Haglöfs Heads-Up, Halo Jacket and Zap II Tights

It was cool enough yesterday to take Haglöfs’ Halo and Zap II’s out for a spin. They came in for test just as the good weather locked in place and have sat there waiting for their chance, and it looks like come autumn these guys might well reign supreme on the trails.

I left the hoose wearing the Halo in a light shower where it worked very well, I stayed at an even temperature until the combination of unbroken sunshine and 300m of ascent saw it relegated to my pack. I pulled it back out on the way home later on, and the good thing was it was unnoticed while it was in my pack.
It’s a good fit for wearing on the bike, slim with a long body and long arms (with thumbloops). The chest pocket took my shades no problem, and the rear pocket has a double ended zip and the pocket itself is divided so stuff doesn’t just roll about in it if you’re out without a pack.
The fabric mix makes sense, windproof front, softshell wind-resistant rear. Like I say, come autumn I’ll be wearing this more and I’ll come back to it.

The Zap II’s are like the race-bred sibling of the Kazoo’s. They’re tights, and are indeed tight, but are also very soft and stretchy so that they kinda go undetected in use. There’s kick patches (great for on the bike to stop crankarm wear on the ankles), wee rear ankle zips to cinch them right in after your feet are through, and the genius touch: stretch thigh pockets. I had a Buff, my shades, even my camera happily stowed in them at various points. Huge but completely flat when empty.
I think I’m going to love these for cold weather biking and running.

It’s early days of course, so I’ll come back to these in a wee while

16 thoughts on “Haglöfs Heads-Up, Halo Jacket and Zap II Tights”

  1. Interesting, I was thinking of sticking up some thoughts on the Kazoo’s, they have managed to become my fave outdoor troo’s since I picked up a pair in london just over a month ago. They’ve been on every trip and I see it remaining that way until it’s cold enough to dust off the Rugged Mountain pants. The only usefull addition I could see would be stretchy thigh pocket.

    I’m not sure if I’m ready for tights though. My montane Terra’s have become technical gardening troos.

  2. Tights are running and bike only for me, and on the bike only in winter. It’s just not a good look on an auld bloke like me.
    Then again, they’re good enough for me not to care :o)

  3. Matt, you’ll notice the carefully selected to photie above. Not giving much away :o)

    Moggy, tights are omnisexual as long as they’ve got pockets.

  4. ah, the Halo looks like a very nice piece of kit. Am thinking of investing in the vest version to add to my Haglofs collection. Hopefully an Ace M is arriving for me on Friday, the day before I hit the hills for a coupla weeks…time enough to decide then.

    Kazoos, y’know, have been crazy popular. Absolutely flown off the shopfloor, I think we only have a few XLGs left on the entire system, and it’s not even August yet. I’ve been really shocked, because when I saw them, I thought Haglofs had boobed: they’re not a pure running tight and they’re not a pure trek pant either. Didn’t think there’d be an y demand. Shows how much I know. Clearly the fast-moving types were crying out for something that wicked well without actually being…y’know…a tight.

  5. Aye ACS, the Kazoo’s hit a gap in the market I think. When I saw the samples at the range showing they stuck out like a sore thumb and I wanted them bad!
    I’m glad they’ve kept them on next year as the Intense Pant, they’re one of those rare items that I would buy a spare of.

    On that sunject folks, the Zap II’s are canned for 2010. If you want the version with the pockets, it’s buy now or sob later.

  6. I think the halo top is one of the best pieces from haglöfs intense series. I use ist for all sport activities (mountaineering, biking, trail running,…).

    the zapII tight is nice, but i prefer the zapI tight.

    What i miss is a budgie green windstopper tee !!!

    Greetings from Germany, daniel

  7. Hi Daniel

    I think I’ll miss the budgie green. It made a huge impact when it came out, and now everybody else is using similar colours. I wonder if the oxy blue will capture the imagination as much?
    I’d like to have seen an Intense Series Pro-Shell jacket or smock, alpine-style. Something halfway between the Oz Paclite smock and LIM Ozone shell. I reckon it would be under 300g…

  8. My recent haglofs purchases have jumped to the top of my current fave kit kazoos, ace m and barrier jacket tremendous all of em.

  9. Maybe if they sell enough Kazoo’s they’ll eventually start doing leg length options in them :)

  10. Aye, I have some, and they are fantastic but an inch longer in the leg would be ideal and that’s even with wearing most my troos quite low slung.

  11. I like my average length inseam!

    Souinds like fun shopping coops :o)

    Das, it was all part of the plan…

    btw the pack I’ve there is my Endurance, dusted off for the first time in a while.

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