Gregory Competition, Win Packs!

I’ve had the Z35r, the Iso and the Reactor on long term test from Gregory. It’s been a learning experience using an unfamiliar brand with the different ideas they have on functionality and features. I’ve certainly come round and the Z35r is a regular on overnighters, with the Iso and Reactor fitting in well for fast and light days out on foot or 26″ wheels. My review updates are here.

The good news is that Gregory have given me an Iso and Reactor plus a padded accessory case to give away in a competition.
These are great prizes, and to have a better chance of getting something we’ll have 1st (Iso), 2nd (Reactor)and 3rd (accessory case) prizes.
There’s only a few days to go. Holly will be picking winners before the weekend. Get your entries in.

Question: In which Californian city was Gregory founded in 1977?

If you know the answer, it’s okay, you’re too late!

10 thoughts on “Gregory Competition, Win Packs!”

  1. Me, me, me….. please!!!
    I love my Iso, brilliant daypack – I’ve used it all summer :))
    And since I’ve got an Iso I don’t really mind which one I win ;O)

  2. You’ve got more than enough packs, Matt, you don’t need another one! I think I prefer to the blue to the red. Not sure I’d need the padded make-up bag though ;-)

  3. So Petesy, they gave you a Z35r an Iso and a Reactor to test …
    But only the Iso and Reactor to give away?

    Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

    PS red or blue – you can never have enough free stuff!
    but the yanks don’t do simple old red or blue – oh no – it’s warp red or shock blue (which stangely reminds me of Kiss track – can you hear them singing it?)

  4. That’s because it’s neither – Ace sang that one, as well as wrote it, I think – only reason it’s fresh in my mind is because I saw tribute band Dressed To Kill a week past on Saturday on the Ferry – fantastic.

  5. Aye, all done and dusted. The lucky winners have been informed are being united with their prizes soon, when all will be revealed.

    Next time Matt!

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