I’m going to keep putting old photies under my nose to maintain my current level of frustration. Without that I might give in and this place will just become Go Outdoors; a soulless shed full of gear.
I’m not going to let that happen I tell you, I’m one step away from foaming at the mouth, I’m just hovering at white knuckles and pencil breaking level.
Jimmy help any cold callers or anyone phoning looking for money right now.

3 thoughts on “Gnnnngggggg”

  1. iPod on – eyes shut and some old metal. Works for me but that’s usually in conjunction with whisky.

    Van failed MOT miserably today, won’t get it back till Thursday. I’ve got no work, the sun is shining, the winds stopped blowing but I’ve no way of getting the 165 miles to the freedom of North Wales. Public transport is garbage, it really is. It’s a bummer mate and I feel your pain.

  2. My planned overnighter this weekend is off due to more important duties needing to be performed. I reckon I can still sneak off out on the Saturday though so lets all keep fingers crossed for some views other than the inside of a cloud.

  3. After midnight my nerve broke. I set the alarm for 0530 and was tramping on snow by 0830.
    It’s going to make the rest of the week a little er, tight shall we say. Don’t care.

    Some you win, some you lose, some are a draw you can live with.

    Here’s to better luck far all of us.

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