Golf course hoohah

That new golf world that Donald Trump was after near Aberdeen was in the news today. They turned him down. Oh.

I have no strong opinions on the golf thing. But Trump? Really, would you trust a large tract of landscape and the livelihood of many to a man whose first task every morning is try and convince himself and others that he isn’t bald through the medium of creative hair sculpting?

3 thoughts on “Golf course hoohah”

  1. Aberdeen will be a better place without Mr.Trump and that birds nest he’s masquerading as hair.

    I do hold a deep seated dislike of the whole golf thing to be honest, and can think of no greater waste of land than a golf course usually frequented by self styled elitists, full of their own perceived self importance and with a penchant for dire clothing. Yes, I do think golf and Mr.Trump deserve one another, preferably about 3000 miles to our west.

  2. I love golf.

    Because exponents of such an activity take time and care over each shot, if I say “arsehole” and point, everyone around has time to see who I’m directing it at.


  3. Why is there golf specific clothing? I mean, what do you actually need design wise?
    New Super Golf Slacks! Featuring the revolutionary design of two legs (one on each side) for ambling across a slight incline on well manicured turf.


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