Haglöfs LIM 45 Lightweight Pack Review

WHW Kit Review

Some of the kit I took had some miles on it beforehand, the LIM 45 has got about 200 miles on now. I was pretty sure it would work out before I left for the WHW and I was happy with it indeed when I came back.

It’s very hard to describe the features and function of all what you see in the pictures of it as it’s very different to most other sacks. The official site does a better job of that. What impresses me is the carry and the usability of it.

The harness is adjustable for size and very comfortable in use, the shoulder straps are quite low profile and mold to your shape. The hip fins are also low profile, but wide. They take the load easily over your hips with no sense of weight at all. The front buckle arrangment is reversed (it tightens from the hips) and it very effective and neat. There are also side cinches and top top tension straps for adjusting and fine tuning on the move. The back padding is ribbed and covered in wee holes to keep you cool, with a fine mesh over it to alow easy movement and stop abrasion between you and it. I didn’t use the external access hydration sleeve here, bottles are the way for me at the moment, much less hassle. But it looks good, has space, room for expansion and a hanging hook for the bladder.

The side stretch pockets are brilliant, you can access these on the move and that’s where I kept my water bottles. A 1 liter Sigg and a Camelbak with Nuun mix in it, both sat securely and I could take them in and out with one hand. There’s wee mesh pockets on the hipbelt fins as well which took munchies, a Buff, my Powerstretch gloves and the like. All the pockets have stiffened loops at the entrances to make using them easier. There’s a huge stretch external pocket on the main body of the sack which will take an amazing amount of stuff, I used for my waterproofs and carrying rubbish. It’s secured by a buckle which gives the sack a standard look from a distance, but of course it’s a roll top. This works well and quickly, I got used to it right away. It’s secure and weather proof, it’s just different. There’s a TARDIS pocket where a lid would be as well. It acts just like a lid pocket as well ,except it doesn’t go upside down when you open the sack rendering in useless. I actually lost my waterproof gloves in it and didn’t find them until I got home. A magic pocket, sleepmonsters getting to me?

The fabric is pretty waterproof, but it did give in on the Friday night and got pretty slimy on the inside, but I didn’t have any pooling of water at the bottom. All my kit was in Exped drybags anyway, but I’d be happy going with an unlined sack for a couple of days if the weather looked okay.

If you can get over the burst couch aesthetics of it, the function is superb, the carry is excellent, the build quality is top notch.

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  1. Interesting write up. From your trip photos, burst couch seemed to describe the sack well, but that now seems to be the expanding rear pocket.

    Your photos above do a better job than Haglofs, as you can actually see the features being used, making them easier to understand.

    The panda carrying abilities of the sack also seem well executed :)

    Will this be your sack of choice now, or just for longer trips?

  2. It’s definitely a backpacking sack, so it’ll always have camping kit in it. I’ll alternate it with my OMM packs depending on weather conditions and route.

    The Panda pocket is a great feature missing from most ruckacks :o)

  3. Another great write up, and congratulations on the trip, I really enjoyed checking in on tracking page and the time you did it in is bloody impressive!

    I’ve been thinking about getting a new day sack, and was just about decided on the Jirishanca MSC over a GoLite Jam but I’m now wondering about the 35 litre version of this sack, do you know if it’s as good as it’s big brother?

  4. Thanks Benjamin, I’ve forgotten all the bad stuff now that I’ve been back a week and I’m ready to go again :o)

    I’ve seen the 35 litre version in sample form, but I haven’t used it. I can’t remember what changes there are between the sizes, if any?

    The Jirishanca and the LIM are so different though. The LIM looks like a backpacking sack and the Jiri looks like a climbing pack, but I’ve been running in the LIM and camping with the Jiri. If something’s good I suppose it just works?

    Whatever feels best on your back!

  5. That’s true!

    As far as I can see from the website they’re identical feature wise, so presumably it’s just smaller. (I can’t find anything about back lengths though, unless I’m blind).

    Do you know if they are in any shops yet to try on, only I can’t see much sign of them online (the old silver and black ones still seem to be about). I get the feeling they might be troublesome to track down!

    BTW is the Panda pocket the same kind of thing as the MSC on OMM sacks?

    And I look forward to your write up of the carbon pacer poles.

  6. The back length is adjustable, by a velcro panel. It’s secure as well.
    The pocket on the LIM is a just a big pocket, the MSC is a removable compression system with a stretch zipped pocket in the middle of it. Both work well, but again very different.

    The LIMs must be in the shops about now? I’ll see what I can find out.

    I’m working my round to the PacerPoles…:o)

  7. I saw a LIM 55 in Chester F&T the other day – it looked a bit different and quite interesting, but I really have to resist another pack, resist, resist, resist…..

    Out of interest, do you know the weights of the LIM packs?

  8. I think they run from just under to just over a kilo between the three models.

    (I really should get proper scales for this kind of thing…)

    It’s nicely different Matt. Woth having a we shot in F&T with a tent in it, just in case like :o)

  9. The Climbers Shop in Ambleside, Ultimate Outdoors, Outside in Heathersage and some F&Ts as Matt says have the LIMs in Englandshire.
    Up here, more news as I have it!

  10. Well I just got tempted by the LIM 55…..

    …. but ended up not getting it. Shame as I could have had it for £80!

    Impressions were very good, well thought out and lots of good features. And it felt like a very comfortable carry (with only 8kg in it mind). Great hipbelt and back padding.

    What didn’t I like? Well the frame was so long it came too far up behind my head – not a problem for straight backpacking but not so good for scrambling terrain or ski-touring. I needed the harness quite long which kind of pulls it away from the pack-back a bit, and leaves a lot of velcro (soft side) exposed to rub against my clothes, not ideal. And the closure webbing is too short to fully open the pack for loading (plus one side was already coming away from it’s attachment to the pack (poor QC?).

    All niggly things really but enough to make me say no – but now I do want to get to see a LIM 45 in the flesh! :O)

  11. Cheers for the list. I’ll try and pester these places to see who has what in stock.

    I noticed that Footprints have the old silver and black LIM 35 going cheap at the moment. Don’t suppose it’s quite the same though.

  12. Matt, the head hitting the wire thing was something I was worried about back when I saw the pre-production versions. It probably does sit lower on the 45 and I haven’t hit it yet. The load seems to pull it back a bit as well, another reason for the top tensioning strap’s position probably.

    I don’t think I would take it on a very scrambly route, the Villain is more suited to that.

    Benjamin, footprints can get you a new version and they have all the OMM packs as well :o)

  13. Aye, well it wouldn’t be my scrambling pack of choice, but then again I wouldn’t want to feel restricted either if circumstances arose…
    I’m hoping the 45 might just do away with my ‘niggles’ list.

    Alas the larger OMM packs don’t adjust or come in different sizes and don’t fit my back length. My trusty 1.6kg POD Black Ice will remain my pack of choice for many trips, but it’d be nice to have something lighter some of the time.

    I must say the LIM was easily the best light pack I’ve seen since the launch of the Crux AK47, and with its far better hipbelt shouldn’t hit the comfort limit above 11kg that I’ve suffered with the Crux. I must say I like Haglofs’ take on a roll-top closure – I’ve never been a fan of those floppy crisp-packet offerings from the likes of Golite! ;O)

  14. I’m the same with my OMM packs, the Villain starts to struggle about 11kg as the hipbelt isn’t built for it and the Mountain Mover picks up the baton from there, a great winter mountain camping sack.

    The MM and the LIM have comparable hip belts for me, I don’t feel either of them in use. The perfect shape on my frame.

    It all makes life so much easier :o)

  15. PTC, great review and a couple Q. 1. I am 6’2 and wonder about the back length of the 45 & 55 for tall people. 2. Where can we buy a LIM45 on line? Great article and website.

  16. Hi Martin, thanks!

    The adjustment for back size is really wide ranging, I could extend mine for another four or five inches at least and I’m six feet tall (I could still shorten it quite a bit as well).
    This would have the effect of lowering the wire frame we were talking about above away from your head as well.

    Online? Dunno, I haven’t seen them listed yet. The retailers mentioned a couple of comments above are maybe worth a phone as they’re down as stocking them. info@haglofs.co.uk will have all the details if you don’t have any luck.

    Let us know how you get on, it would be nice to hear what somebody thinks of a LIM in use.

  17. Thanks for the info as I am after a new and lighter pack. The ULA Conduit was one choice but this review of the LIM45 has got me thinking I have found my new pack. But I am thinking the 55L may be better for the longer trips?

  18. ULA make a nice pack, the Dyneema fabric they’re made of is the best there is. I’d take the features and adjustability on the LIM though. The ULA roll top closure position looks like a rain gathering point as well. The LIM sheds it,as does the Golite version as they’re at the very top of the pack.

    I think I could take the 45 out for up to a week in comfort if I wasn’t camping high, and taking the lightest sleeping kit I could. Food is the thing, it always seems to take up more space that I want or expect.
    For a long time out 55 litres would maybe be better for packing without cramming stuff in. If I was on the Cape Wrath Trail or something that long I’d want the bigger capacity.

  19. Time will tell on the toughness. There’s certainly not a mark on it yet, and the high wear areas are a cordura fabric.
    I’m not worried.

  20. Nah, they’re totally different. The two points of similarity are the back length adjustment and the big pocket.
    Neither manufacturer thought of either feature first.

    It’s an interesting point though. I was amazed at how much a new product has to be examined to see if it infringes on a copyrighted design from somebody else.

  21. You could try Outdoor Warehouse in Windermere, I ‘ve seen LIM 45’s there, not on their site though, could give them a call…

  22. ades, I never use any water treatment up here. I always take the water from above 300m and from the good flowing burns and the like. On the WHW it’s different though, and I did struggle at times.

    I’ve got one of Bob’s Aquapure Filter Bottles in for test, and I’m taking it to the Lakes next week to give it a proper run out.

    It’s really light, has a good capacity and the design is dead clever, it does look very good indeed. I’ll write it up next week when I’m back.

  23. I was in Outdoor Warehouse last Sunday looking at Haglofs stuff among others, but I didn’t see a new LIM 45. :(

  24. Just in…Craigdon in Perth have the LIM 45, and there’s stock available if anybody wants to order one from anywhere else…oot.

  25. Just got my LIM 55. I got it from Field and Trek (online) and it is amazing, more space and features than my old Macpac 35 Amp and only 27 grams more! Glad I got it instead of the ULA Conduit, thanks for answering my questions in making my decision on what to buy.

  26. Good lad. Let us know how yet get on with it. It’ll be interesting to see how the bigger one carries with a bit of weight in it.

  27. Mattc I definately saw one in Outdoor Warehouse, I was there stroking it’s silky smooth exterior, wooing it with my bank card. But wifeee said NO. Must of sold since I caressed it ? :-(

  28. Or maybe I missed, I hadn’t gone in looking for packs but I did browse quite extensively.

    I’ll have to go back….. :)

  29. Thanks for the write-up Petesy.

    I’m guessing this is a one-size fits all thing. I’m 6’2″ with a fairly long torso and wondering how it might fit me?? – The only problem with the nice haglofs stuff is limited stockists to go and try on!!

    Also, do I get the impression that, even if the sac was only two-thirds full, the roll top closure would mean that would compress down and distribute the load quite well?

    For winter day use at altitude (i.e. max load would be water, down jacket, food, personal kit, camera, harness and basic rack, spare hat and gloves, helmet), with a bit of ropework involved, would you go for this or the Crux AK47??



  30. Hi Christian

    I’m pretty sure the back system will stretch enough, there’s a huge amount of adjustment left on it from my regular six-footers back length.
    You’re right about the roll top, it’s a pretty sturdy closure with a wide stiffened edge and straps at each side, and does compress the sack. The side compression straps can be used to move the load inside and hold it. It is a very comfortable carry indeed.

    The AK47 will be tougher. I reckon carrying a rack and the like in the LIM and taking it on a lot of rock might push the fabric to its limits. I’d take my OMM Villain or Jirishanca instead for that kind of trip.
    But I don’t know for sure, time will tell on it’s toughness.
    The wire frame might be an issue on any climbing routes as well, there is a chance you could keep getting it in the back of your neck.

    Hope that helps. If you’re trying to track one down give me a shout and see what I can find out.


  31. I thought I’d give you an update. I managed to get myself a LIM 35 at last a few weeks back, and after a few outings I can safely say it’s a lovely piece of kit. I’m still more of a day walker at the moment which is why I plumped for the smaller sack, and it’s certainly great for my current needs. It’s actually pretty capacious and I imagine could do overnighters easy with sensible light weight packing (so much to learn there).

    I have to say your site and stories of summit camps makes the idea of doing more backpacking a lot more tempting, but I’ve still got a lot of heavy old stuff to upgrade before it’s less of a burden and more of a joy! Maybe trying to fit it in a smaller sack might force me to make better decisions.

    Anyway I took the LIM 35 up the Merrick last week. It was a lovely sunny day but pretty rough and windy at the top. The harness comfort and the stability is excellent though, even while being buffeted sideways by the gales! I love the thin but wide hip belt, with the reverse tightening (genius that bit), it distributes the weight to the hips exceptionally well so that you barely notice it on your back and shoulders. It compresses well too, and I really like the roll top design, it seems to work a bit better than other roll top designs I’ve seen.

    For others who might be interested I’m a touch short of 6’3″ and there seems to be plenty of adjustment in the back length on the LIM 35 so I’m guessing it’s just as good if not even more on the 45 ( to be honest I thought they might have dropped that feature for the 35).

    Anyway thanks for your write up of the 45 it helped a lot in highlighting other options. I had really wanted a Jirishanca before, but the back adjustments on the LIM 35 make it a bit of a better suit for my size.


  32. That’s good news Benjamin. I think I could probably use the 35L for backpacking just now as my summer kit as all tiny.

    Looks like e both found the same results from the way it carries, the hipbelt is fantastic right enough. And you’re right about the Haglofs roll-top closure, it is the best version I’ve seen yet.

    Great stuff, glad I was some help :o)

  33. I’m still sore-tempted by the 45, but giving it a good look-over I saw a couple of things which I thought could turn out nigglesome….
    1) The tapes on the roll-top closure: too short? A couple of inches more would let the roll top open completely for loading, whereas it seems to be restricted a bit by the tape length
    2) the lower compression straps, the way they run through the stretch pockets and the tiny slots the buckles come out through – does this lead to problems with using either the straps or the stretch pockets.

    I must say apart from those I thought it a cracking bit of kit and massively comfortable. Anybody used a LIM (any size) enough yet to form a view on those points?

  34. I spotted both of the potential niggles Matt

    1) It seems to be that it’s to hold the closure in it’s “poised to close” shape so that it rolls up properly. I could be wrong there, but it does flip closed very easily. as if they’d planned it that way. It does limit the entrance a little like you say though.

    2) It does limit how much you can pull the strap with one hand a bit, you can hold the pocket with one hand and the strap with the other if you know what I mean?
    Inside the pocket though it hasn’t interfered with anything I’ve put in there, gear (mainly bottles for me) is in and out easy. The pockets really are genuis by the way.

  35. I’m out with the Gregory Z35 this weekend which is halfway between the LIM and an Osprey, it’ll be interesting to see how it compares.

  36. Hugo from ESC has just done me stirling service with my Gregory Iso. I spotted a minor fault with the compression cord and, as I’d bought it a bit remotely to return easily to the shop, he had it sorted for a new one in a jiffy. He also cunningly included a mont-bell catalogue in the parcel…. :))

    Btw, anyone caught sight of the new Lightwave Fastpack 40 or 50 yet? They seem a little elusive.

  37. Meant to say ptc*, ta for those thoughts on the LIM 45 niggles – I may yet end up with one :)

  38. That MontBell catalogue makes and interesting read doesn’t it?
    The bag I’ve got is very good, I’ll do an update soon.

    I saw those Lightwave packs, interesting right enough.

  39. I suppose the opening is a potential niggle. I’ve not found it a problem though so far, but on day hikes I’m not going to have as much in it as you would backpacking with the 45 say.

    Still I think it’s not really a big problem, it still opens quite wide, and the easy roll down you gain is good. The quick release buckles on the upper compression straps really help as well for opening up the top of the bag and then quickly compressing it when you’ve got a light load.

    The second point about the lower compression straps I’ve not really noticed a problem with, they seem to work fine and don’t cause a problem with using the pockets. For bottles at least, I’ve not really put much else in them. I do love the double access to them though, and the big chunky loops are a great help for guiding bottles back in on the move.

  40. Hi their,
    As others have mentioned: nice website with good information en fun to read! Thanks fot that.
    In my quest for the best backpack i ended up with a Lim 35 (thanks to your articel). I’ve seen a demo, it was perfect fitting and all the pockets seem to be very smart, handy end usefull. It’s why I like most of Haglofs’ stuff (..)
    There’s one problem, the fabric is very, I mean very thin. The fabric off the demo sack was damaged just on the top where the fabric sits tight over the aluminium internal frame. I guess it was created by just gently scratching the back back againt a wall or stone floor… Since this DEMO sack hasn’t been on the road yet it seems not ok to me. And although all the good features a rather spend less money on the Haglofs Zac Large 32L with tougher fabric and ‘almost’ the same features…but havier and less comfortable harnass.

    Do other users have problems with the fabric? –> Is the fabric, after some branchscratches or contact with stone still ok?

    In my quest I found this nice japaneese website with good foto’s of all sorts of gear including Haglofs Lim 35:


  41. Hi Sneuaki

    Thanks for checking in. I agree that the fabric is very thin, and very soft as well. I think the softness helps it as it allows a little stretch, rather that a rigid thin fabric which would tear more easily?
    I don’t carry it on routes where I’ll be on rock too much, although I have carried it on hundreds of miles of trail and camped with it many time now. I haven’t had any issues with damage or excessive wear yet.
    I saw some of the other Haglofs packs a few weeks back, but I prefer the layout and carrying comfort on the LIM.
    It is light but I’ve found the reinforcing to be in the right places for me, so I’m happy with it and I’ve got no worries taking it out on a distance.

    I’ll be watching it though, if there’s anything to report I’ll do an update on it.

  42. Hello PTC,

    Thanks to your reply. I ended up ordering the Lim 45 instead of the 35, I guess it comes with a slightly longer backpanel and that it has good capabilities to compress the sack when it isn’t completely full.


  43. Good stuff, let me know how you get on with it.
    I think it’s a great backpacking sack, and there’s a couple of regulars from on here have LIMs as well.


  44. I finally succumbed and got a LIM 45 in early August but it waited until this weekend for its first outing, an overnighter spent at 940m on Foel Fras in Snowdonia…

    The Good: It swallowed the load easily, including the Superlite Quasar and kitchen for two, made a real neat package, and carried superbly comfortably. I was scarcely aware it was on my back.

    The Niggles: In their effort to shave grams I reckon Haglofs have cut a few of the straps an inch ot two too short – not so as they don’t work, but so they’re not quite as easy to adjust as they might be. I didn’t find any problem with the top closure straps though, which I had wondered about before I bought it.
    Conversely the hipbelt is a fraction too beefy – very supportive but at the front of the wings it could do to taper a little more to cover less of my midrift, or else maybe the whole padded section could be an inch ot so shorter. Again, not a major fault but I just had to reposition it up or down once or twice.

    The Bad: It’s bust!
    Just the finishing rivet on one of those funny wing things at the base/strap attachment, but it means the fabrics are pulled apart and there’s a neat punched hole in the base fabric of the pack. :(

    I’ll have to return it and see if I can get it sorted out, because it’s a pack I really want to use lots and lots more…

  45. That’s a bugger it’s burst.
    I’m so used to the hipbelt now I can’t even recall what my first reaction was, maybe a body shape thing?

    Keep us posted.

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