Haglöfs Corker as a baby changing bag, by JYC*

This is an amazing sack to use as a baby changing bag, as well as just a normal daysack. In fact, I gave my ‘gold award’ samsonite nappy bag to my sister as I didn’t use it once I realised that I could fit everything into the Corker in a fairly organised way. I have used this sack everyday for the last 10 months, and it shows no sign of wear. I used it as a hospital bag, hence it ended up as a nappy bag. The waist and chest straps worked out great for my sore back. Also, I had it for about a year previous as my school bag for work, and carried folders, my laptop, gardening gear and all sorts in it.

This is a spacious bag for holding nappies, Sudocrem, wipes, change of clothes, food, toys or whatever else you may need. Inside the main compartment is a zipped back section which is perfect to hold a travel sized baby changing matt, and I also keep a tea towel, bibs and muslins in this bit.   The side pockets in the main compartment is the perfect size for holding a bottle in one of the small warmer bags. The side pocket on the other side is full of little sections, which I keep spoons, teethers, Calpol, little clips, parsons powders, Calgel and all the other little bitty things.

My own stuff goes in the pocket at the top, and I can get my coupon filled purse, mobile, house + car keys, lippy, pens and all the other usual handbag junk.

To top all that, there is a clipped bungee at the front of the rucksack, great for strapping on your jacket, a blanket, toys, juice and bottle bag or left spare.

It fits great on the buggy, and slots in really neat without trailing or overbalancing the buggy. It also lies down flat on it’s side when squeezing it into a tiny space in the baby changing.

The only changes I have made to the sack is a coloured tagger on the left side, so I can remember which side has the little sections.  Haglöfs have done a great job with this sturdy, reliable sack, so I thought I should share this with you. The other boost is that it doesn’t look gay and PTC* will quite comfortably carry it around too.

11 thoughts on “Haglöfs Corker as a baby changing bag, by JYC*”

  1. Really interesting review, JYC*, I trust over the months and years we’ll be having more input on the use of outdoor gear for domestic purposes, and family-oriented gear (not that I’d be using it for that purpose myself, god forbid!!!).

  2. I was just reading the review there and was wondering why PTC* would need a bit for his “Coupon filled purse”, “Lippy”, and “other handbag junk”….;o)

    It all makes sense now.

  3. Kate, I’ll do my best to steal the gear and try other uses. I’m planning to experiment with de-hydrated food when I get a minute. All my other uses are garden related – old gore is a great liner and I’m thinking of using my heavy old la sportiva lhotses as planters:)

    mattc, yeah, PTC* likes purple, we have many varieties of the items you describe in the spare room

    Bbf, yeah, manbag junk is more like spare change, washers and plectrums

  4. “The other boost is that it doesn’t look gay and PTC* will quite comfortably carry it around too.”

    As if his passion for old school purple things doesn’t make him look gay already!

  5. As a father of 2, I often thought there was a gap in the market for “manly” baby accessories; camo papooses, SWAT nappie bags and the like.

    Anybody got Duncan Bannatyne’s mobile number?

  6. Purple is a very manly colour…

    Duncan Bannatyne, a Clybebank boy. I wonder if “Hey, mister we went tae ra same school, gonnae gies a sub tae start ma ain biznis…” would work :o)

  7. Great review. I was looking for recommendations on which Haglof bags might make a good diaper bag and you make a good sales pitch. Any chance you have any information on the Haglof’s Chill backpack? “Chill” seems to be too common of a word in your posts to use the search engine. Thanks!

  8. I don’t think I’ve even seen a sample of the Chill pack. Looks like a good alternative to the Corker, which is still in daily use and going strong :o)

  9. I’ve just dropped an email to PTC* before I saw this post. I’m looking for a erm… dad bag for when I’m out and about with my toddler daughter.

    I need to carry – A couple of nappies+bags, drink, wipes, change of toddler clothes, toddler coat, snacks, small giraffe, pack of post-its, pen, chalk and finally a wind shirt for me but this can be strapped to the outside.

    What sized Corker is this? Do you have any other recommendations?


  10. I’m 99% sure it’s the 18litre Corker Medium. It’s perfect for kid stuff, it all fits inside, it’s got mesh pockets for stuff and the semi rigid construction means that the stuff inside doesn’t get squashed and it’s easy to fish items out too as you can see inside very well.
    It’s a usable pack for general or outdoors as well, good harness and a comfy carry.
    Great wee pack, I must have around 50 packs and there’s nothing that came close to this for days out when Holly was younger.

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