Go West!

After being a bit wiped out over the last couple of days, I got my arse in gear and me and the girls headed out. We ended up cutting about Argyle, playing on the swings and having cuppas and cake in Lochgilphead, having ice cream at Crinan while watching the boats and finally having dinner at the RFC. Mountains? Aye, drove past lots of them.

4 thoughts on “Go West!”

  1. Crinan is a super place! Is the wee Para Handy puffer still floating or has rust finally sunk it?

  2. The most recent Vital Spark is out of the water and on a slip, so it might be savable.
    Crinan was busy which was great, lots a folk and boats coming in and out.

  3. Good to know they’ve taken it out of the canal. It might indeed still have a chance. Haven’t been back there in ages. It’s a magic place on a day like that. Glad Holly’s getting the best of the west so early on!

  4. Next time up will be on the bikes I think and we’ll take her for a wee scoot up the canal in a trailer.
    My of my first memories is sailing into Crinan from Ardrishaig in ’71!

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