Glee Club

A working week trapped in a whirlpool of coincidence and stupidity has reached the deceleration zone.

Meeting new folk all the time gives me a sometimes amusing, always enlightening and often frightening insight into the wide range of people whose lives, when woven together form the manky dog blanket of society.
It was one of those weeks when I felt like a visitor to the blanket, perhaps a flea, maybe even a moth, probably a big brown one, more times than I felt like a stitch in the weave.
Thank Jimmy for my fellow fleas and moths.

Let’s wash the dog blanket on Sunday if it’s a nice day. Or better still, let’s beat it with one of this big wicker things that you see in the Broons. Looks like a Ace of Clubs.

What the hell happened to the dog?

9 thoughts on “Glee Club”

  1. I like the Glee club. I’d join that in a heartbeat, it’s so uplifting. I cannae sing though. Well I can, but I wouldnae.
    A rugbeater?
    Btw I’ve just spied something on the far right hand side. Is that the new? Will it be live soon?

  2. I tell you what though, the other nights episode had me grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat himself when the first few chords of Sweet Caroline came on :o) now is that the programme or the music?! I dunno but it’s great!!
    That over there looks cool. Do it.

  3. stupidity or even serendipity?

    Thanks PTC that’s the first time I have ever written down or typed one of my favourite but hardly ever used words. How serendipitous.

    Don’t know what the glee club is but we do own several dog blankets.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Aye Sue Sylvester. She says it like it is. Funny.

    The dog ran away with the bone through the dark eary woods yelping and jumping in all the dirty mucky puddles and bramble bushes. Branches, leaves, sticky wullies (remember them?), buds, berries, fleas, moths and all sorts stuck to his once shiny golden coat. But still he kept running never to be seen again. Except!, a few people have reported that they’ve seen that golden coated dog all clean and happy, but this rumour has never been confirmed…

  5. Sbrt, you are welcome. Unusal word er, empowerment?! is a speciality.
    The weekend is going well too.

    I reckon the dug is down by the canal. It’s eyeing that swan that honked at it and embarrased it in front of its pals.

  6. And I’ll tell you something else, that “stick” it’s got? It’s actually the missing leg out my tripod that went missing when I was down there taking photies last week.

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