Haglöfs Corker XS, by HLY*

Haglöfs made me a rucksack for my 3rd birthday, they said it’s called the Corker XS, but it’s got a big H on it, and a reflective snowflake with an H on it, I think they meant that it’s the Holly XS.
It’s got a Fruit Shoot pocket, a bungee for stowing blankie and opens with a zip at the side. It’s 5L and I can get stack of stuff in there, and there’s a big handle on the top so dad can catch me. The same semi-hard shell construction and fabrics from the big boys and girls packs are here too.
The harness is proper spec, as well formed as the big version, including a chest strap with a buckle that will snap open under a lot of pressure, that is dad grabbing the pack when I’m running away, so I stop without getting strangled, which is always nice.
The best thing is, it looks just like Dora the Explorer’s. This one’s mine, and you can’t have it. get your own in March next year.
Okay Boops.

20 thoughts on “Haglöfs Corker XS, by HLY*”

  1. Brillaint wee packs, same build quality as the big ones which I know from experience are practically indestructable.
    There’ll be a bunch of colours too.

  2. particularly HLY*’s sense of irony :-)

    Not so sure about some of the other kit though – fluffy pink gaiters?

  3. I daresay I’m impressed with her vocabulary: semi-hard shell, the harness is proper spec. You taught her well.

  4. Nice!

    Lydia (3 “and a bit”) has the Mammut kids pack. (Includes a free woolly mammoth – what’s not to like?). She stomps around with the tiny pink Klean Kanteen and her Karrimor “upmountain boots” which look the part but are 100% NOT waterproof.(http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-boulder-juniors-094034). Did her well on Catbells, even if we didn’t reach the very top!

    Doesn’t understand “askew” yet, but was overheard telling nursery teacher that she shouldn’t go outside in just a tshirt as she’d “catch hypothermia”….

  5. This is so unfair. I want one of those woolly mammoths! Where can I get one?

    lol @ roddy’s daughter advising teacher in that way :-)

  6. Was looking at boots for Holly today, might have to check those wee Karrimor’s.

    We have a mammoth, not a Mammut one, but it is a hairy wonder and joins us for our caveman stories at bedtime.

    Talking of which, I’ve been talking to Mammut the past couple of weeks. Some kit soon if there’s stock.

  7. Mammut kit – see if you can blag a Pulse Barryvox tranceiver in case we get a winter like the last one! :)

  8. Mammut kit – see if you can blag a woolly mammoth for a competition :-)

    My brother had a mammoth / elephant cross when he was small called Tunk. He had to have surgery one time (I think his tummy seam split), so mum used a proper suture needle to do it and he healed without a scar!

  9. I dunno what the hell to get, they’ve got yellow powerstretch kit though?

    No more competitions ’til Haglofs decide to grace me with the name of the winner of the LIM pack.
    I have Wigwam socks and a Hilleberg Akto in a holding pattern because of that.

  10. I should run another competition to pick a winner of that competition, the winner of than one gets a bottle of American Cream Soda and a packet of Monster Munch.

  11. Monster Munch – do they still make them? Are they like Smarties, not as good as they used to be before they stopped making them of E numbers?

  12. Still available, still like fried compresssed toxic waste.
    Savoury and remarkably salty fried compresssed toxic waste.

  13. @MetricKate: http://www.mammut.ch/en/productDetail/251001540_v_3107_16/First+Zip.html

    The mammoth is small, but has a rather fine punky hairdo. I saw larger ones (about 12″ tall) in a window display at The Climbers Shop in Ambleside, but neither money, tantrums or physical violence would persaude them to part with one. Watch ebay, I guess…

    I hear Mammut have 4m inflatable mammoths available to dealers for special events. Pink Floyd’s “Animals” springs to mind for some reason…

    @ptc : Julia Donaldson delights (Gruffalo) and annoys (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7N_yYktD48) me in equal amounts, but Cave Baby is good troglodyte fun. ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cave-Baby-Julia-Donaldson/dp/0230743080 )

  14. Aye, the Gruffalo is popular here, as is Humf.
    I like that Humf is purple and mum and dad are blue and red!
    Advanced learning concept there for the wee yins!

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