29 thoughts on “Haglöfs 2010”

  1. Ta for a good day in the shed – good banter as always. Looking forward to seeing some more photos! Yer photie man appears to like beach volleyball more than biking, climbing, surfing etc etc lol

  2. Aye, that’s a good shot on the gallery homepage :o)

    It was a pleasure as always to be in the shed of wonders!

  3. The colours are seriously wild, I was almost hyperventilating at times I was so excited.
    It’s the best Spring/Summer collection I’ve seen from Haglofs, more later today!

  4. Nice one, they are like skittles….all the colours of the rainbow.

    cant wait to hear about it the pics on the little photie bucket thing at the bottom look great….i want orange orange and more orange!

  5. A court jester on the hills dressed in harlequin. Pete if you speak to haglofs again just tell them the 0845 contact number on their site is a dead line, as i was trying to info gather but emailed in the end. Also does anyone else think their sizing is a bit strange on the pants front. My kazoos fine, but i want more. I tried some small mid flex pants on great around the waist/leg lenth but the arse/crotch area mega tight & i’m slim. Or is it just me & scandanavians are arseless.

  6. Big photies and words will be up later today!

    That phone number might be old as the UK office moved a few weeks back? I’ll see what they say.
    The pants are always good on me thankfully, but there is a loose fit option next year, more later…

  7. 0845 602 7343 redirects to Sweden, can take a bit to ring through and will go to the automated switchboard if CS are busy. Bear in mind they finish an hour before us as well!


  8. a rainbow of fruit flavours!… like a packet of Skittles. Nice!

    do they do sizes for wee lassie’s? :-)

  9. Wms XS is about a UK8 and a lot of the kit is “technical” fit so quite fitted.

  10. Womens XS or S will do just fine!
    Do they come with a scratch’n’sniff panel?? Imagine what that red one would smell like – mmmm strawberries :)

  11. Aye, that’s the definition of wee that is.

    You can match your red jacket with red Lynx Q softshell pants as well for a very er, sci-fi look…

    I hope the Budgie Green doesn’t have to smell of budgies?!

  12. Nooooo red troosers are wrong! a nice black pair, but only if thye have a short leg length? quite hard to find.

  13. I now have all the dimensions.

    For example, Wummins XS is 66cm waist, 93cm er, “seat” and leg lengths of 71cm, 75cm and 79cm.


  14. I tend to take the size charts with a pinch of salt tbh as different styles of pant will fit differently, but they do give you a starting point!

  15. Aye, I miss an OS map slowly turning to papier mache in a chest map pocket…

    I tried to get last seasons Black Sabbath special edition Converse bu the shipping was $80. I’ll get a white pair and get Holly’s crayons.

  16. It’s Flexable 1557, a thinner non-membrane softshell.
    I’ve had the tester out a few of times and it’s very nice indeed, the DWR on it is outstanding.
    It’s good under a shell as it’s got a low profile hood and it’s very breathable.

    I’ve definitely become more softshell friendly in the past few months.

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