Golite Adrenaline 3 Down bag

I had an ex-military sleeping bag with a short centre/chest zip about 25 years ago which worked well, although it was hoodless, so the Golite Adrenaline 3 that’s in for test doesn’t feel as weird as it might.
It’s very slim fit, and at a whisper under six feet I’m on the limit of the regular length too.
I slipped inside this to try it for size and immediately felt the warmth reflected back at me which is always reassuring.
The fabric is a lightweight ripstop polyester with waterproof Pertex Shield at the foot and head (tent contact zones…), the hood is snug, the zip arrangement will suit left and right handers, and form experience I know is great for tent living if you want to keep your feet warm!

The labels tell another story. “Recycled Content”, some of the fabrics coming from recycling and also we ‘re seeing the new Golite “I’m not Trash” scheme where they will: “…take back and reuse, repurpose, recycle, and/or store for future recycling any GoLite apparel or equipment, regardless of its condition, that the company manufactured since its founding in 1998 (This does not include GoLite footwear, which is made by a separate company).”

Interesting stuff. I’ll have more on the bag when it’s just a little warmer up there.

2 thoughts on “Golite Adrenaline 3 Down bag”

  1. I think a center zip is the way to go, I had a 58 pattern army bag with a center zip and it works. I was pretty close to getting an Adrenaline 0 as my winter bag but in the end went for the versatility of Mont-Bell Down trousers to go with my PHD Minim 500/ME Xero 250 and Alpkit PD200.

    If I get an unexpected cash gift from a kindly old aunt I might get an Adrenaline 0 just for the hell of it. (fat chance)

  2. Not only are down bags a heavy raw on the funds, storage is an issue too.
    It’s the item that Joycee looks forward least to see arriving…

    Versatility is always a winner, for most of us the biggest warmest and most expensive down bag will never pay its way. Modular systems are maybe a leap of faith to use, but maybe it could be the way forward both in performance and in an environmental way as well, less gear combined to do more stuff, and fewer items in long term storage?

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