyone all the time, and I think a Black Sabbath shirt in Dryskin is just what I need.
Scotpat gets a rucksack, I hope it serves him well.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to apply your thoughts to this, having just read them all for the first time (I kept out of it, I’m too biased, you’re all my buddies after all) it’s enlightening to say the least.
And if you didn’t win? I’m giving away 20-odd pairs of socks next week.

90 thoughts on “Haglöfs LIM35 competition, we have a winner…”

  1. I am not liking the sound of softshell hotpants for the girls!! I mean really? How short are they? I mean you wouldn’t want to go a wandering with anything other than mid-thigh length shorts (for safety and to keep your dignity intact). Hhhmmm Haglofs…

    Anyway I’m sure i’ve mentioned it before (about 40 million times) but i’d like more colour variations in the trousers. Black, stone, beige are fine but rather dull! What I want is softshell (or girls rugged mountain pants) in short length (28″ leg) in the following colours: electric blue, strawberry red and kelly green! Do it Halgofs, do it!

  2. Waterproof running trousers for girls that don’t make you look like you’re knicked your grampa’s fishing breeks…

  3. Just to refine Ange’s suggestions – electric blue – cool; strawberry red? Nah, if we’re going for red, go RED :-)
    And short leg length in 29″ please, not 28, all girly trews to come in short leg length and all UK Haglofs retailers to stock all the short leg lengths :-)

  4. 1.Softshell zip off trousers with different leg lengths would be great (Im a short arse!)

    2. Softshell gaiters- something like the ME Scree gaiter.

    3. (as someone else mentioned before) lightweight waterproof trousers to match the ozo/oz.

    4. tarp in budgie green would look amazing!

    5. More eco products- its interesting to see more manufactors develop these ranges

    6. Haglofs website can sometimes be a little confusing, ie there are some great products under intense/climatic, but if you didnt know what this meant you could miss out. Why not have climatic/intense subsections of trousers/tops etc?

    (Its interesting to see a lot of peoples ideas are very similiar though)

  5. No Kate sorry, it has to be strawberry red in 28″ leg.

    Also I’d like a pack to fit my back length and to fit my waist. I’m quite wee (5’3″) and have a pretty tiny girth (for want of a better word). YES!! A womens specific pack range!!? Of course this Lim will fit me, won’t it ?! Say aye! :o)

  6. Oh and I’d like nice mountain biking shorts or rather 3/4 length trousers with articulated knees – womens of course. Probably 3/4 Lizard shorts is what I mean. Softshell. Zip pockets for securely holding my iPhone. Zipped leg vents on thigh. Colours: charcoal grey with the Ozo blue(?) or budgie green accenting (so it’ll match my Kaza top).

    Also very important. A breathable bra top. In White.

  7. But most of all we need most, if not all, of the products on the Haglofs website more readily available in the shops. It’s a pain going for a look at the goodies on the website then finding you can only actually buy a handful of the gear on a handful of websites or in very few shops. Right enough though they probably want to remain a brand who is sort of exclusive (expensive). Which is fine.

    I’ll be back with more suggestions later. Maybe!

  8. Well that does depend where you are :)

    Even here in south Manchester they were sort of rare a little bit back. Now though I’ve got a decent range in walking distance in Snow & Rock, a similar amount across EB/Cotswolds in town, Outside off in the peak, one of the shops in Settle, some nice independents and then of course the Lake district where this spring it seemed every other shop had rugged mountains in….

    There seems to be some really weird economics relating to outdoors shops where the more you put into an area, the more you get opening. Or something daft!
    (it doesn’t make any sense at all to me.).

    Have to have pity on the shops cf the whole range thing :) All the big manufacturers have such BIG ranges now, can you imagine how big such a shop would have to be?!

  9. 1/Soft shell salopettes the same as the old Rohan Superstriders but with full length legs. Calange also did similar in the early nineties with fleece patches on the inside knee and bum area.
    2/ Sign a deal with Paramo to use their (waterproof) analogy materials. If only to stop people whinging about Paramo fit and sizing.

  10. don’t laugh, but what would help my long distance hiking

    soft shell mens KILT!

    not long,
    not short,
    press stud conversion for town
    bonded on outer thigh pocket
    simple smooth waist band that’s good under a hipbelt.
    possible velcro fastening

    why because my misery of chaffing was only solved by cutting up some running shorts.

  11. Pouches. I have a smaller bag with bloused pockets on the hip fins. I have a larger bag wihtout and now having got used to those pockets, I really miss them when out with the larger bag.

    The only option I seem to find for strapping something to the hip fin on google though are military style molle pouches. Something along those lines would be good, as would pouches that could be fitted to vertical straps.

    I’m sure there must be one or two products out there already.

  12. I’d like a really well designed hydration system other than a camelbak bladder affair. Something visible and flexible. Like a modular approach similar to some of the endurance racing bottles that fit to straps etc but that really do work – is a round bottle the best we can do?

  13. Just to add to my earlier entry now that I see they are doing a full leg version of the Lizard shorts- can we have re-inforsed rears specially for me on all the troos seeing as I use it so much ;-) Oh and all troos should be made from flexible material

    I agree with the Ange & Kate, we need strong coulours none of this pastel kack that most other retailers give us. Not so sure if long troos should come in bright colours but crops and shorts are a must – give me budgie green lizard crop troos or bright red ta muchly

    I’m fairly easy to please from a wummins perspective but the biggest difficulty I find is in the sizing and the fact the there doesn’t always seem to be wummins equivalent though Haglofs are much better than most manufacturers.

  14. I’m biker so I have special “biking” wishes.:) I will be pleased when see ultralight panniers for my bike in Haglofs catalogue. Special panniers which doesn’t need racks. Panniers with good compression on maybe…3 days? I’d also like a super breathable windshirt on bike. With pocket with zip on back.

  15. How about a website you could actually buy “all” of the range from and in all sizes(not all of us a super trim,or just trim!!) direct from the manufacturer.
    I would love a fully specc’ed down bag, 3 season upgradable to 4, suitable for the taller (6’4″) and wider bodied user…
    Oh and some of those mittens on strings that go through jacket arms, as I am always loosing mine ;0)

  16. I want an Intense jacket, same fabric as the pants and shorts, dropped tail for biking and running, pit zips, single pocket on back similar to mountain bike shirt, sleeves have thumb loops too. Will be useable for most of the year for biking and running.

  17. I’d like to see them make some 3/4 length lightweight stretchy softshell troos with some well designed pockets. No thigh pockets though unless they have great zips. They’d be ideal for hot days scrambling on An Teallach or via ferrata routes….
    Also, not in black, it’s just too sombre. I’d like to see either natural colours or some good colour options like budgie green, orange, purple or even super bright yellow!!

  18. There’re few things that come to my mind:

    Being a tall person, please, bring in all the pants in different inseam lenghts, incl. shells and for example Granite pants. And in all colors (just found out Mid Flex pants for example does only come in Black/Grey for long inseam, got plenty of dark clothes already :))

    As for new products:

    1) Lightweight hiking boots (in the range of 500-700g), preferably with eVent (or GTX).
    2) Down booties with soles (to walk around in the campsite, so do not need to be too thick. Fabric should be able to take some wear.
    3) Alpine gaiters in eVent (or GTX) with venting possibility.
    4) Lightweight softshell jacket (no membranes of any sort, so true softshell) with ventilation and removable arms (zippered)
    5) Bring back the LIM PS III powerstretch fleece! :)

    Those would solve pretty much all of my current gear problems :)

  19. I’d like to see a baselayer with my favourite band emblazoned on it so I could have a jump about at gigs and still leave as dry and stink free as I went in.

  20. I want a Lizard Alpine shell. A non-membrane softshell jacket/pull-over (not really fussed as to which), in the same fabric as the Lizard Top, in bright colours with a helmet-compatible hood and venting pockets that clear a rucksack harness or hipbelt, with potentially some slightly beefier grade of the fabric on the shoulders and hips. That, for me, would be a winner. Pit-zips are probably not necessary, but I wouldn’t say no.

  21. Sounds very like the Falketind flex1’s that Ellis Brigham have in. Very similar sort of fabric + most of those features. (Well black only ;)) But the price tag…..

    Suppose the Weasel isn’t far off. Fascinating idea that, and certainly nice and colourful :)

  22. Seeing as a lot of people, myself inculded, have expressed trouble sourcing kit why don’t Haglofs open some brand stores in the main cities i.e Glasgow, Manchester and London stocking all the stuff in all the sizes so we can try and buy at our leisure. I understand a lot of manufacturers don’t do this but its excellent popular kit & well established now and i think warrants more high street visibility.

  23. Perhaps a facility to customise and order products on the website and have them make them up.
    For example if a softshell trousers come in black but the fabric is used in a jacket and available in orange, then you could select that colour and certain size parameters (loger leg length) and features (extra pockets) etc. It would require links with their suppliers (in China?) but with modern techology should not be too difficult.
    The biggest problem would be lead time and transport/delivery. Presumably they would have to be flown which could be expensive.

  24. I’d like to see a waterproof, hooded smock with articulated sleeves. This would be aimed at climbers, but not exclusive for their use i.e. good for walkers, runners, cyclists, skiers etc.
    A nice exo-wired hood, peak, slim sleeves, diamond armpits, and slim cut with decent shoulders for climbers. No pit zips because I find they chafe and get caught on under layers of fabric.
    A pocket on the top of the sleeve for passes/mobile/mp3 player/snack, and perhaps a kangaroo pocket that can take a map.
    Cut for ladies please!
    In pillar box red, lizard green or black. Neutral colours, and safe BRIGHT colours for white-outs. Fabric – hmm eVent, or would be willing to try a homemade waterproof – but it has to be breathable so we can do away with pit zips.
    Ta, Mel

  25. Haglofs could make a lightweight synthetic belay jacket that has zip off/velcro off sleeves and hood so you also have a very lightweight gillet.
    Could also do the same design on a lightweight windproof. I’ve ‘made/converted’ my own and it’s perfect for mountain biking.

  26. Before I make my suggestion I would like to thank Haglöfs for the good work they’re doing. I just finished a 900 km bimble in the Pyrenees where a Single Top, Neo shirt and 2 pairs of Actives boxers were worn with much pleasure.

    I want Haglöfs to make me a hooded baselayer with removable sleeves. The sleeves would have thumb loops that are reinforced to prevent fraying. Whatever method is used to remove the sleeves, it would not interfere with pack straps. This would also make a great fashion item, hoody singlets… Merino wool in a 150 or 200 weight weave would be best but barring that I’ll settle for dryskin.

    I appreciate the best, but I’m settling for less, I’m looking for the next best thing.

  27. In my experience many persons in Scandinavia are happy to use a poncho so the following product in my view is commercially viable.

    It is often wet in northern europe, but it is not cold, so many waterproof garments are overkill and a poncho tarp can get caught in the wind.

    What about a lightweight coat that is also a pack cover, yes it has been done before elsewhere but such a system will provide much more ventilation than a coat will, whilst protecting from rain/drizzle/wind etc. Such a system would be ideal for touring Lapland in summer for example. Ideally this garment would be made from a lightweight waterproof fabric that will withstand many days of use in the field.

  28. I’d like to be able to get Haglofs from a store ! and also to buy larger sizes in the Uk. Tall and wide walkers need to be able to buy kit and try it on before purchasing..

    I’d personally like a hooded belay jacket, primaloft or synthentic fill that can be worn out to the pub or on the hills!!!

  29. From a runners perspective the Haglofs boxers are fantastic (no chafing) but could be made better with a windproof frontage! Helly Hansen used to do a pair of briefs with a windproof front and they were great but chaffed really badly after a bit. The other bit of kit that gets used all the time is my windproof. I’ve got an old Rab quantum pertex pull-un that weighs about 70g similar to the new Cirrus pull-on), Montane seem to be the only other company that these products. Haglofs could really do with something half the weight of the Shield jacket – strip everything out and just leave the windproof shell and maybe a small zip pocket.

  30. I’d like a down vest with a hood, weighing about 400g total and a full zip – 800 fill of course. I have an old Haglofs Nube 2 and it’s just great if a little overkill for the UK but take the sleeves off and it would be so much more useful. Plus less dangerous whilst cooking.
    In that nice shade of blue they used to use for samples.

    Cheers Kelvin

  31. I would like a pair of haglofs paclite gaiters with a RIRI zip around the bottom hem and a pair of down or synthetic insulated hut booties with a waterproof outer, an EVA insole and the other half of the zip at the top, so you can make a nice pair of mukluks when you arrive in camp in the wintertime.


    PS: I love my LIM down hood for winter camping, it’s really warm and cosy without the weight penalty.

  32. Second the down vest with a hood, but lighter and I’d prefer the hood to have poppers and to be able to cinch up tight like a sleeping bag hood. Great for those of us with hoodless quilts.

    I’d also like a short sleeved wicking synthetic compression top with a 1/4 zip and an upstanding collar, for running with a backpack. I’ve been looking for one for ages – loads of long sleeved, but no short sleeved.

  33. I would like a well designed dog carrying insert that fits securely into the top of a wide range of rucksacks and is compatible with small dogs upto say a 10 kg weight limit whilst still retaining storage under the dog insert. It’s trade name could be say ‘pupoose’.
    I already own an Outward Hound dog carrying rucksack that flatpacks onto the Multi Sport Compressor on my OMM Jirishanca that I originally used with our previous three legged dog. We now use it with our new dog Max. However, since my girlfriend is not that comfortable scrambling with a rucksack whilst I carry the dog, I am now experimenting with a shopping bag clipped into an open topped Crux AK-57 where I can carry both the dog and any day gear.
    I think Haglofs boffins could come up with a more elegant design solution than myself and corner this lucrative new market to itself.

  34. My last chance and my wish list from Haglofs

    A stretchy pair of waterproof socks. How many of us would want them? Oh and the essentail reinforced rears on the troos

    Thanks you Haglofs :-)

  35. I absolutely love the ruggedness of the material of my rugged mountain pants. The materials of many of the jackets by Haglofs in contrast have a very synthetic look and feel about them and are maybe not as rugged.

    I like the feel of the Climatic material and would love to see it used beyond the realm of pants (not as underwear though).

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