Haglöfs Jura LS Shirt

Baselayers, it’s always baselayers. It’s merino or synthetic, zip-neck or crew neck.
Well actually, it isnae really.
I pulled Haglöfs’ Jura out of the wrapper and stuck it on, thinking it would be nice for the drive up to Glen Coe, but like the Ventilators, I just kept it on.

It’s a nice slim fit, good length on the body and the arms which also have proper free movement. It has two zipped chest pockets (which were handy as the Wheelie doesn’t have much in the way of on-the-move storage), the cuffs have wee tabs to keep them rolled up in a loose and unrestrictive fashion, and the back is vented.
The Climatic fabric, the polyester component of which is recycled, is soft against the skin, and generally very pleasant to be in. It’s very windproof, wicks and dries very well and after two days hidden under a pile of laundry before making it into the washing machine, smelled fine, so the Polygiene treatment is doing something.
I had bright sunshine, some wind, a few showers and the Jura sailed through it. Not having a pack on meant that the back vents worked very well and I stayed comfortable all the time. I buttoned the front up and down, rolled the sleeves to shut out the cool breeze or let the heat out as desired.
There’s minimal insulation, so you don’t overheat, but the wind resistance means that you don’t chill too readily either, it had a nice wee equilibrium in my personal space you could say.

I haven’t worn a shirt on the hill or trail for years. It’s not something that had crossed my mind, but trying on a sample Jura and seeing all the usual technical features of fit, fabric and even seam placement made me wonder. I’m glad I did, I think for summer it’s great option, I’ll take it on some higher hills and see how I get on.
And no, it’s not just because it’s orange.

18 thoughts on “Haglöfs Jura LS Shirt”

  1. I’ve had one!
    Karrimor made them back in the early 90s, three shades of purple check in a nice jaggy wool. I loved it.

    I do of course have a technofleecy version from Garmont :o)


  2. It’s amazing how many outdoors/travel shirts are either (i) checked and/or (ii) designed to be worn by the presenters of Big Cat Diaries.

    I’ve been keeping half an eye out for a shirt that can be carried in a pack and worn in a pub, hotel, B&B etc.

    Two criteria: very light and very black. Black hides the dirt, goes with everything and doesn’t scream “mountain man” (if I wanted to do that I would go the whole hog and wear RonHills).

    How hard can git be to get a light weight travel shirt in black? Very – unless anyone out there knows differently.

  3. Would you believe I have a shirt almost identical to the Haglofs one above, but in cotton and from H&M. The orange in that one is supplemented with a little purple in the check :o)

    I’ve got a Karrimor shirt in black in Tactel from a few years back, I’ll need to dig that out and another couple I’ve got kicking around and see why I stopped wearing them.

    I think a lot of shirt styles are doomed by having shop staff wear them with big embroidered logos as much as by them having rubbish styling.

    I had a nice Mountain Equipment one as well (grey checks!) that I liked.
    Hmmm, why did I abandon shirts…

  4. I’ve got a nice Oakley one. Very, very light, nice cottony material. Grey with a bit of a pattern going on, but definitely not checked. Looks good with jeans.

    Same shirt in black would be on the button for backpacking, but I bet they don’t make it. I can probably get it in beige/green/ red checks though.

  5. Oh – and I agree with your aversion to the typical outdoor chain shop assistant uniform.

    Note to outdoor clothing designers – I do not want to look like that. Why can’t I wear a very light version of what I would normally wear?

    Rant over

  6. David, good rant. Too many shirts make you look like an evil lion hunter from an episode of Daktari.

    holdfast, it’s very tiring and time consuming cultivating this look!

  7. Well the Jura does at least have a non checked relative – the Paleo. I actually got myself one of those on Saturday partially due to its (reasonable) potential to camouflage itself as a semi formal shirt.

    We do also seem to be due a summer this year ;)

    I guess that light colours are just better for use in properly hot weather?

  8. The Paleo has a much better SPF rating than the Jura which I’d missed before, the same technical cut though, looks like a good choice.

    I wonder if it was the cut, or the lack of a proper “technical” cut I should say, on the shirts I used to have that stopped me looking at such things as an option?
    I found that old Karrimor shirt I mentioned above and it’s a baggy horror.

  9. I used to have the same Karrimor shirt and found it in a cupboard a while back and got about £2 for it on ebay. Horrible material itchy as f**k. Even more uncomfy than the original army KF’s and they were lined with emery paper for comfort.

  10. The new ones do also seem to dry stupidly fast.

    My arms have been so spoilt recently by Chocolate fish that I hadn’t actually really noticed the cut. Then I compared it with my other shirts :)
    (A non contest of ebay inducing proportions….).

  11. Paired with the shopping trolly, this could be the next generation of Adventure racing gear.

    Pete you are a visionary.

  12. It’s not just orange, it’s (stick of rock) candy-striped orange and it doesn’t look technical, it just looks like a loud shirt – I want one.

    As for jaggy wool Karrimor clobber complaints – I got my 100% wool, poppet fastening, plum purple & green plaid, Karrimor “Glacier Point” walking jacket on ebay for £8 odds and I love it, wore it all the time till it suddenly became t-shirt weather – namby pambies the lot of you.

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