Gregory Packs, a quick look

Gregory packs have just landed. I’m excited about this, it’s a completely unfamiliar brand to me. I’ve got a Z 35-T roll-top for backpacking trips, an Iso for hill days and bike trips and a Reactor for bike, run and very lightweight days.

I’ve had a quick poke at them with an inquisitive finger, eye and nose and there’s much here that’s different. They’re set up for a hydration system rather than bottles, so I’ll be getting the Source out of the freezer. Good external storage, a vented back system on the Z35, an internal compression system on the Iso and even non standard colourways.

The deal is that they’re at the crossroads of the highways to Lower Weight, Function and Durability trying to attract the attention of folk waiting for a bus to either destination by offering all three services at their nearby town instead. We shall see if they’ve just got a wee old wummin in a straw hat selling hot dogs and lemonade over her garden fence while the local youths steal your hubcaps or they live in Mega City One. More later.

6 thoughts on “Gregory Packs, a quick look”

  1. PTC,

    Gregory packs are ok, I’ve had a Z55 (old model) which I liked a lot till it got a few holes in it. I replaced it with the Gpack and it did me proud on a TGO Challenge. I just got rid of it and opted for the LIM55. That’s the problem with Gregory packs, their up against lighter and I think better packs. The Gpack was ok but it had a worse hip belt than the LIM55, it weighed more and the only thing I could say was superb was the frame sheet. The Z – 35 is small on volume, good on looks and weighs more than the LIM range and many more. I would not part with the cash for one.

  2. The Z35 is an interesting one. It’s up against my recent brilliant experiences with the LIM45. There’s a lot of design parallels there, roll-top, huge outer pocket, low profile harness.
    I’ll do a test packing to see how my overnight kit fares in it and take it from there, get it out on some trips.
    As you say, it’s about 300g up on the LIMs, and indeed my OMM Villain that I used on my trip this week. So it’s too heavy for a day pack, but okay for a night or two if I can get the kit in it. We’ll see soon enough!

  3. PTC,

    You mention getting the kit in the pack. I think it will be a pain due to the curve on the frame sheet and the ventilation. Gregory I think panicked at Ospreys Atmos packs and just rushed out a refit to compete. I don’t think there going to cut the mustard in a very competitive group. To heavy for the size, to small for the weight. An Osprey 70L pack is only 300g more? The LIM 45 is bigger and lighter. The only consolation for tall folks like me is the sizing range unlike OMM.

  4. Personally I love my Gregory packs and just don’t get on at all with Osprey. I found the Atmos and then the Stratos models the most uncomfortble packs I’d ever tried, and in looking for something else happened across the Gregory Juxt. After a couple of years’ use I think it’s fantastic and a real shame it’s discontinued. For 28 litres it’s a Tardis. And yes it’s heavy by the standards of many similar capacity packs but the weight is largely in the framesheet, which is a miraculous thing – with a small load it feels light and comfortable…. load it up with a rope, rack and full winter kit and it still feels comfortable. :)

    I’m not so sure about these air-gap models, although the features look pretty good. But a few weeks ago I went out and bought an Iso for on the bike and summer days – not had much use from it yet but the design seems excellent.

  5. It’s always interesting the different experiences with kit. I can understand different reactions to clothes and rucksacks as they’re on your body. It’s the Akto versus Lasercomp battle I don’t understand :o)

    I’ve packed the Z35 and it takes my kit okay. The external pocket does become necessary, feels comfy and stable on three flights of stairs.

    The Iso and the Reactor got a good run yesterday on a hike-a-bike trip and they’re both looking very good. Stability on very rough ground on the bike was excellent.

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