Haglöfs LIM 45, first look

It was looking shaky for a minute, but the new LIM 45 pack has arrived in time for the WHW. I’ve been using OMM packs almost exclusively for a couple of years and the thought of getting to grips with something so completely different is a little daunting.

We saw a pre production model last year and it left us with a finger to pursed lips, what would this be like in use?

It’s a roll top closure, the hipbelt is low profile and unexpectedly shaped with an ingenius buckling system, it’s got four pockets that are accessible on the move, a huge external stretch pocket, clever compression, a nice simple length adjustable back system and lots of wee quirks, or should I say attentions to detail.

The main compartment is devoid of features, it’s just a simple tube, the bladder sleeve having an external pocket. This I like: faffless easy packing. I’ve had a couple of quick excursions with it filled to the gunnels and it’s looking good. I’ll doing a 30 miler in the next couple of days with my WHW kit in it, and I’m not worried at all.

Different, aye. But refereshingly so.

4 thoughts on “Haglöfs LIM 45, first look”

  1. Yes.
    There will be one on Monday and one next weekend. Same route, though I may vary the direction between clockwise and notclockwise for fun.

  2. Ptc, How would you rate the durability or should I say robustness of the outer fabric ??? In say comparisson to Omm or Raidlight, which I would say almost feel like paper ?

  3. It’s a sort of soft and silky fabric, the OMM and Raidlight fabrics (apart from the magical dyneema packs) are a bit more crinkly to me. The LIM fabric feels woven, the other feel laminated is the best analogy I can think of right now ???

    There’s plenty of cordura-a-like on all the wear points and the base. Time will reveal all, the WHW will be a good test for it as it’ll be on the ground a lot as well as being on my back 18 hours a day.

    I’ll keep updating on how it ages. I hope it does well because it’s so bloody comfy.

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