Golite Eden 1 Tent

Just if for test from Golite is something a little different. The Eden 1 isn’t claiming to be the lightest in any way, in fact it’s flying it’s “comfort” flag very high.
Now, Golite are saying it’s 1560g, but I’m getting slightly under that with all the packaging and labels still attached, so I’ll update on that when I do a proper review. It looks to have a huge amount of inner and storage space, it’s double-skin and pitch-as-one and is rated by Golite as 3 to 4 season, so that means it might just be perfect for a long winter night?

14 thoughts on “Golite Eden 1 Tent”

  1. I’ll be interested to see how this gets on – from the spec it seems potentially handy for us tall misfits with long sleeping bags, or even the occasional wish to sit up :)
    Its lighter than an Unna and rather more affordable than the Helsport Ringstinds.

  2. I’m interested in this 3/4 season rating. How strong and waterprood actually is it?
    It will be nice to have some extra space for a change!

  3. 1.5kg? Why does that sound so heavy. We’ve all been spoilt by TN Laser Photon weighing not much heaver than a bag of crisps. So I find it hard to think of taking anything heavier. Why is that?

    I too have to take a deep breath before getting in the tent for the night, so I look forward to see how this performs.

    Out of interest, what would be a great and light tent you could split between two people for a mountain marathon?

  4. Terra Nova on their website make the distinction between 4 season backpacking and 4 season mountaineering tents. 3/4 season sounds like the first category to me. I think the idea is you can use it in winter but not as a basecamp tent.

  5. Kiff, that’s true, any outdoor kit over a kilo just sounds wrong now for some reason.
    It’s a good thing for me to look at, is the extra living space worth the extra weight? Thinking back to the roomy Big Agnes Copper Spur, I think in some cases it is.

    One odd thing is that big tents make me feel exposed on a summit now, in wee tents I feel all snug and secure!

    Good point Len, and I wonder how Golite interpret their season ratings? I’ll need to check that out.
    I’m hoping they’re thinking Cascade Mountain 3/4 season!

  6. “Out of interest, what would be a great and light tent you could split between two people for a mountain marathon?”

    I know a couple of lads that used a Big Agnes Seedhouse 2 SL on the 2008 OMM. Worked well for them. It’s actually my “solo” tent of choice at the mo’ for low level stuff. Lots of space for one and not a kick up the arse weight-wise off an Akto.

  7. Cheers Kev, I’ll have a look at the specs for it. I currently have a TN Photon, but I don’t fancy being that intimate with my running buddy. Great tent for one, too small for two big fellas.

  8. Aye, there’s no way the Photon is even a 1+, you’d have to sleep on top of each other :o)

    Kev’s good a good point, the Big Agnes tenst do split very well.

  9. You mention it pitches inner/fly together but can they be easily separated if required for packing.

    Theres another thing to bear in mind with the small tent/bigger tent thing, it’s easier to get a good pitch with a smaller tent as it obviously needs less space.

  10. I’ll see about splitting it when I’m out, first pitch is always on the hill, with that little bit of added pressure it’s the best way to see if it’s user friendly or not!

    True enough about the footprint size, I’m always looking for a tiny pitch that suits the comp/photon. The last bigger tent I used was the Big Agnes Copper Spur and it did take a bit of pacing about to find a good spot for it.

  11. I just noticed the bag my TN Voyager SL (2009 version) came in says 4 season backpacking while their website rates it as 3 season backpacking. Seems a strange thing to be inconsistent with…

  12. Aye, season ratings are “something for sales assistants to talk about”, that seems to be the trade opinion. That’s why we have tempertaure ratings on sleeping bags now rather than a season one.
    Really doesn’t help when you want to rate a tent for winter use. They should do a wind resistance test and a snow shedding test and make the findings known on the swing tag.

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