Go System Apollo Ti

Oh, I hope this good. In for test, the new Apollo Ti from Go System.

The link above is the to regular Apollo, the Ti version is much lighter at 198g, helped by the titanium construction and the absence of a piezo ignition.
A remote canister stove is the way to go in winter and the ingredients are all here in the Apollo. A wide base made of legs which fold away in a lovely fashion, and it folds small enough to fit inside my 900ml Evernew titanium pot with room for a gas, firesteel and Buff. The pot supports are big and grippy, it does feel quite secure although the feet are quite small so placement will be handles with caution. The big burner suits the 900ml pot very well and it has a preheat coil to evaporate liquid fuel, so your gas canister will work upside down too. The flexi is a decent length so the canister will be clear of the stove and shouldn’t interfere with a windshield.
The control is knurled metal and feels smooth in operation, it’s quite small but it should be okay with gloves.

The fact that it goes inside my winter pot is great news, my packsize isn’t expanding beyond that when I carry a canister-top stove, and I won’t feel that extra 100g.
I hope it’s a good performer as well, I had a bad experience last winter with the MSR Windpro so you’ll hear me scream anywhere in the UK if this fails me on a frozen high camp.
Oh, there’ll be more.

7 thoughts on “Go System Apollo Ti”

  1. Had the same immediate impression – it would be a shame not to:

    Take a picture of it nestling in a wee summit crater – lunar module like; and

    Be listening to “also sprach Zarathustra” on your mp3 player when you fire it up!

    Very neat fit in the Evernew mothership.

  2. It does look a bit odd, but the legs are rock solid, and the folding mechanism doesn’t take any strain when it’s is use. Very hard to explain, I should do a video of it.
    But, the feet should be bigger.

  3. The Ti version isn’t out until spring next year I think. The current Apollo is 300-odd grams, might be worth waiting for this one!

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