Give me a wave when you get to the bridge

It’s February in about ten minutes. I know the news is banging on about winter returning this week, but how ever harsh it may be, it won’t last. I just hope there’s enough snow dumped up high to be able to use for the stove up to at least easter.
Ah spring summits, the chill air softened by steam from a snow-melt cuppa, the best morning skies, the wildlife returning to the slopes, the birds, the furry creatures, the giant wummin etc

8 thoughts on “Give me a wave when you get to the bridge”

  1. I have discovered that giant women montages like this are a very popular with some folks, google “giantess” and be amused.

    She’s not in Hostile Habitats, she’s well features in Highland Legends though, Mrs Fingal or something.

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