Haglöfs Intense Tee

I wondered if this was going to be just a colour variation on the Haglöfs Actives Tee, but Haglöfs’ Intense Tee is a semmit of a different colour in a few ways.

The fabric is a lighter recycled Dryskin with Polygiene anti-odour treatment. It’s a soft, silky-smooth fabric and very pleasant against the skin, the cut is a little looser than the Actives Tee which along with it’s minimal insulative properties make it a good choice for warm weather.
There’s a little reflective detailing ,and the colour and styling is part of the Intense Series revamp. Budgie green crops up in small amounts, but Oxy Blue is now king. It’s fresh looking, and I quite like it, although the aesthetics are quite “sporty” with the colour blocks and contrast stitching which folk will either like or not.
The label is a soft plastic sewn-in tab, although it’s on the inside here rather than the better external placement on the Actives Tee.

I’ve used this a few times and it is very comfy, the fabric is miles better than what they used in the old Intense baselayers like the Azer, much nicer against the skin and stretchier as well.
I’ll wear it on some longer hot weather trips and see how it does both at stink and pack strap wear resistance.

8 thoughts on “Haglöfs Intense Tee”

  1. Have you managed to try the intense zip top and have they changed the sizing at all from last year. The reason i ask i had a 021 zip neck base layer given to me but the sizings seemed all wrong. Usually i am a small or medium but in this a large was still tight on me so a bit baffling tbh looking at their size chart it should have been massive on me.

  2. I’ve tried one on coops, the sizing is a little looser than the other baselayers, slim but not tight if you know what I mean?

  3. Worth a look I think. I was expecting one in for test, but the Tee appeared instead, so the stock must all be in the shops. Still fancy one though.

  4. So I imagine these are loser than the actives base layer, but tighter than their tonal tee in the climatic range?

    What is the wicking like on on intense tee?

    While I’m on the subject, have you tried the B or Tonal tee in the climatic range, whats the wicking like in comparison to the intense or actives baselayers?


  5. The sizing is kinda “in the middle” like you say.
    Wicking is good I think, it seems to pick up the moisture quick and dries quick as well.

    I saw the B Tee and the other Climatic t-shirts and they look and feel just like cotton t-shirts. No idea what the performance is like though, they are billed as technical so it’s just that the styling that’s casual I think.
    I quite fancy one for looking a bit more inconspicuous on some days out!

  6. Well the website seems to give some info – dryskin 997/9 vs the intenses 998. Still 100% poly but a bit heavier. So you wouldn’t think they could be so different performance wise.

    Seemingly something of a mystery why they’ve got them filed under ‘climatic’ not ‘base layer’ :)

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