Haglöfs Iguana Softshell Pant update

I first looked at these a while back. Since those youthful days these have been worn many times in a variety of situations from sitting in cafes, to bimbles, to day hikes and overnighters. Their first real test was at the fantastic Cluanie camp where we got roasted under the sun and chilled in equal measures.

Although they give the impression of being a hardcore mountaineering  pant, they have a much wider use. The fabric is not completely windproof and isn’t as thick as it looks, so they do work as an all season pant. But with a set of merino leggings under these I’m set for winter.
Comfort is supreme, I’ve had no issues with rubbing or chaffing. Leg movement is unhindred and the ankle cuff stays put whatever postition you find yourself in.
I’ve slept in them a handful of times and I stayed dry and stink-free even on one clammy night in a down bag where I couldn’t be arsed taking layers off, ignored the situation and went back to sleep.
The legs zips I haven’t really used much, I don’t mind walking around the civilised areas cinched in at the ankle and the slimmer fit is good for sleeping in, but if they are undone you do get a noticable increase in coolness around the ankles.

The mesh hip and tail pockets work well with the reversed smooth-face-out zips and the thigh cargo pockets worked better than I expected. I find that some full stretch pants suffer with weight in the cargo pockets, it all ends up distorted and pulling at the waist band with stuff digging into your leg behind the pocket. Not so here, it could be the cut as well, tapered with a little more room at the thigh that say Mammut pants which are more straight legged. The cargo pockets have a clever closure with one shaped and sewn end that will defy description in words and the other end has a popper closure. I thought initially I was going to lose stuff here as the closure looked a bit ropey, but it’s fine and I’ve grown to trust it.

There’s been no abrasion, no fabric catches, no damage to report. I think stretch helps here, that which bends does not break? The knee patches probably help as well, pitching a tent being a killer of trousers of meek and mild construction.
So would I buy them? Yes indeed, I like them a lot. They’ll never be as badass as the Rugged Mountain Pants, but the fabric is better in wet weather, the DWR is excellent, rain just sits on the outside. And they do dry quicker when they are wet.

These are available now and will still be about for winter, they’re definitely worth a look. But for ’09 Haglöfs are canning them and replacing them with the Granite Pant. The Granite is nice, but it’s more overtly a mountaineering pant, and the one below in the range is the plainer and less-pocketed Lynx Pant. So there’s no equivalent to the Iguana in the range.

6 thoughts on “Haglöfs Iguana Softshell Pant update”

  1. How would you rate these now you’ve had them out a lot compared to rivals like the Base Jumps, Patagonia and the Mountain Equipment Combin soft shell pants?

    I’m tempted by trying some soft shell pants for the improved performance in the wet and was swaying to the ME ones but your update on these has made me think it’s not so bad if I’m head to toe in Haglofs?

  2. Joyce wears Patagonia Guide-somethings and the Iguanas are stretchier and less wind resistant.
    Mountain Equipment pants don’t fit me these days, I was looking at some of their stuff last winter and nothing was right, legs too short and poor leg movement for my shape.
    Mammut I like, I still wear a pair of Schoeller pants from them now and again, the fit is good if a little straight legged.
    Now that we’re into the damper weather I can see me wearing the Iguanas more. The fact that they’ll work across a temperature range makes them a winner. The fabric is good, the functionality is good, the fit on me is perfect. They look the part as well.
    But fit is everything, try them on and see. If they fit. it’s a no-brainer.

  3. Indeed trying them all on is the best test, shame so few shops stock all the gear you want to try if only they’d do a week free trial

    Do you know how many places stocks these in England?

  4. I know that Outside have them, and maybe the Climbers Shop in Ambleside and Ultimate Outdoors?

    That free trial thing is a good idea, and something I was talking to retailer about a few weeks back. So you never know…?

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