Good Morning

We were up very early this morning and a wander to the fridge revealed what could be best described as a very three dimensional sky.
Trees, an old railway embankment and then the Kilpatrick Hills block the sunrise all year round, but every now and then something glamorous squeezes through the gap

Right, trousers…

2 thoughts on “Good Morning”

  1. There’s been some good skies lately mate, nice pic. Drove south to London on Saturday evening, right under a huge lightning storm and boy was it magic. Nature is the greatest artist around.
    Anyhows, few things as I ain’t been around much lately. Your comment about about proper soles on trail shoes lately was bang on the money. Picked up some Asolos, the Mantra, on Saturday and the have a decent, sticky Vibram unit with a climbing zone at the front. Should be a great all round shoe for me.
    Mate has the new Machinehead album on a naughty rip – great songs but bad sound, so he’s hoping it’s just his copy. I reached the grand old age of half of 92 the other day… things like a new album from these lads doesn’t do anything to help the ego.
    Finally got a harmonica, my lad’s present and I think I’m enjoying being the worst musician in England. All thanks to that post you made about Jimmy’s pressie a few months back. Ta a lot.

    Finally… thank goodness the Doctor has left Amy Pond at home! Let’s have some simpler storylines and the Cybermen back yeah!

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