Haglöfs Actives Tee Review

The eagle-eyed passerby might have noticed the Haglöfs Actives Tee on here a good few times over the past year. It’s been well used, it’s seen biking, running, walking of all sorts (it’s technical properties and understated looks means it fits in well even on family days out), and the best test of any baselyer’s stink repelling qualities: it’s been slept in.

The fit is close, but not tight, and the easy stretch means that there’s no feeling of restriction. The Dryskin fabric is silky to the touch, and very pleasant to wear. The sweat managing properties are good, wicking well and drying reasonably quickly, in fact it’s better all-round than the fabric used on Haglöfs now discontinued Azer top that I got around the same time.
There will always by a slight chill on your spine when you pull your rucksack back onto a sweat soaked synthetic baselayer, but it’s much better than it used to be and not an issue these days I don’t think. The fabric is Polygiene treated which makes a huge difference, even after a couple of days on the trail, it’s not offensive. You can still tell you’ve been sweating in it, but there’s none of the eyewatering nostril attack that drove me to merino all those years ago.

The cut is very good, working with the stretch to keep the hem down, and the length of both body and arms suit me well.
The seams are all flatlocked stitched in a nice contrasting orange, and they have the same stretch as the fabric they’re holding together, so you can’t feel them at all, and there’s no wrinkling even after multiple washes.
The logo makes you look like you’re wearing a medallion, but I quite like the symmetry of the placement. There’s no labels at all on the inside, instead there’s a soft, clear plastic tab on the back bottom edge of the neck seam with your washing instruction and info. You’d never know it’s there, but cutting it out is a cinch.

The construction is top notch, and even after a lot of wear/wash cycles it’s still in fantastic condition.
It’s a cracking bit of kit and recommended.

Product Information

  • Weight: 130g for my size large
  • UK Price: £37.50
  • Fabric: Dryskin 990 Stretch, Polyester/Spandex
  • Made in: Portugal
  • Ladies (Q) version available: Charcoal with blue contrast stitching
  • Matching boxer shorts available

17 thoughts on “Haglöfs Actives Tee Review”

  1. Haglofs sizing must be variable then to say the least. I have their Powerstretch top in size Small and it seems designed for a gibbon: it comes about a foot below my bum and the sleeves are around 6 inches beyond my outstretched fingertips.

  2. I think that’s one of the reasons I get on so well with Haglofs kit, the cut suits my frame pefectly! I think I must have some Scandinavian ancestry.

    I’ve noticed Haglofs-esque dimensions creeping in elsewhere too, which means that brands that used hang on me like a blanket thrown over a chair are now perfect.
    I’m very happy with that of course, but there’s going to be some folk out there feeling disenfranchised when they go shopping.

  3. Bugger, I forgot to mention the boxers.

    Aye, same great fabric, light and comfy waistband and I think well suited to hot weather.

    I shall add a note above…

  4. I was wondering about that too, and it turns out it isn’t really. Chocolate Fish’s merino S/S is £37.95, Icebreaker’s are both sides of £40, Salomon does well at £30 for a runner’s synthetic and most quality synthetic’s float around the mid 30’s.
    So looking at that and having used the Actives for so long, I think it’s a good price.

    This is why I’m putting that info box in reviews from now on, so we can get into this stuff :o)

  5. I realise that my reviews have been lacking this kind of stuff, so like you say “Made in Portugal” makes a difference, as does the quality fabric, Haglofs’ ethical approach etc
    I think we’ve just proved the point here that the wee fact box was a good idea!

    btw, I’ve got an OMM branded Up and Running top here which I’ll be writing up at some point too.

  6. Talking of sleeve lengths, is it just me or are the sleeves on the intense zip/juniper a lot longer than last years versions?

  7. Must be the cut or something then :) On me its gone from ‘thats halfway to my elbow’ to fitting almost plausibly….
    (to the extent I got an intense as the closest to a fitting thin synthetic I’ve found.).

  8. I remember commenting on the Intense top when I tried in it on way back as being better fitting than the Azer it’s replacing.
    New designer you see, a tall skinny adventure racer too!

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