Haglöfs Juniper Hood

Haglöfs got it right-first-time a few years back with the Triton, a hooded microfleece with different fabrics cleverly position for best performance, two big venting chest pockets, a good hood and a trim cut. They canned it, brought out the Bungy and the Gemini hoodies, neither of which was quite as good, although the Gemini’s hood is the best of the bunch, then they welded the two of those into the Treble, again which wasn’t up there with the Triton. 
So, have we come full circle with this winter’s Juniper Hood? The fabric is good, a velour-esque Polartec Microfleece, the cut is neat, but with a good length to the body and arms. The hood has a stretch face opening, but no other adjustment. The fit seems okay on me as we speak, but I’ll report back on the with-my-head movement and how it behaves under a shell hood with no cinching available. The pockets are two tiny handwarmers placed down at the bottom, clenched bare fists only in these for me.
It’s comfy, and very light, the hood makes it versatile, and from experience, the faff avoidance of having  that hood handy at all times is a joy when your Buff or beanie is still in your pack.
More soon, winter’s kinda here so I’m back to base+midlayers again.

18 thoughts on “Haglöfs Juniper Hood”

  1. Not that I recall, ptc, but if I’ve forgotten something I’d rather Matt didn’t remind me in a public place!

  2. I see…

    Anyway, snow’s white, you won’t see the dirt.

    Also I will take no pedantry about snow not being white, that it’s “clear”. Hold up a sheet of white papaer, it’s snow-coloured. So hush now.

  3. I’d say it has a little give in the fabric rather than a specific stretch.
    “Give” is an imperial term of measurement of course.

  4. I still haven’t found any fleece that works better than my two ME Ultrafleece Mountain Jackets. Particularly in windy Scotland.

  5. Hello!!

    I was searching about reviews about this hoodie and found your great blog again ;) I didn’t find a lot of information about this model… I’m curious about how it sizes. I can’t decide if I need the large or XLarge version (chest : 102 cm, size 1m89). I don’t want to be too tightened…

    Thank you very much

  6. You’re tall and slim? That’s a tough one, your chest size says Large, your height Extra Large.
    Find a shop with both sizes and make sure you can return it for an exchange if you pick the wrong size!

  7. Many thanks for your answer :) Actually, I have to buy it online, I won’t find it at a good price, even in Paris :/

    Tall and slim yes indeed :)

    Oh there’s something else, I own a Haglöfs Barrier Vest and it’s Xlarge, and the perfect size to me, so based upon this maybe I should take the Juniper in XL?


  8. XL it is!

    I have a Barrier and a Juniper in large, the fit of both is good, so hopefully the XL’s are a s good a match.

    Let me know how you get on.

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