Haglöfs 2012 Footwear Preview

Haglöfs’ footwear has been improving season by season. The old-school trad looks and stiff soles are still in the range but there’s an increasing amount of up to date models in the range and next years sees a real step forward with more to follow. See what I did there?
Asics are the owners of Haglöfs these days and as they’re a footwear behemoth some of their technology has now filtered through to Haglöfs. It looks like a good thing to me, the new models are lighter, bendier and the range is now wider too with sandals coming in.

Above are the various new colourways of the Roc Legends. These have been a big hit, a sticky & thin soled rock/scrambling  shoe in mens and wummins fits with a GTX option. They look brilliant, one of those want-but-don’t-need things for me. All footwear should be laced to the toe, looks cool.

Above we have a selection of the new Röse sandals, his and hers. These are a proper trail sandal with toe protection and webbing adjustability front and back for a slip-free fit.
The insole is a Sole, a feature of all Haglöfs footwear, here it’s a permanent feature rather than a regular insole. It’s Polygiene treated for enduring freshness too.
The outsole (below) is the kinda Glaswegian sounding Watagrip for keeping upright on wet surfaces (it’s razor-sipped, is fine lines cut into the tread that try to do a Spiderman type of thing to the ground) , so it’s presumed you’ll be around the water or paddlesports in these, but the tread is broken up enough for decent grip on tracks and trails.
The midsole is visibly full of wee bits of cork to cut down of the hydrocarbon use in construction, I know from experience that this doesn’t affect performance at all

Above is the Kobbe, the middle model (say that out loud, sounds vaguely Harry Potteresque) and has pretty much all the features of the Röse but has a more minimal upper for maybe more casual use. It still looks like it’ll do the miles off road though as the heel is properly constructed and that big-toe bumper takes the worry out of off road sandal use for a lot of folk.
Below is the Sele, the model closest to a flip-flop. But, it’s still got the same techy chassis under your foot, the toe bumper and enough of an upper to keep them attached, so they still look usuable to me.
Like the Röse, the Kobbe and Sele come in half sizes in boys and girls fit from 3.5 and 12.

Is that Haglöfs safety footwear? I asked when I saw that black shoe above, but no, it’s the new Ridge trail shoe. It’s half Asics this one, so it feels light and flexible.
There’s an impossible amount of technology in this shoe, it’s all capital letters followed by long explainations in the workl book, the jist is that Asics have applied all their widgets here from the gel heel inserts to the chassis that keeps your foot pointing in the right direction. The proof is always in the wearing, but the sole really interests me, the way it joins the heel to the forefoot. There’s a good bit of heel breast for down hill braking andgeneral grip, but a strong link in the middle for stability and torsional stiffness. If this how Asics do their trail runners I’ll be having a look.

Here we have the ladies Observe Mid GT and Observe GT, with the blokes duller blue at the bottom. Humph.
These feel light and flexible in the hand, with all that Asics tech wired in once again. The shot below shows the outsole in better detail, will it be as grippy as it looks?
The Mid is quite high cut, but the thin upper construction is very maleable, so I hope these will still allow free movement.  The upper is mostly a synthetic ripstop with some overlayering in high wear or stress areas with a proper toe bumper as well.
This is a proper departure for Haglöfs and the right direction to be going in I think. The shops have been liking these apparently so we’ll be seeing them early next year.

 Most of the other familiar models stay in the range and get some new colours or a little facelift, the Crags, Vertigos, Trail Mids and Escapes will all be back, the Escapes with a much imprived outsole.

I’ll be back with more Haglöfs in a minute, the new Gram Intense pack range is looking magic, properly light and functional bumbags, zipped-access and KIMM-style packs that had me grinning from ear to ear. I’ll be doing some clothing as well, softshell, skirts, windproof gilets, streetwear…

8 thoughts on “Haglöfs 2012 Footwear Preview”

  1. The ridge makes me wonder if its going to be resolable. Otherwise that very tough looking upper….

  2. It’s softer than it looks, they might wear out at the same time :o)
    It is a good point though, ever more complex sole construction that’s impossible to repair or replace. Everybody in resoleable flat bottomed fell shoes one day?

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