Going Camping

Just been confirming my next trip on the phone. I said recently I was going south, and so I am. I’ll be on a train in a couple of days and rather than stopping at the more regular venues of the Lakes or maybe the Peak I’ll be going to the end of the line and pitching on the roof of a building in London.
It’ll be fine I’m sure, I’m expecting some rather different night shots and I’m expecting some unusual company for the night as well.

What the hell do I pack for a night on a roof? Much more of this next week.

5 thoughts on “Going Camping”

  1. What to pack? Is a night on a roof different from a night on the tiles then?

    I’d suggest your hooped bivvy, some anti-pigeon netting and, as it’s London, how about a sniper’s rifle ;O)

  2. It’s a dome tent, I’m sure it’ll be alright, I’ll take a hammer anyway, those titanium nails will go through anything.

    Sniper rifle? I could spend the night capping zombies as they try to break through the barricades downstairs…

  3. If you get the time, get yourself down to the South Downs and the Seven Sisters. Definitely the most beautiful walking areas in the South-East and only a couple of hours by train from central London.

  4. I wish I did have time to explore, not been down this way in years.
    I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do when I’m there, doubt have time for much of anything.
    Still, it’ll be an interesting trip, I’ll be tweeting it as I go.

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