6 thoughts on “Greetings from the NE”

  1. What a lovely photie. I hope you took Holly to a nice beach :) Looking forward to hearing all the stories on Wednesday as well as getting an expert’s advice on footwear options ;)

  2. Fraserburgh beach. Opinions on it vary :o)

    Is that footwear that stops you falling into the burn, or footwear that keeps you dry once you’re in it :oD

    …away to check the weather for Wednesday…

  3. AT is sitting here seething at the Beeb as they have only done the weather til tomorrow :)
    LOL at the footwear comment. I’ve trashed my Montrail CtC GTX Mid and they are no longer waterproof so need to replace them and my La Sportiva Trango Evo S I had on yesterday felt sore on my feet due to not enough forefoot cushioning or is it coz my feet are so used to the Montrail. No doubt we’ll discuss at length on Wednesday whatever the weather :)

  4. Aye, I’ll be waxing lyrical/making excuses for my Icebugs as I ascend with ease/fall on my face in them o Wednesday. That’ll be their first Munro.

    Nervous, me?

  5. So, you’re a dad then?
    Well mother & daughter look well, although that guy with the beard looks as if he hasn’t slept in a month.
    So her name is holly then – this I have to find out from your website – not so much as a call, text or even an email, bl**dy typical.

    Seriously mate, congratulations to you both.

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