Haglöfs Escape Ventilator

I originally saw Haglöfs’ new Escape Ventilator shoes a while back, but as samples are always size 8’s I couldn’t try one on until a production test pair arrived on Friday morning.
I took them out of the box, stuck them on, thought “They feel okay”, jumped in the motor and headed for Glen Coe.
When we arrived and I was getting the Wheelie ready to go, Joycee reminded me that I was still wearing them. But they felt fine so I decided to keep them on for the trek, I did pack my original choice (Salomon XA’s), just in case.
On the trail they felt immediately friendly, even with the Sole insoles ready-fitted. These mold to your feet with time as well as with heating them, and when I checked them today, I could already see a little shadow of my foot on them. They are higher volume than a lot of trail shoes, but even with thin running socks on it was okay, I had no rubbing or hot spots. The lacing is wide and goes quite far down your foot, and after a re-tighten after two or three miles it was secure. The upper fits the Ventilator name very well, I could feel the raindrops through the mesh during the showers that passed over me, but in the bright sunshine surrounding these mini cloudbursts they dried quickly and my feet stayed cool.
After Ba Bridge where the cobbles start was the bit that was worrying me, but although it was harder going as expected the flexibility of the shoe nd the cushioning on the sole kept me comfy and unscathed.
The grip wasn’t overly stretched on this terrain, but there’ll much more asked of these shoes in the next few weeks. For now though, nine miles straight out of the box, including the bit of the West Highland Way that’s hardest on my feet without an issue has impressed me.

10 thoughts on “Haglöfs Escape Ventilator”

  1. The sole insert is a bit hard on those trail 2 mids !
    Interesting that they go well with trail ventilators.
    Size 8 samples now there is a bonus ! As a Gus imposter I must get some !

  2. The fit is very different to the Trail 2 Mids, aye (I got a pair of those and a pair of Crags in).
    It looks like they use a few different lasts. The heel cup on the Ventilators is good, no lift or slipping.

    I just wish they were orange with olive detailing instead of the other way round…

  3. Mmmm good to know the heel cup has a better fit than those ones we tried on in Tiso – can’t remember what they were.

    Will wait in anticipation of the thrashing you’ll give them ;-)

  4. Ah Blondie, rained off?

    The Tiso ones were Crags, but here’s the funny thing, Haglofs sent me a pair (in budgie green) and they seem to fit me much better. Can’t explain that one.

    You have to try them all on while they’re still reasonably clean!

  5. Yeh, decided not to risk Glen Shiel with the weather forecast and ended up on Beinn an Dothiadh & Beinn Dorain yesterday.

    Strange one that with the different colour sizing. I see they even do the womens version in red but only up to 42. Yes we are the Imelda Marcos of the gear shoe world :-)

    I’m enjoying being back in my CtC’s – just like a pair of slippers ;-)

  6. Was the weather okay yesterday? My mind is going…

    Here, remind me to tell you about some exciting wummins specific kit that’s coming in 2010 that I can’t put in print yet :o)

  7. Took the early bus so only spent the last 1 1/2hrs in persistant precipitation which the Oz handled very well with the litespeed underneath. Not really what I had intendd but couldn’t be bothered getting cold and wet just to take the ltespeed off.

    Now I hope that wummin specific is no fur some stick insect sized wummin………..

  8. Aye, windtop and waterproof. I’ve slept in that combo more than once, cold and tiredness makes such things seem quite acceptable. Keeps you very dry next to the skin though.

    Ah, wummin shape, yes…

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