Haglöfs Grym

Haglöfs have a new boot for this season and it has the marvellous name of the Grym. I know a little something is lost in the translation, but the name still suits the boot from this side of the North Sea. It’s black, it’s mean looking, it’s badass with laces.
The upper is SuperFabric, which is highly textured, super strong and absorbs very little water. There’s a Gore-Tex liner, thick rand for even more abuse resistance and a soft compound aggressive Vibram outsole. Inside we have some memory foam around the ankle to hopefully get you a best-possible fit and like all new Haglöfs footwear, a Sole heat-moldable insole. The lacing is through chunky eyelets a sturdy looking hooks, with a pair of locking D-Rings half way up. The ankle cuff is high but soft and shouldn’t give my Achilles tendon any grief.
When I took them out of the box my first thought after seeing them was “Oh, they’re light”. They look like an alpine boot, they feel like an alpine boot, but they have a nice amount of flex at the toe which for me makes them a nice winter boot for here at home. Are they light? These size 43’s come in at 830g per boot, and for this spec that is pretty light. On my feet, they certainly don’t feel like breeze blocks.
While maybe not intended as a crampon compatible mountain boot (but bear in mind that anything designed in Sweden for trekking is going to be broad shouldered enough to take anything the UK can fire at it, any time of year), the light minded will have crampons that they can attach to it that will work well, be it Kahtoolas or something like the Grivel Airtechs I stuck on.
I’m going to test these (proper boots,let’s rock!). I’ll give them a few run-outs on some wet days, but come the snow they’ll get some proper miles on them.
Interesting indeed.

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  1. They do look mean indeed! The weight is fantastically low for such a sturdy looking boot. I’m wondering about the high cut, will it bite into the ankle, I wonder. No doubt you’ll tell us all about it once you hit the hills.

    But that’s something to pencil down for October…

  2. Well, they grip the hall carpet very well and they flex at the ankle okay on the stairs, but I’ll test them more than that :o)

  3. Grip on the carpet and flexin’ on the ol’ stairs is all important. Don’t they say the home is where most accidents happen?

  4. Ah! You cruel man, teasing me like that… The trouble with Haglofs is that it’s hard to get hold of the stuff and try it on in the shop. Before forking out the best part of 400 quid, I’d like to see what the arms length is like, how the hood fits me (I’ve got a long neck) that sort of thing. I’ve got the Kaza and the Treble vest (not the hooded one) and they fit me like they were made for me, which is promising. I just hope shops will get some stock before winter. I can see myself in an all Haglofs kit this winter, including the Grym bits…

    Watch out for them Holly traps…

  5. Aye, I remember that, thanks for looking it up. I’ll have a look around Tiso and Craigdon and see if they’ve any left hanging aboot.

  6. I just weighed it, 568g for a size large. I have a jacket with an almost identical layout from maybe 2001 and it’s over a kilo.

  7. They do look mean and good. They are boots and that begs the question – did you bang your head or something? You are not known as Mr boots. Graham Thompson would fall of his chair :)

  8. When I was at The Shed looking at the new gear, it was mentioned that it would be a good idea for me to test the Gryms as they were a lightweight heavy duty boot (?) and also that it would be amusing to get me back into a pair of boots again.
    So hell, why not :o)

    I like the idea of something lighter that’ll take the Airtech crampons, that just says “fun” in the back of my head!

    Aye, we’ll see…

  9. saw these mentioned on OM the other day, they look very interesting! never thought id see the day when u looked forward to boot testing mind you.

  10. It’s one of those have-to-do things Moggy. I could quite happily wear trail shoes and mids forever, but I won’t learn anything from that. I have to keep updating my points of reference, that’s why I’ve got synthetic sleeping bags, a single skin tent and other bits and pieces I wouldn’t normally look in for test. A lightweight winter boot just has to be tested.
    It’ll either re-inforce my point of view or change it, either result is a winner :o)

  11. Nice looking boot. I’m quite tempted. Looking for something with a more agressive grip, especially at the heal. My Hanwags(yes I’m one of those boot wearing sissies) weigh about the same, are fine up top, but are annoyingly rounded at the heel. Nice if you like spending a lot of time on your arse but less nice if you want to walk down steep grass or snow with confidence.

  12. Ah boots, I just realised my inov8 mids are in my mates car, doh !, I’ve had to throw my scarpa zg10 into my bag for the weekend, should be interesting to see how i find them after nearly a year in lighter footwear (They are a cracking pair of boots mind)

  13. Dave, I’m no footwear facist. I like to say that you don’t need to wear boots, but say that on a forum and it apparently translates as “you’re an idiot if you don’t wear trail shoes”. Ah the fights I’ve had… :o)
    I think the outole and the stiffness look good for snow and the mixed horror we get surrounding it, the toe flex should meaning walking is doable. As I’ll be wearing them, I want them to be good. I don’ want to be suffering at all.

    Adi, you will notice a difference. I was out in boots the other day and although there were no issues as such, when I got back my feet were tender. No rubbing or blisters, the boots were a good fit (write-up soon) but my feet were definitely confused. I wish I the time and wherewithal to do some sort of proper study on this stuff.

    Coops :o)

  14. By the way, I was a bit previous with my “this season” description above, these won’t be available until March 2010.
    I’ll defintely know where I’m at with the Grym’s by then!

    March… consolidated snow… clear skies… hat and gloves…

  15. Size 48 is as big as they go I’m afraid. They are quite roomy, but I don’t think two sizes worth.
    In the shops any minute now if you did want to try them

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